61 Years Shrouded In Socialism. Staggering Through Stupidity. Surrounded By Seniors.

OK, I’m only 62. Since that July 1961 evening in Scranton, Pennsylvania. My appearance here. I sent no request to come here. once ariving, I’ve meticulously observed the descent of civil society. The insolvency of common sense, which onetime supported this teetering society. The demise of truth. The end of the common good. The end of all brotherhood. The termination of economic equality.

Yes, everything holding this shit show together has come apart at the seams because no one is willing to pay for the needles and threads anymore, let alone the seamstresses who keep all our bullshit stitched up enough to make it believable to us.

You’ve got to have a diamond-encrusted, solid gold thimble in a virgin baby seal skin case for a brain to think as such.

Paramount of the recent endings is the ending of Respect For Our Elders. As a child, boy, young man, man, and old man, I’ve always looked to and up to my elders. It has served me well as a primary source of understanding across all spectrums of learning and knowledge I’ve encountered. Everything of significance and life-affirming value I’ve discovered learned and carried with me in this life spawned from the brain of someone older than me.

So all of you 20, 30, 40. 50-somethings know it all know-nothings. If you haven’t done it before, shut the fuck up, put down that phone and pay attention, and listen to The Old Guy In The Room.

A so-called man attacked a grandfather with a fucking hammer on his way to attack a grandmother with a fucking hammer. This disgusting level of selective incognizance would be unimaginable during my childhood grandparents were revered. In today’s civilization, how anyone could tolerate such haniousness towards anyone, let alone two grandparents stagger me.

Ignorance will kill us all before we begin to comprehend how exceptionally stupid we have been in our treatment of each other over the last forty years. Our willingness to be lied to will be our ultimate undoing as the cumulative effects of such overwhelming selective ignorance and the resulting tsunami of feedback loops comingle with yet-to-be-realized after-effects of such tremendous intentional stupidity will unleash either unadulterated madness or steadfast genius.

George Floyd was lynched live on YouTube. The look on that cop’s face as he willingly committed murder in front of millions was telling. Reality says poor lives do not matter at all. It’s a rapidly growing list. The poor and elderly living in poverty in America. A rapidly growing list.

Older People Know More Than You Merely By Living Longer. Our Experiences Define Us.

The GOP felt it would be cheaper during the pandemic if all our seniors (your grandparents) would just go off and die out of sight. It is impossible to argue with the monumental stupidity of the GOP’s platform of nothingness. When there is nothing to stand for, there is nothing to argue for, and the key here; is nothing to comprehend.

Remember that every so-called old person has worked and paid a lifetime of taxes so you and I could go to school, have roads, streets, fire departments, parks, and rivers to play in, and all the other things about this society you underestimate and don’t forget libraries. Many books in most libraries were penned by someone Older Than You.

If caring for our elderly relatives, friends, neighbors, and grandparents equates to socialism, bring it on. If socialism means functional roads, highways, sidewalks, parks, libraries, schools, clean water, fire departments, sewers, and all the other life-supporting elements for your use. There for your taking. Yes, That Is Socialism!

Most technologies in that iPhone were paid for by taxpayer-funded military research dollars. Yes, that’s socialism at work in plain sight; like all tax dollars, socialism working in plain sight.

Our hard work and tax dollars fund all the good stuff in life. Withhold your tax dollars from war but keep paying taxes into our teetering democracy it needs every penny from us; the poor and hardworking people who have always worked, voted, and pay taxes, are the people who keep this boat afloat.

If Corporate America does not start paying taxes again, society will collapse soon, especially with environmental collapse accelerating. The poor and this devoured middle class have been finished off, picked clean by unprecedented inflationary greed profiteering by the very corporations that never pay taxes in America. The pandemic was the beginning of this corporate looting. It will continue this Normalization of Madness.

I leave you pondering Kubrick’s Dawn Of Man Opening Scene from 2001: Kubrick was almost an old man but still comprehended much filmmaking expertise. This scene certainly foreshadowed plenty about us since hitting screens in 1968.

This looks similar to Capital Hill on January 6th, 2021, but I’m sure these Apes didn’t go to college or high school.

Maybe have your Grandparents over for Dinner and a Movie. If they live nearby, maybe you still walk on those socialists’ sidewalks for Family Visits?

American Idiots, Hungry Squirrels, Cable TV, and The Incremental Side-Effects Of Our Cognitive Devolution.

As I concede my senior citizen rank, I see just how far we’ve fallen as a civil society in just sixty-one years, with the last forty exceptionally moronic.

The Republican’s forty-year dedication to the destruction of humanity is culminating in complete madness. A so-called man assaults a grandfather in his 80s with a fucking hammer on his way to assault a grandmother in her 80s with a fucking hammer because he wants to take back “His Country.” The personification of American Ignorance, the “Take Back My Country Line.”

This all commenced with shared community hilltop antennas, squirrels, and my TV Repair Men. In the age of journalism, CBS, NBC, ABC, and PBS. No commercials during nightly news broadcasts which actually contained authentic news. Walter Cronkite represented journalistic integrity before capitalism clawed its way into our newsrooms.

Walter Cronkite said this to the nation and had the influence and credibility to do so. Reagan’s death blows to the Federal Communications Commission were the nails in journalism’s coffin and paved the way for Roger Ailes, FOX, and the Murdoch families’ empires of lies.

Vietnam, Iraqi, Afghanistan? All wars were created through intentional lies by a handful of war profiteers.
The Kennedy Brothers’ efforts to put an end to war ended them. Today war is entertainment. War is a distraction from our climate demise.

Don’t forget. The poor people with no money, no food, no power, no nothing, who just want to pick your vegetables are really here to destroy America through their vegetable-picking network of baby-eating revolutionaries who consider caring for each other a virtue worth possessing as a human.

As capitalism clawed into network newsrooms, Peter Finch, Faye Dunaway, William Holden, and Robert Duvall showed just how poisonous one dollar can be to a newsroom.

NETWORK: This Riveting Film Encapsulates Capitalisms Attack On Our Newsrooms In A Foretelling Of Journalisms Demise.

Today’s mediascape is pure bullshit. As for American Idiots? Those who look to Facebook, Twitter, and any form of social media for actual news are bullshitting themselves into a reality where they are morons on purpose. I’ve always found it more palatable to research and accept the truth than it is to convince yourself to hate someone you do not know or understand just because they are not white or as stupid as you seem to be aiming for. We’ve lost war after war and believe we are some sort of winners. Winners in ignorance, I submit. “Give me back my country” As children, we pledge our allegiance without ever understanding it. Where you go from there can be a shifting fall-line of facts.

I was reared on shared neighborhood television. Our homes were connected to a network of neighborhood antennas. The junction boxes were feasts for the squirrels. They seemed to enjoy eating coaxial cable insulation versus the innumerable acorns colonizing the forest bed. These cable tv repair adventures involved a walk in the woods and perhaps a startled squire.

Our TV Repair Man maintained our community antenna network. The primary issue was squires chewing the junction cables from the antenna to each home. He would leave a stash of ten-inch cables at each antenna site to replace the squire’s snacks. Were these squires endeavoring to protect America from the coming Cable Television Apocalypse?

Then came the coaxial apocalypse. With compression technology’s progress came a new tsunami of advertising and opinion. Television news was necessary and a Public Service back then, whereas what it’s devolved to I would argue a pointless distraction from the truth.

Acknowledgment of past mistakes and misdeeds is critical to a civil civilization’s progress. Learning that our ancestors were assholes is just part of life. Just think of the living relatives you have, and it’s not a leap of faith to understand relatives or not; moronic assholes are just that. You can choose your friends, but it’s difficult to educate a relative moron. Especially the younger ones who know so much of so little. Those with the least experience and experiences proclaim to know everything.

When civics was taught, so was common decency toward one another. We were all Americans before Reagan’s trickle-down class-warfare con job, which amazingly still trickles as a theory. All it’s ever been. Electing a shitty actor as president was the beginning of the devaluation of the American Presidency.

It was key to dumb down the voters before unleashing an idiot like Reagan on the GOP’s gullible and uncoerced swallowers of ignorance. Reagan is a sort of grandfather of boneheadedness for the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene.

He read nothing and knew nothing. As the republicans discovered they never planned to help anyone other than the cash whores pulling their strings of dogmas, Reagan was the ideal puppet for the puppeteers of cash. The puppeteers of all your thoughts?

Back to the hungry squirrels circa 1970 who regularly chew through the coaxial cable of the community antennas atop our high points. I would rendezvous with our local TV Repair Man to assist in replacing the squirrel-devoured cables with new coaxial jumpers. He foretold of the coming cable television devolution. A land with hundreds, if not thousands, of tv channels just waiting to be filled with bad ideas. All through one twisted wire, Americans will welcome these twisted-thought invaders into their homesteads. Then Madison Avenue and Wallstreet’s confiscation of the American Family will be complete.

In a rush to report the day’s manufactured truths and lies for a dollar, the truth was trampled to extinction by romance for a dollar. It seems everything sustaining life now takes a backseat to the ignorant pursuit of profit. Even if it kills us. Is your entire existence based only on transactions? Have you done any actual living?

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

Upton Sinclair.

Upton Sinclair unquestionably exemplifies America in these words. Like or admit it, or not. We are all Debt Slaves. How your enslavement affects your soul and treatment of each other will determine your place between an exemplary or immoral life. Do you have no convictions because of your salary? Do you stand for nothing but money?

Capitalism claims it has no limits. Today the limits of capitalism’s long and intentional ignorance of its own ills and lack of self-critique have proved to harbor all the limits we’ve all so long, so desperately, so strived to ignore in a shrowd of our own capitalistic insensibilities.

