The Future of Cycling. Living and Dying In Trumps Environment.


No science. No truth. No reality. No habitable planet. No cycling.

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What the fuck is it 1984 Mr. Orwell? Because my iPhone says it’s almost election day 9/19/20. I grew up in the television news business. Born in 1961 I can attest too the death of journalism in this genocidal country. Selectively-ignorant white privilege has been on a mission to destroy this planet since 1492.

Journalism was in the dollar hands for decades then our first actor president Reagan’s deregulation of the FCC knocked the door down for the Murdoch’s vampires who now control so many or our thoughts. The murders of the Kennedy Brother’s, Dr. King, Malcom X, John Lennon and Jesus Christ prove the world is run by war mongers. I you stand too tall for peace you will be murdered by one oligarch or another.

The two greatest works of American fiction. The Warren report and The 911 Commission reports. A nation built on lies. Oliver Stones Untold History of The United States tells the truth held back from us during our elementary and high school indoctrination into capitalisms normalization of terror. Trump is proof it worked. The indoctrinated will believe anything. Even if it’s blatantly unbelievable and against their own best interest.

Terrorism started on this continent with white Europeans. The GOP assimilated this philosophy. It’s been greed driven too the tipping point we all face now. Noam Chomsky has argued the Republican Party is the most “dangerous organization in human history” and the world has never seen an organization more profoundly committed to destroying planet earth.

Noam is correct from this cyclists and fellow humans point of view. Today with a madman occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Literally a madman and one-third of America thinks he is a god? Hey god, what the fuck? Have you seen your sky lately supreme being? Religions are the cults that gave birth to the The GOP Trump-Cult.

White men have had constant control over this planet. With all their birth privilege, subsequent control, inheritance and Ivy League educations you could make the case harvard, yale and oxford graduates are primarily responsible and have royally fucked everything up!

White men have destroyed the environment. A group of morons raised in gated communities and reared in limousines who aren’t capable of making a ham sandwich. A clueless population totally brainwashed into choosing stupidity over reality. Now a populous dependent on Home Advisor to teach the brain dead about screwdrivers and how to talk to a plumber?

Totally desensitized to death a direct result of decades pounded by continual exposure to Madison Ave’s and Hollywood’s violence. School shooting are acceptable as part of daily news while the country is taken over by this GOP Cult. Trump supporters are helpless. Do not waste time and words on the thoughtless. They can’t be saved. Are they worth saving? Morons of a feather folk gather together in Trumps Heard Mentality.

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Now trapped by a virus and unbreathable air. The entire country is blanked with smoke as the destruction of the West Coast in a hell-fire is televised between football games in our Dis-United State of American Reality. Thousands die daily. Trump cheats at golf. Our election system a joke. Popular vote is democracy. The electoral college put humanities greatest asshole in the white house. The voter’s didn’t! What the fuck? No electoral college no Iraq no Afghanistan.

It’s easier to educate yourself then wallow in a lifetime of anger hatting everything, everyone different because you intentionally chose to spend your life stupid. What the fuck? We all know who you’re really raging at. It’s in that mirror you’ve refused to look to for so long now. No wonder your blinded by selective-ignorance!

In a nut-shell.

1984 is back! Back in 4K, 3D, HD full force propaganda. Assholes are now in control of asshole. The oligarchs and billionaire assholes control the political assholes. White male ivy-league ass clowns have destroyed a planet thanks to the assholes they descended from and so on back through their entire families asshole existence. Rat’s don’t have mice. Massive wealth is accumulated in this world by massive assholes.

Believe what you must? The only pertinent fact facing humanity is. Mother Nature Will Bat Last.

With Trump in charge she just stepped to the plate in the bottom of the ninth. Are humans just so fucking stupid they will sit calmly watching their own extermination on their idiot boxes till the end as long as there is football to watch?

Bike-Packing Getaway From Virus Mania.


Hermit life for months now.  Indoor training with injury as well.  Got to get away.  But where? How?  Bike Packing is a great option with all the time in the world.  A practical tent for cycling?  Look no further.  Look here:


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The Topeak BIKAMPER Tent is a steal for $250.00.  It’s a perfectly designed synergy between bike and tent.  Next a JetBoil camp stove another brilliantly designed product.


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Jet Boil Cooking Systems are ingenious.  Easy to use, easy to clean, prefect functionality throughout the product line.  Smaller gas cylinders and overall lightweight design makes Jet Boil the perfect stove for your next Bike-Packing adventures.  After your bike the BIKAMPER and Jet Boil are essential to any Bike-Camping adventure.  Oatmeal, Soup and Coffee that about covers my needs.  Dried fruit, nuts, jerky.  Story is Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay ate Grape-Nuts on his way up Everest.  How old are Grape-Nuts?  I’m certain they weren’t eating Fruit-Loops. 

A Water filter is a good idea.  I ran out of water once on Mount Katahdin in Maine and picked up a water filter on the way home.


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Life Straw makes a interesting line of options.  The Ultraviolet wand is slick.  Many options out there but these stand out.  Potable AquaIodine Tablets are a good idea just in case.

ToPeak’s rack and bag systems are on par with their amazing tent.


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ToPeak products are methodically deigned and priced reasonably as well.  The correct combination of ToPeak racks and bags will streamline your bike-packing adventures.  Their commuter gear is equally as brilliant.

I feel the rest of the gear is up to the individual.  Clothing, food, etc.  Extra tent stakes some quality cord a few assorted bungees and whatever tools float your boat.  In addition to your bike tools, bring a good knife and a quality set pliers.


Leatherman CRUNCH 1

This Leatherman CRUNCH1 with vice-gripping features will be welcome in any camp-site.

Find a campground, BLM-Land, a spot along the stream.  I’ll follow and Elk Trail into the forest and find a private spot.  I’m not saying trespass but there plenty of open-space out there to camp for a night or two.  No Fire!  Jet-Boil Only on questionable land.  Campgrounds will have fire-pits and grills as well.  Find a spot outside a town with food resources and grill a steak at the campground.  Evergreen, Colorado sits adjacent The Mount Evans Wilderness Area.  Simply amazing up there countless trails, streams, wild-flowers and privacy.  Fly-Fishing can work on these ventures as well with a proper telescoping rod.  Shimano manufactures some fabulous fishing-reels as well.