I suggest riding a bicycle and or an electric car out of this madness. Kill your television. Buy a new electric bicycle or analog bicycle with the cash you’ve been wasting on that cable television bill killing your mind and body.

The only way to steer clear of the madness steering you astray thus far is on a bicycle. Cycling has no downside, unlike capitalism’s deadly paths of planet-killing lies and ignorance. Stay stupid and die or get smart and ride forward. Kill your television. Eliminate that carbon-powered car. Ride your bicycle to your library and read some history for yourself before it’s gone. The family that cycles together learns together.

Do not forget capitalism will kill everything it touches, especially the American Family Unit, for at the core of capitalism lie the lies it needs to justify its pure, deadly greed, which defines its core. Greed will continue being greedy even while you lie to yourself about it.

Could you be this stupid and not willing to change? If you were an intentional idiot would it not be your right to actually know it?

Is there a rerun of Friends on now?

Cycling. A Value You Can Live By.

The life-fulfilling values encircling cycling can spin your life down unforeseen pathways changing your life’s value system. From training wheels in 1963, I’ve yet to discover any downside to cycling. Electrified Cycling Is Revolutionary. If you are not taking advantage of cyclings’ glorious life-affirming values? You are missing out on life’s most significant straightforward path to relishing life’s fundamental values.

If you’re looking for meaning in your life, you’re most likely to find it on a bicycle, as the practical synergies of cycling will refine your life in techniques no automobile ever could.

Every time I’ve boarded a bicycle in the last fifty-eight years has proved the most acceptable decision of all my days.

The Facts of Cycling Reinforce The Realities Of Living.

  • Cycling Is Always Delightful.
  • Cycling Is Beneficial To Everything And Every Body.
  • Cycling Is Fundamentally Free.
  • Cycling Is Invariably Contemplative.
  • Cycling Occurs Embedded With Nature.
  • Nature Is Life.
  • Cycling Personifies Living Life With Nature.
  • Cycling Is A Transfusion Of Life In Every Ride.
  • Cycling Orbits Total Health.
  • Cycling Epitomizes Frugality.
  • Fantasize No Auto Related Expenses. Ever Again.
  • Cycling Eradicates The Automobile From Life.
  • Cycling Extracts Gasoline From Your Life.
  • Rent A Car Or Uber If Required.
  • Cycling Is Unfailingly Enjoyable.
  • Cycling Materializes The Moment.
  • Cycling’s Synergies Are Never Ending.
  • Bicycles Are Life’s Only Time Machines.
  • Cycling Intensifies A Youthful Mind, Stamina and Physique.
  • Cycling Is Always Entertaining.
  • Cycling Is A Stew Of Life’s Finest Pieces Of Wisdom.
  • Cycling Will Save Your Life.

The single most effective path to saving your life while helping protect us all from climate change is by adopting cycling into your life’s value system.

Cycling is a gift for living life as Mother Nature intended, practically, peacefully, and harmoniously with one another, sharing the planet’s resources equitably with humans of every color.

I’ve invariably discovered self-propulsion as the most satisfying mode of passing through time, with cycling as the preeminent enjoyable manner of self-propulsion. If a real-life change you seek? Cycling provides countless answers.

Cycling is revolutionary; let it be your life-affirming revolutionary transformation. The route less transited could be that pathway you’ve pursued thus far. The path you follow henceforth.

“My Dad Can Even Talk To A Plumber.”

“My Dad Can Even Talk To A Plumber.” This brilliance was laid on me growing up by one of my private-school-neighbor kids. I told him Darwin knew a plumber? His mindset sums up the unsettling state of mind running amok.

It’s a mindset that’s led us here to a place where killing babies is justifiable to so many and selective ignorances dominate governance. A world where money supersedes anyone’s life; given the properly justifiably profitable circumstances. Like sacrificing your grandparents to the virus as if disposable lighters.

It’s a mindset fostered in private schools as this kid personified the tremendously ignorant education private school vomits up with every graduating class of dynamic new ignoramuses.

Gun Laws and the NRA. What needs to occur is a school shooting at The Elite Private High Schools or Ivy League breeding grounds. I vomit when I hear the statement “Well he is a Harvard or Yale man.” There are no men in Private or Ivy League Schools and it has been the Harvard and Yale men that have destroyed an entire planet thus far. All the world’s problems originate and perpetuate via Ivy League Diplomas.

Disgustingly Rich Peoples’ power, greed, and selective ignorance destroyed the planet and they’d like to blame the poor and powerless. Murderous corporate power owns our government. The electoral college is a joke. The Supreme Court? A two-party system in a country of forty tampon brands?

We had a president who broke every law on the planet. The worst human in history. He is worshiped by the proudly ignorant and religiously lies to them for their votes. Everything is ass-backward when you follow an ass-backward.

Our lives circumstances are directly tied to where, and to whom we are born. A varying Fictional Religion is then forced down all our throats based merely on our geographic birth coordinates. Are there different Geographic Gods?

Religious bull-shit was troubling enough, the merger with Capitalism’s Evil and Greed has all but sealed the deal for humanity on this narrowing path back to reality. If you don’t stir the shit we will all sink in the shit.

So many willingly know so little and get furious when challenged by reality. This is a precarious place for the residue of our democracy. Residue Of Our Democracy. Noam Chomsky offered these striking words in Requiem For The American Dream a deeply awakening look into the controllers of this life all oozing from the Ivy League privately educated nepotism of history.

My Dad Would Talk To Everyone.

ReCycling Life With Two Wheelin Synergy.

Everything is pushing us. Pushing us to spend. Pushing us to work more. Work harder. Work faster. Live faster. Stealing our time. Rushing yields to mediocrity. I see only the rush of overwhelming mediocrity in the US.

A Populus of mediocre lives yields a pathetically mediocre nation. Mediocre is a gentle word to describe today’s state of our crumbling union as we stumble through the residue of this polluted democracy that never really was. A two-party system in a land of one hundred cereal and toothpaste brands. If you’ve never comprehended any truth, you must ask yourself. Why start now? History is the lie we allow ourselves to swallow. If you are enjoying life as a know-nothing pawn manipulated at every juncture, so be it.

Don’t rush thru your life dulled by the capitalist mediocrity forced on us when you can cycle thru life dynamically engaged with it, free of the economic shackles stifling your existence. Consider just your annual automobile-related expenses?

It feels there’s never enough time yet time and basic human needs have not changed over time. We have every modern convenience, overnight delivery of socks, and instant delivery of anything digitized and we still struggle with time. Everything is easier to attain but life. Reattain your life with a bicycle or electric bicycle.

We’ve been chasing time at a mind-numbingly accelerating pace since the internal combustion engine disrupted Mother Nature’s intended plans for civilization. All the internal combustion engine did was expand the pace of greed and selective ignorance.

“The most baleful mischiefs may be expected from the unmanly conduct of not daring to face truth because it is unpleasing.”

Thomas Malthus.

All advertising is delusion-based bull-shit and we are surrounded by it. The coup d’état over the human brain for advertising jackals was the cell phone e. Now they are truly in your pocket while owning your brain and in control of all your consuming emotions. We’ve evolved into puppets without strings with all those carnivorous capitalist puppeteers in our pockets, brains, and souls.

When we were younger Consumer Reports Magazine was where you researched the facts on most products. Yes just “The Facts.” If some corporation is paying tens of millions to produce one ad, you can be assured it is designed to bullshit you not inform you.

Cycling is as liberating as it gets today. Cycling embodies freedom for one’s soul. Every ride conjures up the escaping cycling escapades of my youth. The most practical way to dispose of a day’s bull shit is on your bicycle. Once rolling your life is balanced in flawless synergy. Want to be 100% in control of your time? Cycling is your solution. The bicycle is the perfect conglomeration of mechanics, effort, and results.

Consider this Cycling Synergy Stew? When cycling you are commuting not polluting. When cycling you are simultaneously commuting, exercising, enjoying errands, acquiring health, feeling younger, having a great day, saving money, not in a car, getting stronger, wiser, living longer, and most critical you are living. Your car is a road to a paralyzing, debt-ridden, slovenly, early death. GET OUT NOW!

Most American Men I witness appear as if they couldn’t think about twenty push-ups let alone produce them. As for their practical mechanical skills, understanding of their physical space, and knowledge of tools?

Once aboard, cyclings’ positively overwhelming freedom will magnify your existence with a reinvigorated philosophy on time and freedom. Motorcars are about as far from freedom as one can get on earth. Automobiles are essentially gas-powered rolling jail cells we pay for in so many life-devouring ways.

I’ve been car-less and doctorless twenty years rolling. If you can’t afford health care a bicycle produces a terrific Health Care Plan. Complete control of your time. More control of your health, finances, sanity, and atmospheric future on this planet. Cycling furnishes it all. Always has. Always will.

If you are continuously in the rush of unrest you are out of control as another’s agenda is most likely driving your existence. Life will pass pointlessly fast when racing through it under constant manipulation. How much of your life are you spending in traffic? On those apps? Because that ain’t living.

The kitchen I work in is populated with younger souls who rush through everything constantly assembling a series of traps and impediments for themselves immune to experienced advice they seem happy to stumble in this routine every evening. They struggle in a rush to be mediocre by handcuffing themselves with the breadcrumbs of half-done tasks.

If you despise your work? Get out alive. I had one corporate gig. It all but killed me with the dullness of incompetent uninspirable leadership with the creativity of an unpopped corn kernel.

40 million electric cars would eliminate the United States’ need for foreign oil. Three Hundred Forty-Three Million, Five Hundred and Fifty-Seven Thousand, Six Hundred and Twenty-Five Electric Bicycles would eliminate oil and war. So would eliminating our gluttony, slovenliness, and apathy.