Above all remember.  Your in no hurry.  It’s not the goal but the journey.  Rolling this way has always served my cyclists soul.


Fathers Day Rolls On Behind The Scenes.


Bike icon vector sign and symbol isolated on white background, Bike logo concept iconA fathers imprint as a child rolls on leaving memories in my mind.  After that first glide away from your grasp they just keep on rolling faster than imagined possible.  Seems not so long when ago I took that ride.  The empowerment explodes within them as they first realize the life affirming power and freedom they just attained with “My New Bike.”  Then they ride off into this free new world with renewed amazement in every ride.  I still remember that invigorating first ride. 

BeckettFrom that day on I was always ready to ride; like this guy.  He left my grasp some years back with my two other children all three my best friends ever.  I know they are still riding strong.  I miss those days of unconditional love.  They only happen once to fathers.  They are the best you will get.

Peugeot PX10

The Classic Peugeot PX10.  A Work Of Art Circa 1979.  My First Bike!




This bike was my first real bicycle and savior from all that ailed my teenage tour of life.  This YouTube Clip took me down an old road.

Things spinning out of control at home?  Go for a ride and escape the non-understanding worlds of family, the irony of parochial-school.  God loves you but step out of line and you’ll burn in a place called hell.  Yea sure I’ll buy that while every adult I knew is a liar.  I road away from the chores and bores of life as my wheels spun me away from it all in that free space only found on a bicycle.  Luck had me grow up cycling in north-east Pennsylvania.  Lot’s of empty roads and inexhaustible trails highlighted by miles of abandon rail-road beds.  Gravel riding in the 1970’s, on the same bike.

Phone Booth

Remember These?  Cell Phones Make Horrible Shelters.

In more then one biblical rain event I sought shelter in a phone-booth, changed clothes dried off, I spent a few hours sheltering in phone-booth’s over the years.  Good luck finding one today Superman.  These rides in the Poconos had plenty of freshwater flowing of hill-side streams overflowing after rain, even pipes flowing with crystal clear water.  Spending entire days out on my bike in summer.  Heading out with no plan other then home before dark.

Embrace this cycling revolution we are living it will change your world for the better in this uncertain changing world.  A bike is freedom.  You can ride it, tune it, maintain it, change your own tires. You will learn new things about your bike everyday and you’ll learn new things about yourself with every ride.  Bike for life it’s the cycle of life.  I’ve been car-less fifteen years now and never look back or need to.  That’s why bicycles don’t have reverse, they only move you forward.  At least that’s been the effect on me.

Enjoy The Ride.


A Boxing Cycle.



Injury helped me discover another indoor-training motivational tool.  Muhammad Ali fights make perfect interval workouts with three minute intervals, an announcer and clock riding through each round gets your adrenaline flowing.  Ali was the greatest!  In 1980 I was working as a sports cameraman.  I was lucky enough to film an interview with Mr. Ali.  Fascinating Humility In This Man!  I kept thinking.  He would have given Lance a run for his money.

Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe 1980 Wimbledon Final with Borg winning 18 to 16 games in a five-set masterpiece.  Back then no tie-breaker in the fifth set.  Here’s a highlight clip of artists playing tennis.  A kind of slow motion boxing match.

A Bird VS  a Magician; Celtic’s Lakers, all classic’s.  Bringing the best out of each other and their teammates in every game Larry and Magic were simply flawless under pressure.  The dominance of their collective talents defined the NBA with shear greatness.  After sharing a Bird highlight film my son asked with complete sincerity, as the young do Dad does Larry Bird have eye’s in the back of his head?

Any Celtics-Lakers playoff game from the 80’s also great content.  Larry Bird was the greatest from the neck up and the wrist up.  Larry and Magic Johnson all but saved the NBA after the 1979 NCAA final when Larry and Magic’s monumental skills rejuvenated the NBA hard-wood a struggling league who’s only star attraction seemed to be Dr. J a basketball genius ahead of his time who defined The Art Of The-Dunk.

You’ll find entire Celtics Lakers Playoff games from the NBA’s greatest era on YouTube.   Ali, Bird, Magic, Borg, McEnroe these guys will push your competitive buttons.  The cheering crowd doesn’t hurt either.  I’m riding along thinking, I wonder how McEnroe would have held up against Ali in a fifteen rounder? 

I leave you with this a great film for any ride.

Shorter Rides Yield Strong Lasting Benefits.


I’ve discovered shorter more frequent rides build a stronger rider.  Since lock-down shorter rides have filled my days.  I find two, three or four rides preferable VS one long ride especially while unemployed, every errand evolves into a side trip.  I did go for one long ride recently, it felt shorter.  My rides are stronger on a more consistent basis and shorter rides fit in your day with ease. 

Aug-Bicycle-Images-GraphicsFairy002_01Familiar and memorized terrain is cached in your RAM.  When close to home I ride without the added weight of tools a tube or co2/pump even no water. 

I’ll design a series of two to six mile loops with options along the way or repeat a loop with three screaming downhills. Find a tail-wind loop with a long downhill and ride it like a roller coaster, repeatedly till wind patterns change and move on. Swing by home to shed a layer or two, look at it like a pit-stop option. Pick up new friends along the way.

In this this photo provided by PhotoSport International shows Fausto Coppi catching and passing Jean Robic on Alpe d’ Huez. (First time used by TdeF)

Once in a while I’m riding through time in the strangest of places in the right frame of mind I run into these guys near the finish line. Augmented-Reality on a bicycle. If I find boredom with some terrain these formula-one loops are great motivators. Repeating four each one faster? Try plotting out some loops in your neighborhood. All out the door, driving to ride is a waste of time, energy and money. Every mile in a car is a mile closer to a grave. So if times abundance is overwhelming you ride your bike, ride it everywhere anytime. Night riding especially nice lately with bars shutdown and sleeping pattern off course. Watch for critters at night.

One evening approaching a bunny thirty yards out my light made the bunny skittish. He bolted frantically back and forth across the trail then jumped from left to right hitting my right hand seeming too fly away in the tall grass. Holy Monty Python Batman.