Yes, bicycles can do all this for US. We is the USA and the USA is US. It is easier to be wiser than intentionally idiotic. If only our selective ignorance and hate were energy sources? Selective Ignorance is a life of lying to yourself and constantly forcing lies down one’s throat will prove overwhelmingly consequential to your existence and companionships.

The Period Of Life I Spent ReCycling Here Was Splendidly Sane, Simple, and Peaceful. It Was The Awakening I Required. It All Revolved Around This Bicycle And Leaving Our Maddening Society In The Dust.

When I had little and a bicycle multifarious roads of opportunity opened. Previously unimaginable life changes were thrust on me with comprehensive poverty heading the list. My bicycle became the center of my new life. It refined my life. It embellished my life. It restarted my life. It gave life to my life. It saved my life.

Allow a bicycle to save yours. Cycling full-time will prove the best decision for your transient dash on this journey known as life. Get out and live it watching it pass by you thru windows no more.

Psychopathic American Exceptionalism. Indisputably The Product Of Republican Dopiness And A Derivative Of Capitalisms Lethality.

Psychopathy is a condition characterized by the absence of empathy and the blunting of other affective states. Callousness, detachment, and a lack of empathy enable psychopaths to be highly manipulative. Nevertheless, psychopathy is among the most difficult disorders to spot.” Not Anymore!

He Was Really President. That Say’s It All.

We are psychopathic in our treatment of our life-sustaining planet. Psychopathic about politics, guns, religion, and abortion. Psychopathic about shopping and our stuff. We have psychopathic, gluttonous appetites. Psychopathic elective boneheadedness is the real issue confronting our fellow Americans who deliberately choose idiocy over the facts of life.

Yes, This Is Where You’ll Find Alternative Facts. Or A Place To Sit It All Out.

Infinite growth on a finite planet embodies undeniable mass psychopathy. Grandpa Biden speaks with a forked oily tongue, continuing pursuit of carbon extraction while grasping at paper straws and recently sucking up harder to the Saudis who orchestrated 911. The dismemberment of American Journalists Jamal Khashoggi with a bone saw when he only pursued a marriage license and truth.

Suppose Biden was not senile and not have lived his life inside a Norman Rockwell recollection. In that case, he might motivate a national movement of conservation, uniting this country around the new lifestyles we will all need to avoid our self-induced and self-perpetuating extinction by 2050. I hope to be cycling his age, but Joe Biden belongs on a tricycle. Contemplation of a second Biden term is exorbitant.

Anyone selling their “only car” and purchasing an electric bicycle should get a $3500.00 tax credit and a complimentary water bottle.

Contemplate eradication of every automobile-related expenditure; forever? Rent a car for road trips. Make cycling your primary mode of transport. It will revolutionize your vitality, embellishing your senses’ capabilities to revel in nature every time you put that thing between your legs and accomplish anew.

Biden is a significantly aged man who spent a career trapped in a one/two-party political scheme owned by the selective ignorance and murderous capitalistic greed that brought us here to the brink of our own extinction. It is oddly captivating, overlooking us all killing ourselves because we’re too busy and indebted to stop or care. Or caring is inconvenient to your needs. Psychopathic demeanor?

I ponder what level of disasters it will take to get this country moving in a positive direction for the first time in decades, and that direction can only be green. Once we started sitting on our asses in automobiles to move through life, it was all downhill for humanity. The speed of greed created mediocre everything and a slovenly electorate.

Capitalism has arrived at a juncture where saving humankind is just too darn costly for our tax-dodging billionaires. Taxes are the outlay of a lucid, wholesome, and studious civilization.

Our planet, Mother Nature, is screeching at us to get off these poisonous paths. Screaming at us to get off our asses, out of the automobiles extinguishing us. Downsize your existence. Start researching the job you really want. Possibly closer to home than your current gasoline-powered corporate boondoggle. Consider an electric bicycle. Sell your car or second car. Buy that electric bicycle. Ride your new electric bike everywhere from now on. Save dollars. Achieve the health of your adolescence. Stop visiting doctors. Have a lot more fun living your life on two wheels embedded with Mother Nature, no longer shackled to capitalism’s automobile to an early grave.

The planet is continually burning; our primary concern is the cost of the gasoline killing us as we line up to pay for more at any cost adding fuel to all the fires and dissolving glaciers.

Will we fight future wars for the right to burn more oil only to perpetuate killing everyone on earth at a faster rate because the short-term profits look good just before the end of the world?

The continued destruction of our ecosystem will perpetuate war on everything only perpetuating the end of everything.

In the end, it will be the ignorance of the Ivy League-educated white men that destroys everything and everyone. All the money. All the power. All the needless greed. All the hate-fueled selective ignorance of the white man will be the undoing of everything that provides life. They will blame the cockroaches in the end.

Frank Consideration.

Ronald Reagan was the grandfather of this psychopathic u-turn for Americans. Reagan proclaimed it unpatriotic to pay corporate taxes with his trickle n BS. Ronald believed catsup was a vegetable when he was. He provoked the idea that assisting your fellow American was silly. He finished the destruction of unions and deregulated everything opening the doors to the monopolies driving today’s inflating recession.

He referred to people who needed help as “On The Dole.” I assure you, Ronny, as someone who’s been there, no one wants to be poor, but you and your kind made it impossible to climb out of poverty in America. Reagan was an actor playing President while controlled behind the scenes by his equally psychopathic wife.

Reagan’s long con paved the way for Trump and the Three Ring Circus of Republican Clowns, hammering the last nail’s in what’s left of their coffin full of greed, lies, and stupendously life-threatening selective ignorance as their destruction of everything seems just around the bend.

The GOP Is Dedicated To Destruction Of The Human Race.

All this psychopathic dysfunction is a direct consequence of capitalism’s quest for lies at any profit. People are behind bars for marijuana as the heroin-dealing Sackler Family kills tens of millions through direct collusion with Congress and the FDA. If you have the money, you can buy Congress.

Science, reality, and journalism are on life-support which doesn’t leave much of a future for anyone.

If we are to have a future with any quality of life, Cycling will usher the pathway. Cycling will guide us all to a lucid and proportional life, a balanced, harmonious existence with nature, the way Mother Nature miraculously designed for us all. Not the habits of capitalism and its glutinous billionaires that have made a choice to bring humanity to the brinks of extinction for a few billion more. All the banknotes in the world become penniless in a worthless world.

When hypothesizing the potentiality of other intelligent life in the universe? I ask. Is there any intelligent life on our planet? I’ve yet to detect any manifestations of intellect in the universe I’m currently partaking in. So many of us seem to just not give a shit that our climate, society, and remaining fragments of our perpetually sophomoric democracy are in collapse.

When hypothesizing the potentiality of a deity? It seems if so; he or she appears psychopathic as well. The Creator of human life is Mother Nature, her planet, and her miraculous life-sustaining design in every crucial element of human life.

Cycling has only upsides for your future and humanity. So much needs to change about how we transport ourselves in executing our extravagant daily lives. We need to stop driving automobiles as fast as possible and electric bicycles are a simple, efficient, economical solution to make the jump to two wheels. I did it; twenty years back when the bank assumed my car. Losing my car saved my life.

Cycling is a Lifecycle. If humanity is to save Itself it will be with drastic changes to all our Lifecycles. The most beneficial of all possible lifecycle changes available at the precipice of your extinction is riding a bicycle to every place imaginable.

The more you ride, the greater the possibility of possibility embellishing your new lifecycle.

The Actual Cost of Preventing Climate Breakdown Is Enlightening.

Yuval Noah Hariri brilliantly details how we can allocate just two percent of budgets as a functional, realistic, and deployable fiscal strategy against the harsh realities we have created for ourselves moving forward in this climate revolution. Be part of the climate solution revolution with a new electric bicycle and a new electric lifecycle.

Exceeding all, do not overlook. There are no downsides to Cycling; electrified or pure lung and leg-powered. Cycling represents all our futures. Worldwide Carbon-Free; Free Transportation For All.

“Exterminate All The Brutes” Details White Selective Ignorance and The Roots of All Evil.

Watch this Truth-Filled Documentary Series detailing white selective ignorance and its historic ignorance.

After fifty years of playing the news game, I see “Exterminate All The Brutes” hitting a grand slam of truth out of our ballpark of lies in this world of financially polluted journalism.

The Miracle Of Life On Earth and How a Seemingly Intelligent Species Fucked Everything Up.

Does anyone wake to realize what a fucking miracle this planet is for us humans each day? It sure feels not! The balance of everything critical to human life is set in place by mother nature and the wizardry of this universe, yet we treat all these miracles of life as a disposable mayo-packet. Suck it dry and throw it out your car window.

Fast Food and the Automobile The Road To Planetary Death.

It is no wonder human life is now as disposable as condiment packets for many. With all his selective ignorance, greed, and ego, the man seems hell-bent on killing anyone in the path of a dollar.

Video games for killers. Movies start to finish violence of every form. Television is all crap with laugh tracks to cover the pointless dialogue. All reinforced by so-called news for the right price.

We appear as a species of serial killers. Constantly murdering the poor and defenseless with innumerable justifications from our gods of destruction. Big Oil and Weapons Manufacturers are the Gods of today’s capitalism and GOP.

The casualness some tolerate other people’s death holds a disturbingly psychopathic endorsement of mass murder. The Japanese were defeated, yet we had to swing our nuclear dick to show the world our plan for democracy in a mushroom cloud of Japanese Cremations. We’ve learned nothing evermore manipulated in this capitalist puppet show as a species.

Americans need to change their excessive ways. None of us requested to come here, yet many of us believe we are somehow better? Overindulgence fuels the thoughtlessness of our outrageous capability to hate all we refuse to comprehend. Selective ignorance is infected with deception when stubbornly embraced.

Cycling daily will change your mindset towards everything and everyone ingraining every day in nature, not the seat of your automobile and its poisonous capitalist tentacles grasping at your soul. Less debt = Less Stress = Less Hostility = Healthier, Happier, More Passionate, Empathetic Cycling Soul Brothers and Sisters.

Embrace cyclings influentially vigorous route to transforming the economic habits controlling you from that automobile. In sixty years of cycling, I’ve never preferred to be elsewhere. Rain, Sun, Snow, Rain, Snow, Sun, Rain, and Snow. Every day on your bicycle has your best interest in mind.

At $5.00 per gallon and climbing your bicycle puts real money in your pocket with affordable, fun, invigorating, universal healthcare with all those automobile-related expenses behind you. Your new economic future unfolds in every new life mile explored.

If you want to engage with your life, get out of that car and abord a bicycle as you are wasting away in every way, every day until you do.

I was homeless at that time, carless. A tent and my bicycle were administered to my needs. As my preceding needs diminished and transformed, I glimpsed at needs differently.

The overwhelming common sense and frugality within a cycling life will arouse your senses. The price of gas and everything will continue climbing along with the unanticipated climate effects.

Chase the wisdom of cycling creates a life transformation now as it will eventually come to us. This cycling dynamic will change your life for the better as the life-affirming powers of cyclings genius show you how to truly live each day to its fullest. These dynamics are not plausible when captive to the vehicle’s life-numbing helplessness.

Consider how much of your life is passing you while sitting on your ass in that car? Consider what that car really cost your life.

The automobile is the epicenter of the capitalist jungle. Just step on the gas and go get it. Need or not? That gas pedal is killing you through numerous manipulative monetary methodologies. All these manipulations eluded aboard your bicycle. Full-time bicycle commuting eradicates debt.

Minus instantaneous shifting of transportation methodologies, humanity’s history will be erased from universal history by humanity’s selective ignorance. No one will know how ironically ignorant we truly were. Not even our Gods of Oil, War, and Dollars.

Unravel your suppressed vitality around a bicycle every day. The life you salvage could be your own.

Self-Propulsion. An Accelerating Notion.

I haven’t possessed a car in twenty-two years, so I’m ballparking here for your consideration. Hopefully, you will? Electrified Cycling Economics-101 follows.

Annual Automobile Expense Calculations:

Car LoanInsurance Registration, Taxes, Fees?Tires, Oil Changes, Service Plan, Surprises.Gasoline: 3750 miles @ 50 Miles Per Day For 300 Days Commuting 15,000 miles annually to work.
$5000.00$2500.00$550.00$4500.00$5000.00 @ $5.00 per gallon.
$17,550.00 Call It $21.550 including personal usage.

$21,550 plus additional cash we hemorrhage galivanting about this capitalist junk-food jungle in our automobiles. Also, life’s hidden and most deadly expense stress thrives in the motorcar.

With twenty years stress-free on my bicycle, the stress is omnipresent when I find myself in a car. I was helping a friend move on the I-25 corridor north of Golden, Colorado, and I felt a Los Angeles nightmare teetering at 1:27:27 PM. The traffic was horrendously stress-filled. It was grid-locked from Fort Collins to Denver. If you really need to be somewhere, you must leave the day prior. A new normal.

Returning home after the move and this traffic apocalypse, I scrambled for my bicycle’s stress-shedding magic.

Electric Bicycles Have The Horsepower Too Supply Climate Salvation If We Arrive At Our Senses In A Punctual Mode.

Time is not ours for the wasting furthermore. Are we really going to continue down this excessive road furthering our own demise? If you have young children, I’m going to presume you have some concerns about their destiny on this burning and flooding planet. Electric Bicycles should play the leading role in a society-wide transformation getting our asses out of automobiles. We all need to slow our lives to a sane and livable pace outside cars, out oil, outside debt.

Electrified cycling will do the trick if you really want to reduce your debt while reaffirming your life. Anyone can do it. Even Network News Hosts.

With the end of civilization approaching, it is stunning that most Americans do not care. A planet struggling with climate turmoil will tumble into war with new reasons to fight instead of share or care. Absent drastic change, our propensity for selective ignorance will fall prey to the war machines’ carnivorous appetite for earnings.

David Wallace-Wells’ “The Uninhabitable Earth” is a sobering look at the realities facing us all without drastic action now. This article was published in NY Magazine in 2017 yet I’ve seen no reaction? If all cars stopped functioning tomorrow you’re going to wish you had a bicycle as it will be everyone’s first choice.

The tax dollars wasted on the nuclear weapons we are theoretically never to use would enable millions of us live with our heads above the capitalist waters we’re continuously treading in?

Electrified Cycling is your most efficacious monetary harpoon for deflating the monstrous tires of capitalism’s oil-funded war machine, deforesting our planet, deforesting our souls. Deforesting our lives.

Get out of the rat race. Get out of that car. Help save your climate. Take your life back aboard an electric bicycle tomorrow.

Circumcise Big Oil To Castrate War.

Oil is killing us. Killing us with cars. Killing us with enduring forms of pollution. Killing us with stress. Killing us with debt. Killing us with war.

Idle bodies foster idle minds correlating to an idle life. Your vitality is idling away in a car. Jumpstart your life with electrified cycling.

Help Humanity Circumcise Big Oil and Castrate War Evermore With Your Electric Bicycle.

Our extinction is now merely beyond the crossroad yet I see no change given the sobering scenario unfolding at our hands. Selective ignorance is in full swing as America’s drone capitalist populous drives willingly off a cliff dubbed reality.

Anyone not considering an Electric Bicycle with gasoline soon exceeding $5.00 not to mention the looming climate death of everyone by 2040 without this efficiently electrified cycling action. Our persistent ignorance will not suspend the impacts of the decades of incognizance proceeding us.

Mass deployment of electric bicycles is humankind’s single most effective tool against our warming war-laden planet. The government should subsidize any electric bicycle purchase with additional incentives with proof of the elimination of your car via sale or scrap.

Consider never buying gasoline again? Consider how could this extra cash embellish your new life outside that automobile? Consider never paying car insurance again? Consider no registration fees and taxes. Consider no tires or maintenance cost. It’s a considerable pile of coins. Every year for the rest of your life. Consider all this extra cash. Consider renting a car for distance vacationing.

Consider that owning a car is a disproportionate and frivolous outlay just adding unwarranted stress with unflattering slovenliness. Reshape your life now with just two wheels. It’s an astoundingly liberating awakening.

Consider Owning an Electric Bicycle Now! It Will Reshape Everything About You!

Cycling Drives Reality.

As self-inflicted extinction approaches it appears that capitalism’s sweeping ignorance has downright swallowed reality. When you lie to yourself to be part of a misguided group of know-nothings it’s a Red Flag.

It’s on their faces embedded in the uncertain hate of seeded dread. Their real apprehension is fear of their lives propelled by selective ignorance. Essentially believing in what is most convenient and most profitable to you and blaming poor people when the bills for decades of this selective ignorance are due.

All our problems are of our own ignorant creation. Ignore anything long enough and it will catch up with you; then pass you by leaving you in the dust of extinct procrastination.

Take, for instance, driving your car when you can ride a bicycle. It’s a self-serving act of selective ignorance. Cycling is the single most influential positive effect you can make on yourself.

Your automobile is fueled by the madness of capitalism collusion with big oil. A bicycle is fueled by you and a common-sense vitality, with your practical day-to-day needs just a ride away. Not what Madison Ave’s madness has in mind for you ensnared in your car and cell phone worlds.

The stunning disregard of life will indeed bring the death of us. In my life, anyone who stood for peace was assassinated by corporate America and its privatized tax-payer-funded, viscous military-industrial complex.

With Putin’s nuclear cloud hanging over humanity in a world left in turmoil by Bush’s war for a dying energy source. Oil and coal were headed the way of the steam engine prior to Mr. Bush’s greatest strategic failure in human political history.

Imagine if all those war dollars had flowed to Green Energy. Not forgetting the war crimes and untold murder of so many incents in the name of Bush’s Democracy. He brings democracy even if it kills you.

We continually lose wars and somehow swallow them as victories. War is ravaging the planet with enormously unrestrained chemical, nuclear, and carbon pollution every day. Our planet is in the process of killing us all yet we parade on killing each other with seemingly endless justifications while continuing the development of nuclear weapons with frightening dedication. Exactly what kind of species are we? We kill everything including planets.


Ten I was as this Public Service Announcement jolted my youthful naivety. We continue polluting our world at rates exceeding our selective ignorance. This should be freighting?

In the past 365 sunsets, we shattered the world record for carbon pollution not to mention methane’s deadly level of potency. As the price of gas in California hits $7.00 per gallon if you are not riding a bike you best be paralyzed.

Inflation and climate collapse should be incentive enough to motivate anyone with common sense to get on a fucking bicycle now. Your life will be embellished and if there is enough common sense cycling through our patriotic veins we might have a shot at salvaging this life-sustaining environment we have forced to the threshold of our lives sustainability.

Conserving our world in the life-sustaining miraculous scenario Mother Nature devised for our thriving is our only path forward.

Life will never thrive in a motorcar. “Stupid Is As Stupid Does.” Forest never drove a motorcar. He was blessed. With common sense.

As Our Nation Yields It’s Intellect Cycling Merges With Sanity.

If you cycle daily you see the light. Cycling is advantageous to everything and every body. Cycling is the healthiest and vitally functional pathway of residing and blossoming on and with earth. Continued denial of the automobile’s utterly disastrous impacts on everything and every body is utterly cockamamie.

Cycling will bring you to your maximum conceivable state of living, stifling the slovenliness staggering your soul with bedazzling automobile acrimony. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just released this reality.

“There is beauty in silence and there is silence in beauty and you can find both in a bicycle!”

-Mehmet Murat İldan.