Spinning My Opinion.


This is the first time I’ve had extra cash to breath with. Bought shoes, bike-tires, fresh-food, went to the Dr. all since receiving unemployment. Paying rent on time no longer in penniless-stress. Yet the insanely wealthy believe this is criminal. They don’t want to pay us enough to survive while working full-time or two jobs but when our broke-down economic system gets it’s pants pulled down by a virus and sham-leadership there is only money for the people don’t need money. I promise I won’t buy Berkshire Hathaway shares with my unemployment dollars or a ride to the moon. Should I look for work, risk virus, make less money, go back to that stress? Without unemployment my nine roommates and I would be on the street.

The indifferent criminally-wealthy can’t tolerate the idea of hard-working people having the cash they need too survive. Some how this threatens their insane level of wealth as they continue living; as Robert Reich recently put it “drenched in self-delusion” most if not all never worked a day in their lives. I might add: Just Surviving is not necessarily living.

Andrew Yang’s Universal Income plans rings true here. Putting the peoples money back in the peoples hands makes the world go round. Working Taxpayers simply use this hard earned unemployment money to keep our economy moving. We buy essentials and keep what’s left of small business alive while the insanely wealthy convince themselves they actually have souls or the capacity to create an original thought, like helping others.

No one wants a “Free-Ride” it’s just that getting unemployment was a economic wake-up call for many of us. The harder we work the faster the screws turn. Many see this now as the irony of so many needing unemployment only reinforces the mass-screwing we are all getting. I miss working in a kitchen. I loved my work while struggling with reality. It’s impossible to survive on $16.00 an hour yet alone minimum wage. Clearly going back to work, if there is work, losing money, risking the virus would be stupid. I want to work yet I want too live. Is this asking too much of government?

So-called leaders have exasperated all today’s problems while, “drenched in self-delusion.” In my fifty-eight years I’ve seen only lies, manufactured wars [all of which we lost], blatant racism and plenty of self-delusion as capitalistic-greed and the GOP have conspired in their synergistic destruction of everything life sustaining. Noam Chomsky posed this question of the GOP on Democracy Now!. “Has there ever been an organization in human history that is dedicated, with such commitment, to the destruction of organized human life on Earth?”

While the slow motion Jones-Town continues in-side the belt-way good people will overwhelm the selective-ignorance of wealth. Truth, science and nature will never bull-shit us. Truth is our current administration is there only too steal as much taxpayer money as possible while destroying everything in it’s path with an unbridled madman holding the reins as the GOP and Evangelicals continue their satanic collusion with power. Yes it is white-power, white-ignorance, white-greed, white-educations and White-Lies which have brought us to the brink of extinction. It’s time for a new color-spectrum and a new perspective on leadership. We need a cooperative world of ideas not the exclusionary white-world of ignorance that brought us here.

The immeasurable value of cycling is essential to keeping us all moving forward in more ways then we realize. Cycling rejuvenated my life 15 years ago, it’s where I found true appreciation for life and the gift of time. The time to ride, the time to think, the time to love life separate of the clowns working to destroy it. “At Least I’m Enjoying The Ride”

    Get Into The Cinema Cycle.


    If your training indoors as I’ve been and find yourself looking for additional motivation other than cycling videos, movies are an excellent motivational diversion. Zwift and alike are just too expensive for my budget and it feels like a cartoon. It’s like watching a cartoon/animated story VS a real film. Cartoon’s are cartoon’s not films. With that said here are six real films here to get you on your way. Breaking Away is a tremendous film, a great one to start with. Here is a link to watch Boy And Bicycle a early film by Ridley Scott, yes Blade Runner Ridley Scott, it’s very rare so watch it asap.

    Ladri di bicicelle translated Bicycle Thieves Hailed around the world as one of the greatest movies ever made, the Academy Award–winning Bicycle Thieves, directed by Vittorio De Sica, defined an era in cinema. In poverty-stricken postwar Rome, a man is on his first day of a new job that offers hope of salvation for his desperate family when his bicycle, which he needs for work, is stolen. With his young son in tow, he sets off to track down the thief. Simple in construction and profoundly rich in human insight, Bicycle Thieves embodies the greatest strengths of the Italian neorealist movement: emotional clarity, social rectitude, and brutal honesty.

    The Flying Scotsman is a true story based on the inspirational and remarkable Scottish cyclist, Graeme Obree. In 1993, this unemployed amateur broke the world one-hour record on a bike of his own revolutionary design, which he constructed out of scrap metal and parts of a washing machine. Shortly after Graeme broke the record, he lost his title when another cyclist beat his time. This only served to motivate Graeme to break the record again, while also battling mental illness.

    American Flyers. In bicycle parlance, David Sommers is a “wheelsucker,” drafting through life, lacking the sprint to bridge the gap between the pack and the break. But the tragedies that David and his brother, Marcus, confront together teach him become a winner, to join Marcus as half of a pair of American Flyers.

    Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure needs no introduction.

    Training In Europe From Home.


    The KINETIC Road Machine Really Rolls.

    A crash which I was lucky to walk away from seriously lucky directed me to this Kinetic Trainer. It is perfectly designed and built to last. A brilliant surgeon repaired my clavicle with astounding precision. Still can’t believe he installed hardware in me, I felt no pain. My surgeons expertise got me on this trainer the day after having plates and screws added to my rig.

    Combining this Kinetic trainer with The Indoor Cycling Channel on YouTube you can ride to recovery throughout Europe in 4K resolution. Ride to their music or Crank-Up yours. A quality speaker in the room won’t slow you down either you can play it at 11. Music is meant to be heard and felt. Amazing how transporting these videos are as I’m roll along at home just, Going Down The Road Feeling Better. Oui.

    Ride The Planet From Home.

    Installing and uninstalling your bike on the Kinetic Road Machine is simple with a brilliantly designed hub-locking system fitting over your skewers in place. Easy on easy off for rainy sunny day transitions. Prior to owning this trainer I rarely cycled in the rain.

    At Least I’m Enjoying The Ride!


    Living and riding in one room lock-down.