George Carlin was a Comedian and Philosopher who had the best take on God and the entire shebang.

Lifes madness is most easily eluded aboard your bicycle. Cycling is undoubtedly life’s premiere form of therapeutics. Today’s most dynamic instrument for living in comprehensive harmony with yourself and your planet is the bicycle. This is a fact you can live, or die by.

Your bicycle's dynamism?  Never underestimate it.  It will bring you here.  It will fetch you there.  In  all your whiles.  With a smile and a glee.  That's good.  For you and thee. Frankly speaking. If a chainge you are seeking?  Reaping cycling's heaping's will prove esteemed of all life's keepings.

Y’all Can’t Go On Like This!

Emigrating to Colorado in ninety-four. Traffic persists in its breeding. Golden, Colorado is encircled within a carbon cloud ten hours per day. Just look at yourselves day after day stagnating your dynamism in a car. In that self-inflicted gridlocked torment. You see The Rat Race with absolute transparency once you escape it.

Which Lane Is Yours?

Day after day expending cockamamie gasoline and its ominous carbon consequences. Day’s behind day’s decimating your offspring’s fate on a quest of senseless debt. We all must revise our lives or we will undoubtedly do without them.

Y’all possess the horsepower to supersede this mysterious condition. Unless thou fancy decaying in traffic while hemorrhaging resources of all manner; day after day wasting away.

Strive to realize every moment of your life spent in your car spewing carbon into your oxygen could be allocated exceedingly more enjoyably and sensibly elsewhere.

Downsize your existence with an Electric Bicycle straightaway. Harley-Davidson’s Electric-Bicycle line is impressive and affordable when compared with your automobiles’ continuously astronomical expenses. Average yearly gasoline expenses alone will underwrite one of these svelte Harley-Davidsons Electric Bicycles.

Many say. “I need this job and car to cover all my debt.” Sell that garage full of things you don’t use. Sell that second car. Outfit yourself and your family with electric bicycles consequently revolutionizing your lives with cycling’s staggering economics furthermore total life-consuming practicality enveloped within a completely unregulated and free healthcare plan.

Cycling cleanses moreover strengthens your head, lungs, and heart, including life-extending undefinable independence freeing oneself of capitalisms often self-administered handcuffs. Consumerism is a phenomenal penitentiary.

If you are riding solo through life you are ideally positioned for this life-affirming transformation. Sell your automobile. Acquire an Electric-Bicycle. Commence riding it universally.

Quite this job thou loathe. Catch a month off. Job hunt upon your brand-new E-Bike. Discover the career you’ve perpetually yearned for as it stewards a significant chunk of your time hereabouts. “Realize that calling you’ve enduringly fantasized achieving.”

Discover the work y’all yearn traversing. It’s an outstanding time to job bounce via E-Bike. Every evaded automobile excursion holds each life-affirming spoke on your new life-affirming electrified wheels of life.

Looking astern through time via YouTube I remark whereby intelligent people’s significance upon humanity dominated a more profound, factual, and intellectually substantive mediascape.

Dr. Asimov, a Russian immigrant oozes brilliance. As you’ll find Dr. Asimov possesses one of humankind’s most engaging minds. More Asimovian Brilliance Here. This profound man composed and edited over five-hundred books.

Tailor your news cycle along with your life cycle. Democracynow.org covers the planet as if we all live on the same one. This actual news program might necessitate some attention-span recalibration with no commercials tossing you from the train of introspection. If you ride one?

Capitalism has ripened to exemplify immorality with life now expendable and commonsense assassinated in plain sight. The continued selectively ignorant pursuit of that dollar will eradicate us. Human survival requires an immediate society-wide deployment of Electric Bicycles to eradicate capitalism’s murderous grasp on our futures.

If your commute is not presently cyclable start by achieving errands by bicycle. Ultimately, cycling will encompass your life with life-affirming synergies. Synergies wrapping your life in a cycle of fun, fitness, nature, practicality, frugality, self-sufficiency,

The Greatest Tennis Match Ever Courted.

I had the benefit of sharing some life with Don Budge. Attending and working for his Tennis Academy for some years. It was the 1980 Wimbledon Men’s Final The Greatest Tennis Match Ever Played?

Mr. Budge had a moderate ego for a legend and I’d attended many anecdotes from his 1937 Davis Cup Men’s Final.

Don Budge vs Germany’s Baron Gottfried von Cramm. Mr. budge won in a stunning five-set classic referred to by many, including Mr. Budge, as the greatest match ever. The pressure on Baron Gottfried von Cramm was immense given the geopolitical turmoil in 1937.

American Bill Tilden was coaching the German Team compounding the pressure for Budge while von Cramm had Hitler on his back. Following Jesse Owen’s Olympic schooling Adolf the prior year in Berlin failing was not an alternative for the Barron.

So I’m watching the Borg, McEnroe Wimbledon Final with Don Budge and the other coaches drinking canned Bud. Following this stunning exhibition from Borg and McEnroe, Don Budge himself anointed this Borg, McEnroe stunner as “The Greatest Tennis Match Ever Played.”

This experience was like winning a Grand Slam. Sitting with Tennis Royalty drinking cheap beer, witnessing the transcendence of the game by McEnroe and Borg and his excellency conceding the progression of tennis superiority.

Well into his sixties, Mr. Budge still held mastery over the game. His athletic prowess was reflected in all his movements. He seemed to be always everywhere on the court. Invariably waiting on the ball, he was.

Playing as his occasional double partner over those summers I was; the wizard’s apprentice. A blessing those times were.

He Moved As Water ala Bruce Lee.

I was fortunate to have shared court time and significantly this Wimbledon landmark with Mr. Budge, Borg, and McEnroe.

The Vigorously Momentous Economic Common Sense of Cycling.

Cycling epitomizes common sense and electrified cycling merely accelerates my point. In a country evolving towards inoperable madness cycling is a road to sanity paved in common sense. Our occupational and automobilist lifestyles have engulfed us having driven everything we require for life beyond all tipping points.

We can capitulate to these facts reacting with practical common-sense measures such as electrified cycling or continue on the stress-paved roads of life this stifling consumerism. It’s a simple solution once free of that automobilist’s mindset.

During my six decades on dirt, I’ve detected the calculated dumbing down of a nation and the annihilation of this planetoid. The consequences stand unmistakable to all. Patriotic idiocy thoroughly embellished through persnickety incognizance.

If all motorcars ceased to function hereafter bicycles would be everyone’s foremost choice precisely as materialized during the initial pandemic as the incalculable common-sense, life confirming blessings of cycling came racing back to life.

When cycling I never grieve traffic, gas prices, insurance, and registration expenditures, not to mention whenever cycling I feel so fucking good. Unattainable this feeling is in a fucking car. I imply the more fun in life the more life in life. Cycling is a fun, practical, frugal, invigorating, life-proclaiming mode of riding through life’s time.

Cycling’s lucid spectra stand infinite with eternal pathways of discovery down every unexplored route. The regenerative credentials of cycling supply the cognitive dynamism and supplemental lucidity fundamental to persisting on this dying planet we cultivated.

What’s it to be? To be or not to be? The path to a cycle of sane living? Or a polluted life of delusionary self-inflicted plant-killing persnickety incognizance?

A bicycle; possibly gathering dust; or one of these sleek electric cycles will chainge your life and perhaps preserve our life-giving, spirit-nourishing planet from exterminating us as she makes the necessary self-preservatory modifications in compensation of our slovenly delusional ignorance.

I proffer this. The foremost time-traveling apparatus on this planet I’m cognizant of fits between one’s legs. Ride your bicycle day-to-day. Your repressed environmentalist conscience will ease in every passing league of disentangled introspections.

Pedaling Debt While Vanquishing Capitalism.

Lifes nemesis; debt. Most ensnared in it. All stalked by it. Innumerable extinguished by it.

Cycling is life’s most invigorating path to spontaneous debt unification while embroidering your life across its spectrum. Unquestionably cycling will dilate your spectrum on paths only discovered through forthright day-to-day participation.

Humanity exists as a consequence of Mother Nature’s elegant miraculousness. Most of US go about our days randomly mauling our life-giving planet constructing one capitalistic justification after another. Capitalism has bedazzled most of these facts of our lives. Downsizing debt will preserve you while diminishing capitalisms’ excremental effects on your planet.

Authorize Cycling’s far-reaching monetary advantages to chainge your financial realities. Cycling will peddle your debt out of existence if you simply take this revolutionizing life-affirming excursion on these stress-free unexplored roads of healthy frugality.

We all continuously shit on our life-giving planet with the same ease we breathe its air. Deployment of a bicycle is the foremost efficacious contribution you can make to yourself and this planet. Erasing as many cars from the planet as possible with bicycles is the most promising future we hold. Electrictrfied Cycling has eluded your old excuses.

The bicycle is humankind’s universal instrument for vanquishing capitalism’s haunting and bloodthirsty effects on our dynamism. Chasing dollars as we exterminate ourselves. Is this what we’ve become? Too indebted to care. Too indebted to live. Too indebted to breathe freely. Too indebted to be yourself, that person you were possibly born to be but got trapped in a rat race where the system narrated what your life is to be. A Debt Slave?

Chainge the gears on your life’s bank statements directly with your own life-affirming cycling revolution. Escape debts Rat Race on an Electric Bicycle tomorrow. The practicality of Electrified Cycling can not be overstated.

Make the bicycle your primary mode of transport. Your life will be sweetened with every ride in ways only to be uncovered through participation in this balanced trajectory of lifestyle.

Add up your annual automobile expenses. All of them? Cost an Electric Bicycle. Construct your own equation. Bike + You = Total Health and Financial Stability cocooned in a constant state of fun, enjoyment, exploration, self-sufficiency continuously de-stressing your presence.

Your automobile is the primary component of your enslavement and you pay for it every day with fragments of your life. Acquire a bicycle and start honestly living. Or continue disintegrating in deficit enmeshed in that four-wheeled capitalist sarcophagus. It’s killing you and your planet. The counterproductivity of this absurdity overwhelms all logic.

Cycling must be ingrained within mortal life as we roll towards our future or there will simply be no future. It is our only path to saving this planet from ourselves while restructuring transportation, business, and day-to-day life aboard the bicycle. The Electric Bicycle Specifically.

If I had a billion of other people’s dollars I would design and build an electric bicycle. Made in America. Not for profit but for humanity. Philanthropy is a scam. It’s not giving when you set the ego-inflating, tax-cutting regulations of philanthropic frolicking. It’s marketing. Just pay your taxes at least at the rates I pay or shut up.

Nevertheless, these look like revolutionary bicycles, and with Volkswagon, Ford, Harley Davison, and Ducati turning out electric bicycles investors are hopping on board this electrified cycling revolution. If we don’t get our asses out of motorcars now our asses are indisputably condemned.

I’m sixty going on seventeen; gratitude to my bicycle for the last eighteen years. May ask. How do you live without a car? Stunningly. I live stunningly thank you. The world afforded me aboard my bicycle was inconceivable with my essence duped by capitalism. It was losing everything that allowed me to realize how little was required. I turned to my bicycle perpetually in 2004. It Chainged my life in modes I never fathomed achievable singly on two wheels.

Bicycles are divine mechanisms for augmenting life. A dynamic instrument for battling capitalism’s omnipresent ills. The very ills devouring your life and our world. Cycling is a methodology for living the way Mother Nature planned for US. A delicately balanced life at a sustainably brisk pace.

The bicycle is your deficit eradicator simultaneously spinning pleasure, frugality, daily adventure, brain-stimulation, fun, complete health, enjoyment, practicality, free transport, continuous learning, delight, immersion within nature, levity, self-sufficiency, fun, common sense, enlightenment, and most noteworthy of all cycling benefits. Cycling is forever moving.

Electrified Cycling has poised most errands, tasks, and commutes merely a bicycle ride away.

If you are single it’s a no-brainer. Sell your car and buy an electric bicycle. Any family will benefit from a cycling metamorphosis. Sell that second car to finance the required bicycles.

Chainge your life. Chainge your planet. Chainge your economizing. All it takes is two wheels and a lust to live. To Live Debt-Free with capitalism’s bloodthirsty delusional falsehoods in your past.

Aboard your bicycle, every errand, commute, and pleasure ride will be the highlight of your days as cycling becomes an essential highlight in your life.

Having experienced a life endowed with variety I’ve navigated more occupations, quarters, sports, lawyers, bank accounts, automobiles, competitions, diluted relationships, depleted families, insane bosses, a myriad of traumas, and the periodic brush with death. One thing I’ve always relied on is Cycling’s invigorating escape mechanism.

The instant I touch a bicycle I flee the stressful trappings of survival by enrolling in Mother Natures’ Treasures.

“Most persons are so absorbed in the contemplation of the outside world that they are wholly oblivious to what is passing on within themselves.” Nikola Tesla

The United States of ADHD.

We represent a diverted, distracted, digitized, redirected, manipulated, managed, controlled, overseen, pivoted, sold, and coded heard of digital slaves. We are undoubtedly not The United States.

If you don’t have ADHD Apple, Samsung and the others can provide it with a monthly service contract embedded with social media’s conspiratorial collusion. Now there is Zipperberg’s Metaverse. He needs a metaverse since he is incapable of being a human.

In a local coffee shop yesterday. Five tables with three to six people at each. Every one of them stared at their phones, mesmerized as if none of them were actually there at all. I was tempted to drop my pants to break the digital ice but they seemed too small-minded.

Just attempt to look each other in the eye passing on the sidewalk. Good luck. You might accomplish eye contact if you seize the phone from their hands or, drop your pants?

We’re tragically disillusioned gazing into our master’s tracking devices selling us the futures they see fit for us. We are controlled by artificial intelligence manipulated by money-hungry megalomaniacs picking our pockets while playing strip-poker with our souls.

The insanity of this self-inflicted insanity is insane. If you look to Facebook for news it’s because you are too slothful to learn anything challenging your skewed views. Ingesting and spewing shit is not learning. Americans flock to bullshit as if flies and when faced with the truth they lay eggs in shit.

With a cell phone, you can be the star in your own hand-held ego-driven movie. You believe you are the director but the executive producer has all your control. Your individual Truman Show. Your life for sale to the advertising vultures waiting to devour it. At this point, you are a tool with no control over your existence living on dopamine hits from a cell phone.

That phone denotes incarceration for the soul in your pocket that you willingly pay for. You are the product as you prostitute yourself to the psychopathic greed of capitalism’s deliberate greed-driven madness. Money established the roots of all evil and capitalism nurtured them. When learning to ski in the late 60’s it cost $3.50 a day to ski. Today one day at Vail $220.00 plus I imagine $50.00 for parking.

Infinite growth is fostered and chaperoned by the comprehensive selective ignorance of power and its eventual and clearly intentional descent into the madness of today’s capitalist narcissistic nihilism believing in nothing but more dollars.

When shackled to the dollar your life is owned and not by you.

Most are oblivious to Mother Nature’s astounding gifts. Without constant appreciation and interaction with Mother Nature, there is no true appreciation of your life. You are just a drone with a phone losing more control over yourself with every glance downward.

Are you wasting your life looking down?

If it’s free you are the product. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat all refer to their subscribers as “User”. Junkies are “Users” to drug pushers. Take the Sackler family as an example. They have the entire country of “Users” with their National Heroine Pill Popping Campaign.

Under capitalism’s poisonous self-delusions Mother Nature has obviously become expendable and with our population utterly distracted by tech giants’ manipulations. It seems the extinction of all humans is not on our warped social radars with no one possessing the attention span to begin understanding. Most pathetic are those who ‘Just can’t be bothered by all that stuff.”

I work as a Prep Cook. Countless recipes are memorized, under constant scrutiny, and open to potential adaptation. I was crafting a Curried Beef Stew. One twenty-something coworker asked me a few questions on the process.

Seventeen seconds into explaining the basic ingredients he looks to his phone and starts facing on Facebook. I returned my focus to the stew. Two hours later, stews in my belly he asks again, phone in hand in mid text for my time and stewing knowledge. I told him to google it under Dinty Moore.

I’d sooner lecture myself all day than endure a phone drone. I’m sure he purchased that can opener microwave app.

These boys in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s seem to know everything about nothing. If you are a man-boy in your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s and you can’t line a trashcan or open a container of mayo you might want to exchange that cell phone for a pair of pliers and a pocket knife. The squad I work with can’t sweep a floor with any competence.

To every message ever posted on “social media” I say. Who fucking cares. It all reeks of narcissism.

Accumulating stuff is now more important than actually living. Living in harmony with and loving nature as the giver of all life. Loving sunrises, sunsets, wind, water, skies, moons, stars, clouds, rain, snow, trees, animals. The fact is everything about Mother Nature is a fucking blessing and if people would have revered her as much as their manufactured contradictory capitalistic gods the world would have been a better place for all.

The intentionally uneducated hate themselves for choosing a stupid life and they’ve been corralled in a possie of selective ignorance by the GOP’s downward slide to hate everything and everyone not white. Now their leader has ignited the bonfire of America’s long-festering tolerance and subliminal embracing of racism.

I specifically can’t apprehend how so numerous preferably go out of their ways to engulf the bull-shit when the truth they need is all around them, not to mention believable. Start with the air you breathe.

Do these folks want to learn anything or continue on in their sheepish self-delusional life of selective ignorance? The irony of Q and IQ. I wish Geroge Carlin were here. Mr. Carlin was the supreme vanquisher of linguistics.

I’ll guarantee, cycling daily will evolve to cycling as your primary mode of transport. It’s just around the bend and your life will be immeasurably sweetened as you encounter the nature of youth again aboard your bicycle.

Cycling is a complete escape just out your door. The moment you touch that pedal all your senses synergize with the bicycle as you roll free of it all with nature at your side.

It’s the comingling of abilities that exhilarate your mind while cycling. Your mind, body, senses, and a simple machine all collaborate to relax and enrich your life.

When cycling I want for nothing more. My mind, imagination, nature, lungs, legs, all harmoniously Groovin with gravity within nature’s treasures aboard humanity’s most luminous invention.

Cycling can save your life and with enough of US doing it we might save our environment for anyone you might care for or love anyone else. But if “You just can’t be bothered by all these facts” so be it.

Cycling is impervious to bull shit. Cycling’s encyclopedic benefits will overwhelm your life with common sense.

A life sustained by cycling is a life of common sense reinforced by a constant cycle of health, wisdom, and, fun. Cycling will make you more self-sufficient, practical, youthfully adventurous, and reaffirm your relationship with Mother Nature. Mother of all.

The bicycle is our most effective tool for eliminating capitalism from our lives and our futures. Cycling has no downside. Ponder the total freedom your bicycle represented as a child? Be that child again and refine your understanding of this life. It’s as easy as riding a bike.

If you truly want to break free of all life’s bull-shit on a continuing basis a bicycle is the most beneficial life-affirming chainge you can make overnight. A bicycle will take you for the best ride of your life time.

Since my car was repossessed in 05 everything has been a life-enhancing healthy adventure. Eliminating a car frees up a lot of cash for an electric bicycle and a more engaging dynamic lifestyle you will never lament.

Riding your bicycle every day keeps the Doctors away. Riding your bicycle every day keeps the madness at bay. Riding your bicycle every day is the quintessential way. Way to a dynamic, healthy, frugal lifestyle embedded in a constant cycle of fun. Cycling is always fun. Is your life on the starting line of fun?