    Since losing work lock-down living was trying then I crashed and had screws and plates installed in my clavicle; thanks Medicaid. The indoor trainer was a rookie experience for me. The Indoor Cycle Chanel on YouTube is a blessing, ride in 4k resolution throughout Europe. These seriously help when procrastinating about indoor-riding. I rigged a bare-foot pedal system with the cardboard this Kinetic Trainer shipped in. Lock-down will keep you thinking. I was thinking about riding as a child at the beach with no shoes and ended up here forty-five years later. What a ride.

    Home, It’s Where I Want Too Be.

    Back to one-room living in lock-down. Bedroom, kitchen, bike-shop, video studio, garden. Hermetic living is familiar, tent, room-share, motel, sleeping-bag. In eleven years I’ve lived a hermetic lifestyle. I will say I very much enjoyed living in this tent. I thought I had no options going homeless then re-focused my resources and skill-sets and moved here. I loved camping as a child. If you have the need to live in a tent the JetBoil is an essential and practical purchase. You’ll see what I mean. Ten-months in this ten makes my current scene feel like a Four- Seasons Penthouse.

    I was fortunate to find this room for rent in a ten-room house with nine other tremendous people. Shared kitchen stocked like a restaurant, three bath, laundry, WiFi, Ethernet, Netflix, cable, fax, copy machine, scanner and twenty-four hour coffee all included in the rent. I cycled past this house for a year wondering, Who lives in that unusual house? Now I do. Similar stories all my roommates have, lost job over age, divorce, illness, bankruptcy then the courts close in and take whats left of your cash and your humility. You know The American Dream. At Least I’m Enjoying The Ride.

    Proof of concept for my cardboard pedals and I heard riding bare-foot prevents Corona-Virus. Just kidding, that only works if you soak your feet in bleach or disinfectant first.



    Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are tremendous tools. I’ve worked in news-journalism since 1979. Facebook has zero to do with news, truth or journalism. Journalism was a profession and needed not to be democratized, especially with a shallow soulless platform like Facebook.

    Two-Faced Facebook.

    What started this? I pushed a blog posting with Facebook discussing socialism’s facts and fictions. Facebook rejected it twice because I mentioned truth and socialism. The fucking audacity of Mark Zuckerberg who rigged the election colluding with Cambridge Analytical and subsequently Vladimir Putin to give us Trump. Mark say’s he is there for the people. He is there for the money while living in a constant state of self-delusion. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more insincere person struggle so much with his own bull-shit. Watch him melt down here when asked a few substantive questions.


    Which brings me to Frank Zappa’s clear headed truth regarding capitalism.

    Mark got insanely wealthy by selling his soul to Wall-Street while pretending to care, not a new story in America. As I see it, this capitalist country was built on lies so in a way Facebook is very American as it constantly spreads primarily bull-shit while attempting to mascaraed as news. Facebook is glorified email designed to massage your ego into a manipulative hypnotic state of self-importance where you are totally exposed and vulnerable to corporate greed all while an unwilling player in the undermining of society.

    Barefoot Indoor Training Equals Comfortable Shoes.


    Having recently added screws and plates to my clavicle I’ve discovered the indoor-trainer. If your in the market consider the Kinetic Road Machine Smart 2. Struggling for the motivation to ride indoors I turned to YouTube and found a series of Indoor Cycling Videos,, always wanted to ride in Europe. With the breeze-less heat of indoor riding I wished I could ride barefoot and discovered this affordable solution.

    These Shimano Deore XT Pedals Have Prefect Studs For Holding The Cardboard In Place.

    Riding barefoot feels great and helps me get over the indoor riding during rehab and the point-of-view videos are more realistic then I had imagined. The Kinetic Road Machine Smart 2 is very impressive. Completely stable and the ride is just as realistic with real world road resistance.

    So; I cut some cardboard thicker then my pedal studs and it snapped in place with the cleats securing the cardboard firmly in place. It worked just as envisioned. Clearly this works only on flat pedals, sorry clip-less folks. If looking at an eight week recovery you might consider putting flat pedals on for some barefoot riding.

    The Most Comfortable Shoes I’ve Ever Owned.

    Cycling Through Today’s Unpredictable Economy.


    Corona-virus hit on our economy with 42 – 45 million out of work, that’s 25% of the 160 million work force. Bicycle are and will continue to help us get through and adapt to these changing times. Fourteen years ago I lost everything but my 20 year old Diamond Back. I then learned how important a bicycle can be to sustaining life with a simpler and more life enhancing lifestyle. With some modifications to my life and bicycle I realized how much can be accomplished with my bike, learning day by day what I really needed VS what I was told I needed by a system bleeding US all dry.

    Smart Cycling Economics.

    A bicycle is a powerful evaluation tool when considering real need VS desire. My bike saved my life, re-imaged my future, livelihood and attitude. These day’s if I find myself in a car, I’m wanting out of the car feeling increasingly trapped. The world is meant to be experienced outdoors on two feet not in a rolling metal box polluting your environment.

    It can work, sell that second car sitting idle and insured in the driveway. Everyone’s employment situation varies. If you or your spouse are out of work your jobs might not return. Consider a new career close to home and ride a bike. This is how I discovered I love to cook and work in a kitchen. First job that never felt like work for me. No corporate kitchens is a rule of mine. I had one corporate job prior to cooking and learned enough in that cesspool of incompetence never to poison my soul in that environment again. Find an independent restaurant if you think working with food is for you.

    Life on a bike is empowering, simpler, healthier, less expensive, way more fun, easier and free parking, did I say way more fun and an excellent way to really learn your community in ways not imagined yet. Cycling will simply embellish and enrich your life in every way, everyday.

    Cycling will save you and the environment, we need each other, it’s a perfect synergy. The positive effects of cycling span the universe universally. Every car is killing us all. Every bike is enriching and saving us all. These are clear facts just like the clear facts regarding Climate Change. As we all carve out new lives dealing with the virus and it’s economic residue moving towards a more Cycle-Centric Lifestyle will benefit you and yours in ways you will lose track off.

    Rachel Carson published Silent Spring in 1962. This book should have changed everything, business as usual also know as corporate-greed conspired in discrediting Ms.Carson for decades. Typical when a women delves into a male dominate business. This could be why you are first hearing of this, one of humanities most important literary works, for the first time.

    You Need To Read Me.
    Or Listen Here Now.

    Staying Motivated With All Day To Procrastinate.


    Have I ever been bored on my bike? Trick question. Job loss and lock-down are re-defining time. I sleep whenever, ride whenever enjoying the early hours. Sometimes getting out the door is tough. Don’t know why. One book that I find a real door opener is, The Runners Literary Companion. A compilation of short stories and poems, all riveting a few will leave you consider truth or fiction. You’ll see what I mean.

    Not A Cycling Book Per se. “The Runner’s Literary Companion” Is Exceptional Motivational Reading With A Collection Of Memorizing Stories.

    Dave Wottle 1972 Munich Olympics 800 meter final. If This Doesn’t Motivate You?

    Dave Wottle stunned the Olympic stadium in Munich with this relaxed confident run for gold in the 1972 800 meter-final. It gets me every time. A stunning athletic effort.

    Bob Beamon left the world-record in his wake by 21-3/4 inches with one of histories seemingly effortless superhuman performances in Mexico City’s 1968 Olympic Games. A genius unaware of his own natural greatness is a momentous force.

    Winning seven tours in a row, unthinkable, maintaining a level of fitness separate of all for seven years, impossible. What separated Lance Armstrong from the rest of the the fields was his mental toughness and superior training. All the contenders were doping Lance just out worked them in every way. His job was too win.

    Mental Toughness.

    These two highlight clips I find inspirational. Sheer determination coupled with prefect training was unstoppable for seven years in France. The positive channeling of adrenaline Mr. Armstrong deployed as a results of these unforeseen circumstances is another example of superior mental-toughness. Few can bounce back from adversity with such confidence and controlled power.

    The Circular Debate Revolving Around Wider Tires.


    Schwalbe Big Apple 29 x 2,35. Reliable, Stable, Fast and Long-Lasting.

    First stability adding confidence. Second cornering with these Schwalbe Big Apples you can layout sweepingly low relaxing turns. I visualize Birds Of Prey, Beaver Creek the Master, Bode Miller’s dominating career especially on Beaver Creeks Birds Of Prey would harness and unleash the skis energy effortlessly calmly devouring some of the planets most life-threatening terrain with his authoritative ski-racing career on the edge.

    Relaxation is key too all effort.
    Birds Of A Feather. Notice the eye’s and hands in both photos.

    Speed, cornering, stability and confidence negotiating pot-holes, curbs and rail-road tracks will keep you rolling with confidence maintaining velocity all the while.

    SCHWALBE G-ONE Speed 29″ x 2,35 OneStar EVO LiteSkin

    Having ridden theses SCHWALBE G-ONE Speed 29″ x 2,35 it felt like floating as I seemed to have traction on air, gliding along barely touching earth. Add a good tail-wind and the rest is history on these tires. Seriously fast, ultra-light weight.

    The Cycling Coup d’etat Rolls On During Corona-Virus.


    Corona Virus Brings Cycling Too The Prominence Society Needs Down This New Road.

    I’ve been car-free for twelve years and shared roads and trails with more cyclists in the past three months then the last forty-three. I love that cycling-vibe when we ride together, the synergy of the wheels. Bike-shops boom with more cyclist born and reborn every minute. Errands on your bike far more enjoyable then by car. You can shop locally on your bike, support your local business-folk, exercise, free-parking, interact with humans, masked but human. Who buys shoes on-line?

    Amazon is destroying small-business, the planet and driving that final-nail in the coffin of the American Middle-Class. Amazon is a virus on small-business and subsequently US, consuming and destroying everything, everyone in it’s path, with it’s monumental greed. A trillionaire the world needs not. Get on your bicycle and shop locally, farmers-markets, road side vegetable-stands, local food will do you right. Supporting your local economy is key now as we need each other more then ever. Why would you put a penny in Jeff Bezos pocket when you pay way more taxes then he does? Support a real American Taxpayer on Main Street not a Pretend American Taxpayer like Jeff Bezos in cyber-space. Watch this PBS FRONTLINE Amazon Empire The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos for the enlightening details.

    You pay taxes why doesn’t Jeff Bezos?

    This Cycling Rejuvenation is key to the societal change we need. Does anyone need anything overnight or god forbid two-days? A grill-cover, a pair of shoes that won’t fit? Can you find it on your bike? What’s your hurry? Go for a ride, think about It, do I really need IT?. If Amazon was Ama-Gone tomorrow, would the world end? One of our few powers is supporting each other in any way especially while riding a bike and shopping locally whenever possible, take that power and ride with it. I realize everyone’s home base is relevant to what is within cycling range. Today, if you have the time I seem to have, the longer the ride the better.

    Easy Rider. Think you’ve had tough times lately? Watch this little guy negotiate this mine field of dog-poop on his pedal-less ride.
    Look To New Content Sources On-Line.

    With new content in short supply I looked to the past and found innumerable treasures on-line. Both and provide a tremendous variety and volume of content. Print, Video, Music, Classic Films, Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Birth Of A Nation, all free and in the public domain. Everything in the public domain is there. is The Library Of Congress on-line all tax-payer funded. You can spends hours browsing and researching everlasting topics across both sites, the educational and entertainment value is incalculable lately. has an app available through Apple.

    DIY Go-Pro Platform Incorporates TOPEAK’s Rack System


    DIY Go-Pro Platform With TOPEAK‘s Rack System

    Diversify Your Angles With This Home-Made Go-Pro Rig. Roll With 2 Go-Pro’s Simultaneously Deploying A Handel-Bar Mount.

    This home-made Go-Pro Platform will add some new points-of-view to your cycling-videos. You could roll with two cameras simultaneously with is this platform and a Go-Pro Tube Mount on your handle-bars. Excellent for family cycling films. Go-Pro’s accessories are excellent, affordable, brilliantly designed with dynamic functionality. This platform embellishes your Go-Pro’s angels adding flexibility in editing. Additionally TOPEAK’s diverse product range is impressive with many Go-Pro mounting options.