Capitalism put us in this hurricane of day-to-day insanity. Electrified Cycling is the clear path to a healthy sustainable life and world. We are on the brink now. Will you take the ride you know your life needs. Or just text your life away.

The Maroon Bells. Picture Perfect Attention Span.

With the intention of making a long story longer. To live and comprehend this life you must remain in contact with a bike.

My Life Defining Lake.

I was immensely fortunate to have evolved on this Forested Lake. Nestled behind this dam sits my pristine lake cocooned by nature in every direction. This virginal lake banded in a 3.7-mile ovalish dirt road enveloped a living ecological encyclopedia furnishing all the schooling I required. Uncovering more of life gazing at leaves and trekking forest with my Father then shackled to that chalkboard.

Running and cycling the planet’s circumference around this 3.7-mile lake required eighteen years and four-point two days.

For a child such as I found myself, this was comprehensive autonomy in a classroom of my dreaming. The parochial school I endured was regimented Brain Squashing juxtaposed with my real education on the lake.

Everything was obviously tied to Nature and learning so far removed from it was not learning. I could sense the unease in my unduly senior parochial educators. As the Nuns explained it life itself was a guaranteed route to hell.

I was skeptical of their plans for me. Whoever conjured denying a women sex for life and locking her with other sexless women in a dorm for life, then adorning them as educators were mistaken. I had empathy for them. They appeared inmates to me. As I saw it they had little to no nature in their lives. They needed some enlightenment. They required my lake.

Innumerous congregations of flocks replenished my horizons with lakeside paths, swamps, streams, rivers, brooks, creeks, mountains, hills, valleys, meadows, deer, grouse, pheasant, quail, geese, beaver-dams, snapping turtles, trout, freshwater everywhere to quench from all this miraculousness merely a doorknob away every day.

A stand-out adventure with my Father was falling a dead spruce over the flooded riverbanks accessing Dad’s hunting enigmas. I invariably wondered if we’d ever put that colossus of a saw hanging in his tool shop to use?

Some days we plucked Brook Trout from overflowing puddles and their babbling brook. I treasured traipsing the forest classrooms with my Dad. Hunting, fishing Christmas tree scavenging for the neighbors, securing community fireworks, fresh clams, unfailingly embellishing annual assemblages.

One Thanksgiving a powerless blizzard dispatched us via Deere and snowmobile harvesting the lake elders for dinner at our home. This proved an extraordinary happening for me. Feet of blinding snow. My Father retaining me in his adventure made me feel like a slight superhero. My Father regularly entrenched in me the significance of our elders. Elucidating how an elder’s lifetime of formidable work and paying taxes created and nurtures our society presently.

My Dad frequently reinforced respecting the other sex. I accomplished this nonetheless love evolved as life’s most treacherous game. In today’s precarious state of chivalry, merely restraining a door for a woman might expose you to a statutory ravishment charge.

Ice Water.At The Head Of This Trail.

Never concerned with “Bringing Water” it was always around. I drank from lakes, creeks, brooks, rivers, and gushing puddles, predating the scourge of bottled water and the additional conveniences of capitalism swallowing us heretofore.

Skating the full moon’s snow-free lake is a star engaging three-dimensional glide with an oozing orchestra percolating through the icy world of my blade’s veneer. Face up, on ice, no telescope insight, unfolded the universe every night, every winter.

Hockey with our MG and Triumph driving elders. Tops down sticks protruding parked on the lake pumps in the trucks to flood the rink on our moonlight crystal. I cherished living these encapsulating icy escapades for seventeen years and every moment since.

Evolving from Tri-cycle to PX-10 I surveyed off the lake. With my cycling exploits inflating forsaken railway tracks minus the tracks spawned premature gravel riding aboard that PX-10, the singular gravel bicycle to ride during my teen junctures. These railroad beds furnished a web of trails and linkages augmenting my notions of getting lost.

Comprehending how astoundingly fortunate I was experiencing my life I wasted little time indoors. Our extraction from Nature will provide our undoing. With no respect for Nature comes zero respect for Life. You do the math. Life – Nature = Death.

I contemplate this stunning Public Service Announcement circa 1970 and have witnessed no action since. I believe Reagan ended the Public Service Announcement with his knee-capping of the FCC.

Today’s Environmental Genocide Sees No Colors.

I stood ten when this PSA shocked at least me. As we can all see no one seemed to give a shit for the last forty-two years. The birds now vanquished from all horizons. Water polluted further and commoditized destroying the oceans with plasticized capitalism. Land rapped and burned for cash.

Human lives are completely disposable beneath today’s Orwellian capitalist delirium. George knew the distinctions. He told everyone yet in 2016 we elected the dingleberry of humanity to shine a light on the madness we live under and seemingly abide by.

We ought to stop building new and fill up our empty homes with our homeless.

We must stop purchasing new stuff. I’ve lived quite stylishly via Goodwill, Thrift, and Consignment for twenty years riding. Having just achieved a mint Jack Spade sweater for $17. An excellent cycling sweater.

We need to stop driving everywhere. Electric Bicycles will save this planet and save you if you get off that fence and stop creating excuses to continue living a comprehensive form of selective ignorance. Claiming; “I can’t make a difference.”

Only those who comprehend and aspire to comprehend the difference will produce the adaptations necessary for ongoing life on this planet that sustains our very lives. A conundrum it is not. Particularly with all the blatant cycling solutions afoot today.

We must terminate this madness.

Exploits Are The Sauce On Life.

I maintain exploits. Exploits amidst devotion, family, employment, adventure, education, and mere survival. By exploits, I mean work, play, and everything in between. There are exploits you must do and more preferably the exploits you select, the exploits bounding with imagination and specialty of your choosing. In a nutshell, pursue work you adore as broadly as play.

As I’ve lived it thus far life pivots on work and play, if you are fortunate your work is play. Riding a bicycle to and from work is an effort towards that directive. I’ve worked countless jobs, few were play. With my vehicle withdrawn, my exploits were astonishingly diversified abord my bicycle in modes that persist in rejuvenating my horizons fourteen years and counting.

Home Sweet Home.

My tent provided a remarkable exploit when I lacked more established quarters. It was an exploit I never lament.

I besmeared houses during this time. An exploit I’d forego but not for the companionship and laughs. I shoveled and spread manure for a week with my friend and musician/rancher Joe. Every exploit assembles unique comradery, alliances, and laughs. One can withstand an abundance of witticisms while unfurling bullshit over seven days and forty acres.

Thinking back on my work exploits, I see only friends, good times, and laughter. Many occupational exploits were grungy yet humor and distinguished comradery set the polish to the day. There is good to be found in all exploits. You will learn from every exploit, or you’re overlooking the qualities of exploiting.

The exploits of riding a bicycle, for example. I ride and comprehend anew every day. Cycling embeds your life with life reminding you of nature’s spectacular gifts starting with the honor of living.

The act of riding a bicycle is impressive when you ponder the amount of seamless calculating you do to roll on two.

In past years I’d resist unanticipated or new exploits as hassles. Today I approach every new and unforeseen exploit as an opportunity to learn, comingle with new souls, and possibly help in some way. The classic; Helping A Friend Move. If I’ve got nothing else pressing, I can’t sit on my ass or play while a friend or co-worker moves.

Been in a kitchen for ten years now and never laughed more. A kitchen is a work environment that thrives on a kind of free-flowing structure. A free-flowing structure I’ve only experienced working in live broadcast news. You have planned for every scenario, and suddenly you’re out of béarnaise or batteries.

Culinary work is the best exploit I’ve uncovered. I revel in the spacious creative horsepower of recipe resolution or simply creating it along the way.

In 79, I worked as a local news photographer for a CBS affiliate. We produced real news and true human interest stories with actual journalistic practices. We never made the news, just reported it.

Further, the time and care demanded in shooting, processing, and editing real film required just that, time and care. Digital video was the death blow of needless urgency for journalistic integrity. Unfortunately, once Reagan kneecapped the FCC journalism perished overnight. Ronald Reagan is the God Father of Fox News. Clearly, he was a more suitable thespian than a President.

The most disagreeable employment exploit? You guessed it, corporate. The glowing incompetence was only exceeded by self-proclaimed stupidity. A constant stream of bad ideas drowning in waves of capitalistic shortsighted, greedy brinksmanship. It was an examination of mediocrity masquerading as success. These guys were the creative genius who put television commercials in your movie theaters accepting them as creative content. It was free after all. Just like puppy droppings.

One exploit stands out as an extreme example of the massively needless inequality on earth. Working with National Geographic in Singapore. A feature on The Orient Express Train. We’re on the open-air Cocktail-Car. Tuxedos and Cocktail Dresses. Martinis and gimlets. As we depart Sinagore Station, a young man of color and apparently little means is squatting on the adjacent tracks having a bowel movement. He casually looked towards the Bar-Car and, with great technique, flipped us off.

A fellow man with no place to shit and a train full of white privilege that couldn’t give a shit. You could say he was The Black Olive in the Martini that evening. I enjoyed everyone pretending not to notice this slap in their faces. The looks on their mugs stood priceless, or at least the price of that train ride.

As a Cook, I must acknowledge the food created in that train’s tiny kitchen was magnificent. As a Prep Cook, I realized I touch more food every moring than that poor man defecating on the tracks will see in his lifetime. So much needless inequity, I just don’t understand how so many can be this incredibly selectively ignorant. I’m no economist, yet it is my experience that Peace and Kindness are unquestionably more economical than War and Hate, unless you’re in the War and Hate Business.