    TOPEAK TETRARACK M2 (Mountain)

    This TETRARACK M2 (Mountain) is state of the art in every way. Just ordered one to test interaction with Go-Pro’s Bar Tube-Mount.

    Go-Pro Large Tube Mount
    Think you’ve had a tough time lately? Watch this little guy negotiate a mine-field of dog-poop on a pedal- less bike. Cool under pressure!

    Are Flat Pedals The Way To Roll?


    Let’s start with the obvious cost variance and flat-pedals work with most any shoes you have on foot. Then there’s walking around on cleat-ed shoes. I don’t ride a traditional road bike, never road a Tour-Of Anywhere and only race myself, I’d put flat-pedals on my Pinarello, I find them more stable and the freedom to move your feet adds versatility to your riding skills.

    Shimano Deore-XT Pedals. Exceptionally Stable Platform, Superlative Grip.

    Flat-Pedals allow for slight foot adjustments, analogous with a minuet gear changes. Never found any clip-in shoes very comfortable, my feet would go numb trapped in one spot. The limited reaction time sums it up for me, when I want to move my feet, I want too move my feet, instantly. Flat-pedals embellish confidence and your over all freedom of movement on the bike. The idea of feet clipped-in seems oxymoronic to the overall vibe of cycling. What’s next seat-belts and helmets?

    The Jet-Boil Camp Stove. Perfect design, easy use. French-Press Coffee As Well.

    I survived with a Jet-Boil living in a tent, it’s value was never underappreciated. It boils water rapidly, heats soup, excellent for oatmeal, cleans-up fast, it’s light and packs away easily. Also a French-Press Coffee fitting purchased separately. Jet-Boil makes a few different models and sizes with a wide range of functionality throughout various models so have a look to find your best fit. Jet-Boil is the Go-Pro of camp stoves. A brilliantly designed product, cutting edge, reliable and priced righteously.

    Classic Cycling Films During Today’s Content Drought.


    If you haven’t seen Breaking Away after watching this trailer you will. Buy or rent Breaking Away on YouTube. It’s a film you might want too own. I feel great every-time I watch this one.

    A Definitive Cycling Cinema-Classic. Breaking Away.

    I feel Breaking Away stands alone in the Cycling-Cinema Genre. Next, Bicycle Thieves, this Vittorio De Sica 1948 post world classic spins a father and son’s tale tracking down a stolen bike. It’s gem and a great wat to brush up on your Italian. Bicycle Thieves, is a weighty film in the Italian Neo-realist film movement and just one of the genres and Vittorio De Sica’s many stunning films.

    Bicycle Thieves, this Vittorio De Sica 1948 post war classic spins the tale of a stolen bike.

    As for other films from the past. Marathon Man, Nazi’s, Diamonds, A Dentists and A Runner. Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman star in a THRILLER you will watch again if you dare.

    Marathon Man, Nazi’s, Diamonds, A Dentists and a runner. Is It Safe Yet?

    Stunning cinematography just one of this films highlights, Where The Rivers Flow North, shot in Vermont’s Northern Kingdom, a cedar-oil farmer VS an electric dam claiming eminent-domain over his family land. Rip Torn, Michael J. Fox with Tantoo Cardinal, all proffer classic interpretations in once in a life-time roles. Rip Torn stands alone with his mammoth portrayal of Noel Lord.

    Where The Rivers Flow North. A beautiful film and story.

    Don’t Get Between This Man And His Bike.

    Can’t forget this one. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, another classical story of Man and Bicycle.

    Boy And Bicycle 1965 Ridley Scott, yes Blade Runner Ridley Scott. This is his first films.

    Boy And Bicycle 1965 Ridley Scott

    A teenage boy skips school, spends the day riding through town and a deserted beach on his bicycle, his mind wanders imagining he is the only person in the world.

    Hope you enjoy these for the first time, second or third and so on.

    Bar-Ends On Your Mountain-Bike.


    Bar-ends add control, power, confidence and comfort.

    I ride a Mountain-Bike on the roads now, with this handle-bars set-up. Comfortable and empowering providing more climbing power, more control cornering and more confidence with sketchy terrain especially crossing rail-road tracks. Acceleration and power increased as the bar end are in vertical alignment with your femurs, quads and hamstrings. It’s like having an extra gear or two instantly at your disposal.

    Specialized makes a few lengths and curved bar-ends. Other manufactures make a number of varied shapes.

    Cane Creek bar-ends are a bit more ergonomic and lower profile.

    If you try this set-up I bet you’ll like it especially off road although once I took this bike on the smooth roads I haven’t gone back on the trail since. The speed was too alluring for me. This set-up is very fast and stable on the roads concrete bike trails and in the forest.

    Try this set-up too add speed, stability and confidence.

    I run these Schwalbe Big Apples size 29 x 2.35. Fast, durable, amazing cornering, haven’t had a flat in four years.

    Cycling @ 420



    Cycling high is comparable to helmet wearing and cycling with music in your ears, your either in or out. Helmet’s are a choice like getting in a car, same applies to cycling with music and cycling high. Ride as free as you can while respecting basic cycling etiquette and your fellow humans.

    Cannabis and cycling have dynamic therapeutic effects on my existence, a perfect synergy they make. This theory applicable to skiing and other activities involving you as the power source and mother-nature, based on my research and observations. Mix in music you love and ride in another reality, that physical reality where you’re in total control relaxed in sync, floating within natures universe.

    Homer Simpson: “I wish. We were bicycling to a lake.”

    Here’s a gathering of like-minded scientists, engineers and adventurers.

    Stretching Yields Effortless, Pain-Free Cycling.


    I listen to this Mark Twain short story while stretching, it’s wonderful. You can find many rare cycling audio-books on YouTube all excellent for stretching. If you are not stretching thoroughly you are short changing your training efforts and risking injury.

    Jack LaLanne pumps iron in the gym in his home in Hollywood, Calif.

    Jack LaLanne who inspired television viewers to trim down and pump iron for decades before exercise became a national obsession. Mr. LaLanne, the original Fitness Guru once told me the best exercise equipment to use is the one you use. Same applies to stretching. You don’t have to be a Yoga Pro just stretch. The more you stretch the faster, farther, stronger and healthier you ride.

    “The cyclist is a man half made of flesh and half of steel that only our century of science and iron could have spawned.”
    19th-century author Louis Baudry de Saunier

    Cycling The Road To Sanity Or The Great Escape.


    Cycling, one of life’s great escapes. Today more-so than ever. We are living through our own slow-motion genocide televised live 24-7. Ain’t that America? Truth and fact based-science are no longer relevant as the inevitable failure of Capitalist-Insanity run amuck masquerading as government comes to a boil within the festering incompetence of today’s titular leadership. My very first bike ride escaping reality is still in progress fifty-nine years later. Remember the first time as a child when you realized most adults were, not exactly adults and the concept of real trust encompassed your childhood? My bicycle has been my escape from the lies of life, my way of reveling in life and nature. Escaping the bull-shit of life living on my bike with nature, nature is life get out in it, live in it. Don’t miss it! Let this virus be you opportunity for freedom, no longer a slave to the traffic-light, slave to the man, enjoy your new cycling-life. Jump over that fence enslaving your humanity. Jump Now.


    Today the UK, under Boris Johnson’s leadership dedicated 2-billion-pounds to get more cyclists on the road as part of efforts to evolve a new lifestyle and economy in a corona-virus world. Sadly we don’t have any enlightened leadership in the USA.

    Former London mayor and current member of Parliament, Boris Johnson is Britain’s most nontraditional politician.

    While consequences of this virus unfold the many benefits of cycling re-emerge for society. The personal benefits of cycling are many, I believe a cycling town is a healthy town, a healthy in every way town, equaling societal strength and governmental stability with common-sense and reality leading the way. The closer you are to nature the closer you are to reality.

    Cycling technology is part of this resurgence. E-Bikes of every flavor make commuting on E-Bike a reality for many. Cargo E-Bikes create options for small businesses. Bicycle engineering across the industry has made cycling easier for all with lighter faster, more reliable and dynamic components for every commuting scenario. E-Bikes will do for cycling what Snowboards and Shape-Ski’s did for the ski-industry.

    The Amazing Way Bicycles Change You| Anthony Desnick | TEDxZumbroRiver

    The Need For Speed.


    I love going as fast as possible. If you enjoy speed, as I do, a few thoughts here. I struggle with carrying tools, tubes, pumps, CO2 or anything I really don’t need when it comes to speed. Some days I just want to ride as light a bike as possible. Me the bike a water bottle. No baggy clothing, skin-tight equals speed. Check your seat height, there is speed there if too low.

    Golden, Colorado is my kind of cycling town, blessed with miles of silky fast concrete trails, mountain-bike trails and clean bike-lanes.

    Mountain Trail heads in town will lead you into the foothills and beyond. Bike-Packing trips are possible in all directions. Golden’s weather is Golden. Having lived in New England where cold, wet and windy is cold, wet and windy. Golden and Colorado has cycling weather dialed in I find it perfect year round.

    “Cycling is possibly the greatest and most pleasurable form of transport ever invented. Its like walking only with one-tenth of the effort. Ride through a city and you can understand its geography in a way that no motorist, contained by one-way signs and traffic jams, will ever be able to. You can whiz from one side to the other in minutes. You can overtake £250,000 sports cars that are going nowhere fast. You can park pretty much anywhere. It truly is one of the greatest feelings of freedom once can have in a metropolitan environment. It’s amazing you can feel this free in a modern city.”
    Daniel Pemberton, The Book of Idle Pleasures

    New Zealand Adventure.


    We Are Living In A Cycling Rejuvenation.


    It see it every day, tricycles, training-wheels, dusty bikes, uni-cycles, recumbent, a penny-farthing, e-bikes, cargo-bikes. With Corona-virus the need to recreate is plentiful and nature still is. My town Golden, Colorado is built for cycling, bike-paths, miles of concrete-trials, adjacent, the foothills with access to Morrison and Evergreen making a great day ride with may options for more miles along the route. Since lock-down I’ve been riding three-plus times a day turning every errand to an eight or ten mile loop. I might become a bike-racer after this, if there is an after.

    The silver-linings. Cleaner Air! I see Denver without a brown-cloud. I see a new sea of cyclists. Bike shops are booming, my chain is clean, always. Cycling, it’s free health-care just outside your door. Exercise will the only health-care available soon. Cycling is freedom on steroids in these perplexing times, freedom from the insanity of reality. So get out and ride, ride like your life depends on it. I know mine does.


    Unbidden, Johnson—who, before becoming prime minister regularly cycled in London—added that “there will be a huge amount of planning going to helping people to get to work other than by mass transit and this should be a new golden age for cycling.”

    Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia. ~ H.G. Wells

    Hydraulic-Brakes, A Worthy Upgrade.


    Hydraulic Brakes are worth the coin. Shimano-Decore XT Hydraulic-Brake system was revolutionary for me, the delicate control and smooth contact between disc and pads is exceedingly impressive, feels like mind controlled brakes. Lightest touch applied yields a silky-smooth controlled deceleration from the highest possible speeds increasing confidence and control. The clean ascetics of hydraulic systems are preferable to wired-cable systems. Shift levers are low profile, light weight, beautifully designed like all Shimano products. These brakes function to perfection flawlessly and look great. If you have the budget hydraulic-brakes won’t disappoint, they are a worthy upgrade.

    Shimano-Decor XT Hydraulic-Brakes.

    Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia. ~ H.G. Wells

    Cycling Nirvana During Pandemic.


    As this virus shuts down capitalism there hasn’t been a better time to ride a bike since the invention of the automobile. Human powered transport takes back the roads as Mother Nature reclaims her planet while air and water get cleaner by the hour. This is the perfect opportunity to evaluate what you really need in life. Two cars vs one car and a few bicycles, an E-Bike, plant a garden. Simplification will be essential to success and survival in these uncertain times with total failure of leadership in Washington.

    The death of capitalism and the slow motion genocide of America’s back-bone the middle-class is happening now, televised live 24-7. Societal change can’t happen soon enough as infinite growth on a finite planet has proved the pure insanity it sounds like. An economy built on intentional war for profit, oil and lies is not sustainable. As American Empire unfolds we need too force change upon the selective-ignorance of revolting-wealth which has brought us to this, edge of extinction.

    We need too act now as the “residue of democracy” (Chomsky 2015) is in peril. Cycling is one of life’s great experiences now more than ever, enjoy every ride! I am grateful for many things, these days my bike is topping the list. Here’s a great story to take your mind for a ride.

    Leadville, Colorado’s Burro Race.

    Your Bicycle Is an Extension of Your Body, Life and Soul.


    Don’t just ride your bike.  Engage with it.  Grab it buy the bars assimilate, infuse it with your cycling soul.

    Once on your bike it ceases being an inanimate object (If ever) and becomes an extension of your body.  Like a suit, you want to wear the bike.  Put it on, don’t just sit on it.  It’s not you and your bike.  You is your bike.

    Fausto Coppi.

    When I first step too that pedal I connect.  It’s that first step off the earth and into The Cycling-Verse.  The Cyclist’s interpretation of a multiverse alternate universe kind of   thing.  You know what I mean.  I think I do?  It’s a private universe on two wheels.  You know.  In that first instant you forget the shit of life gliding off to freedom.

    The only shit that concerns a cyclist’s comes from “Man’s Best Friend”  It’s the man made shit that we race in our world outside cycling.  That’s the dangerous shit.  The shit you don’t see.  Just don’t track it into your life.

    Bluntly put, a bicycle is a kind of shit eraser for life.  Maybe there’s a flowery way of saying all this in Latin?  Rideious-Happiest.  I’ve have let my Latin lapse a bit since kindergarten.

    I believe your bike remembers every ride with you secretly storing energy.  The cerebral electric motor in your mind storing synaptic energy within your bottom-bracket.  A mental generator autonomous but subliminally in your control.  You don’t know it’s there but it is.  It lurks in the background on those day’s when the hill’s seem a degree or two kinder.  Call it what you want but find it.  It’s out there I promise you.  It keeps me rolling!

    Pete Townsend. Who? Yes that guy. Pete has an unfinished rock-opera Life House I think, venue absorbs the moods and energy of performer’s and fans from every performance with every show contributing to a spiritual musical spirit vibe that infects all future shows and fans, never ending meta-physical, musical synergy building a private universe only experienced at Life House.  That run-on left me breathless.

    Visualization is a powerful and affordable upgrade.  Use it!  Mind and muscle form a tremendously powerful network of synergies in your unconscious.

    Decades of skiing, running, cycling I can’t help but notice so many trapped in that inner struggle.  Attempting too muscle their way through a sport designed too relax.  Look up breath and relax.  You are experiencing nature first and exercising second.

    Across all sports.  Runner’s, skiers, cyclists, hiker’s, walkers. All Looking Down?  Eye contact is where it’s at.  It will help your sporting efforts and your human efforts.  Nature is the greatest show on earth.  Use those eyes to their fullest and enjoy what your here for.

    Check Your Seat Height?

    Low seats and improper foot placement on pedals result in more effort with less result.  Many with the balls of their foot at the top of the pedal.  Or overhanging the pedal.  The primary thrust of your quads and femurs is not hitting your pedal’s sweet spot.  Too low a seat increases the work load on your quads exponentially.

    If your seat is too low this waisted effort gets exponential.  You won’t get the most out of your components with your body miss-aligned to your bike.  I put my big-toe joint/ knuckle adjacent to the pedal’s axle point.  Which aligns with the crank.  The leg bone’s connected to the hip-bone.

    If you roll with flat pedals as do I, you have added agility.  Moving a foot in an instant is critical for me.  I just can’t have my feet locked in place.  I find the ability to freely move them synonymous with one-half a gear change.  It’s also a slight change in body position which never hurts climbing.  This is really only applicable when climbing.  In Colorado it’s key.

    The nature instinct too muscle it through life will infect all life’s elements ultimately holding you back in all your efforts.  Don’t compete with your bike.  Work with it.  Make sure it is set up to benefit your efforts not impede them.


    At The Crossroads of Skiing and Cycling.

    If your a cycling skier or a skiing cyclist’s.  A fan of perfected grooming?  Beaver Creek is home to the planets finest. When it comes to speed and turns on a bike look no further. Golden Colorado is the Beaver Creek of cycling.  A giant bike park as I see it.

    Smooth surfaces and seams.  Very fast with plenty of turns following the stream along the Clear Creek trail.  Golden is surrounded with fabulous cycling terrain.

    Every ride I visualize Beaver Creek’s finest days gone by.  One epic day. My son Spencer and I.  Powder you might only see once.  Spencer took too bottomless powder like lobster takes to butter.  Chew on that.

    Spencer had the forth grade ski-free pass.  I paid $100 back then!  Spencer laments the $100.  Grabbing a handful of free granola bars from the ticket window, Not exactly $100 worth, as the powder piles around us I add.  “Spencer at the days end tell me if it’s not worth $10.00 an hour.”   We board the escalator then the Centennial quad.  The rest, Pure Powder History.  I worked to keep up all day we devoured that entire mountain.

    A day when you can’t possibly pick a best run.  It was one perfect six hour run.

    We jumped on Grouse Mountain’s old double for a few runs as the day wrapped up.  Reminds me of the Killington Peak Chair over Cascade.  I speculate. You know the only thing that could make this day better would be bumping into the afternoon grooming fleet as we head over to Centennial.

    Disembarking after a third run down grouse we carve off left, pitch drops a bit.  We accelerate towards Centennial.  There they were.  Our fleet of Piston Bully’s staggered out diagonally with 4000 vertical feet of pristine grooming in their wake. Spencer gives me a holy-shit dad look then cuts hard right in behind the last machine.  Imagine that!  All that perfect grooming to ourselves for last run of a perfect powder filled day.  I couldn’t have planned this better if I didn’t?

    Warm chocolate chip cookies compliments of Beaver Creek waiting at the base. Only thing missing from this day?  A heavy coating of Powdered Sugar on those cookies.

    Oh yes, both Spencer and I felt it was a value at ten dollars an hour for “The Best Day Ever Dad.”  You can say that twice and mean it!  Still the finest $100.00 chocolate chip cookies ever.