My exploits assure me. The traditional obsequiousness of this country’s politicians towards big oil, the military-industrial complex, and corporate power is staggering. Our government is and always has been for sale rendering it virtually powerless. Our Congress and Senate have done nothing for the people going on decades now. Additionally, the dumbing down America has proved tremendously prosperous. The Supreme Court is an oxymoron. A madman elected president.

Capitalism’s extended manipulation of the human psyche has reached the outer limits of senselessness as many turn their backs on science and reality in favor of the brainwashing and outfoxing delivered by The Facebook Geek and The Arrogant Murdoch Family.

My exploiting has revealed that hate-filled folks are essentially furious with themselves for living their lives in guarded darkness and rather than educate themselves on the facts, they look for an equivalently ignorant leader. A leader who redirects their hatred of themselves and their lives of selective ignorance toward the poor and brown people who do all the work on this planet.

Throughout all my exploits the more money people possess the further dumbstruck they live. They have no knowledge or skills that amount to anything other than the life handed to them with no responsibilities. A life with no common sense, no empathy, no understanding of nature’s overwhelming value. No purpose for genuinely living life or making any effort to understand life. No sense of anything or anyone other than themselves.

The type of people who own rather expensive dust garnering bicycles. Similar to their lives of accumulated dust blinded atop that comfortably unformed pillow of poor people’s money.

Dynamic Encounters.

Laboring in broadcast news, specifically in the field can proffer an eclectic batch of characters. I dub these characters “Dynamic Encounters.” Jim Bishop epitomizes my dynamic-encounter-theory. It was dawn on September 12th, 2001. Jim was negligibly more than slightly upset with Osama Bin Laden.

A few expletives later and something about his Castle cutting terrorist aircraft in half then Jim got into character and shared his profession. His life’s passion. Jim Bishop is one of the most dynamic encounters I possess. Glimpse for yourself.


This renaissance gentleman’s exuberance was overwhelming. Don’t tell Jim Bishop it can’t be built. Jim could create a bicycle frame of stone.

Envision disbursing your life achieving what you desire? Jim’s wife oozed with love, support, and pride mutually reveling in Jim’s dream come true. Jim Bishop assembled this Castle by hand with no credit and nada debt. We should put Jim in command of reconstructing our nation’s infrastructure.

The Ten Commandments of Cycling.

Take These Ten Commandments of Cycling. The Exclusive Way To Travel, Live, and Experience This Astounding Life-Giving Planet.

  1. Thou shall never covet an automobile.
  2. Thou shall always covet thy bicycle and ride it everyday.
  3. Thou shall never engage thy automobile when thou may journey via thy bicycle.
  4. Thou shall take Cyclings name in vain.
  5. Thou shall nevermore adorn an automobile with a bicycle.
  6. Thou shall strive to sell that automobile.
  7. Thou shall ride thy bicycle in The Full Moon’s Light treasuring Mother Natures immense power over ones life.
  8. Thou shall share the life-affirming glory of cycling with all.
  9. Thou shall never purchase gasoline again.
  10. Thou shall be stunned by this astounding new life style.

Treasure Your Work At Any Price.

As I’ve witnessed life unraveling it seems comprised of work and play. Enjoying your work makes for a more harmonious life. Unearthing work you relish can be a pickle.

Having manipulated copious tools, chemicals, and devices from cameras, stop baths, and servos thru flamethrowers, mandolines, and tricycles on this twisted road of vocational adventure. It was the knife, whisk, and tongs that proved most gratifying.

In a kitchen, everything element you work amidst begins with nature. Cream, butter, flour, and fire are a few. Exactly as our lives. It’s all about nature. As a matter of fact, everything concerning life originates from Mother Nature, the earth, this planetoid, you know our mutual home. The thing that sustains all our lives no matter the color. During my sixty years, dabbling in everything I’ve discovered white-folks standing out as the laziest and most intentionally incompetent; all threatened by knowledge.

A job you love is worth any price, eliminating your automobile’s tremendous expenses can make this jump to a pleasing job economically viable. Work is where you spend a significant part of your life. Waisting this chunk of your existence at a task you despise is a doom you want to bypass.

Tally up annual automobile expenses then go for a bicycle ride. You’ll perceive my point of view from this rejuvenating perspective. If your job sucks cycling to work provides the perfect escape while you seek healthier employment horizons. Your mind and soul thrive on a bicycle vs the slow death of the automobile’s crippling claws.

One corporate employment debacle required nepotistic soul-crushing complicit stupefaction. I just can’t work with selectively ignorant people every day for any price. The money was good but everything we did was pointless. I struggled to get fired for years after being one of a few creative links on an intentionally rusty chain was no way to roll.

Venturing to an office every day is a slow and dull death on one rolling chair after another. Hydrocarbon’s omnipresence throughout humanity today makes me wonder about the Oil Giants’ lies and need to pump and burn our planet’s dwindling oil supply asap while we’re on the downside of peak oil.

Cycling has never held more significance for life and will be the quintessential element of humanity’s survival while pedaling forward on greener roads. Shake the shit of capitalism from your soul upon your bicycle straightaway. The rat race is designed as unwinnable and growing more so every day for the remainder of your life.

Rat’s Don’t Have Mice.

Rat’s Don’t Have Mice! My Father reiterated this when encountering self-absorbed hateful people intentionally misleading themselves shrouded beneath consciousness. History confirms Ivy-League Rats have no leadership or economic skills having brought this evolving democracy to its brink. So much at risk. Evidently humankind. With extraordinarily few humans concerned. Get out of your car now save your life and this planet from the Rats while you still possess the occasion to appreciate life and Mother Natures glorious planet.

Now the Rat infested Military Industrial Complex is out of manufactured enemies they turn their mighty military ignorance on China? Would we go to war against the country that makes everything for US? One could insinuate Walmart guided China and US to this unintentional codependency. We have China surrounded by military bases. Hundreds of them. Would you not take precautions against the only military to deploy nuclear terror upon its fellow humans?

I was five when I discerned the utter corruption the USA represented. I figured if the government couldn’t deduce the assassins of President Kennedy the government played a role. The Warren Commission Report, made for genuine comedy the instant it was contrived. The Military Rats conspired with unconventional Rats not dissimilar to today’s Rats of selective ignorance ravaging the previously infested GOP and beltway with their obsequiousness to stupidity.

Charles Bukowski’s valid observation ringing truer every day. “The problem with the world is that intelligent people are full of doubt, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

Our figurine leaders unquestionably enabled the assassinations of the Kennedys, Malcolm X, Dr. King, Medgar Evers, Fred Hampton, and everyone else who stood for peace. Vietnams scam. The cold war scam, Gulf War One, followed by the knavery of September Eleventh and blunders of Bush. Look into The Project For A New American Century for some understandings of the substances at play that day. Learned Rats at play.

Today I see Rats everywhere and the concept of “American” in sixty-five has been assassinated along with every attempt at peace. America is exceptionally selectively ignorant. How many people drive just to Starbucks for a six-dollar coffee every minute, hour, day, year? All US Rat’s scampering to and fro inside automobiles of death addictively spending with no discernment. Unseeing consumerism inspires our annihilation.

E-Bikes For Everyone. If Chris Hayes can do it so can you.

If you’ve encountered folks with excessive cash you have a taste for this type of psychopathic delusion. Funny how money advances the belief in one’s individual bull shit. “What’s great for me is fabulous for everyone else?” I can’t wait until tomorrow; I get better every day. Richer every day yes, better, I think not. Yes, his spacecraft was a giant penis. What a dick!

Jeffrey Sachs is known for his concise intelligence and never beating around the brambles.

My point with all this information is. Clearly, centuries the lying and deception on behalf of our government has delivered us to this apex of self-extermination. Humanity’s only chance will be through the exploitation of the electric bicycle. If your life situation permits you would be foolish not to take full advantage of this life-changing cycling revolation.

Every moment spent on my bicycle is my constant reminder of how astounding this thing called life can be if you step outside the creature capitalism has turned you into. So many of US missing the point trapped in The Rat Race.

I’ve dabbled in most forms of exercise with Cycling standing alone as life’s most common-sense, economically practical method of achieving fun, health, healthy fun, mental health, transport, stress relief, exercise, errands, and most importantly cycling will provide your life the unique revolutionary life-affirming revitalization you’ve been seeking. You won’t live and regret it although you will commence living. I thought it not possible until I had only a bicycle. It was my bicycle that steered me to this unprecedentedly life-affirming road.

This liberating road to freedom is wide open to all of US and just outside your door every moment of every day and night for the rest of your life. Get on your bike daily and do your part in exterminating these ignorant, oily military Rats from this country. Our government will not save US; we will with every oil-free bicycle mile. Get out there today and find yourself or sit out the remainder of your undiscovered dwindling lifetime.

What A Wonderful World It Could Be!

What a Wonderful World will transpire when everyone pedals a bicycle. Visualize it! The pandemic proved the significance of these bicycles. As the cost of a gallon of death proceeds arising the bicycle will naturally lengthen its sound economic rootstocks within our culture. The immeasurable compensations of cycling personify common sense salubrious living.

Alleged World Leaders just finished their exorbitant carbon-filled trip to Glasglow, Scotland for the Conference Of The Parties Climate Summit devoting themselves to extinction with their greenwashed lip service.

With all the parley of Carbon, the actual elephant at the conference was Methane Gas which is 80 times more potent than CO2 and is seriously under the media radar. The fact is if more if not most all of the US doesn’t start deploying a bicycle as your principal form of transit human extinction is inevitable.


The sight of that parking lot full of cars with bicycles atop befuddles me, more notably in a town with Golden, Colorado’s Cycling Stature. For Lance Armstrong’s sake, there are sixteen-foot wide concrete bicycles lanes everywhere in Golden yet the idea of riding four to seven more miles to and from the park is not in your wheelhouse of thoughts.

If you prognosticate? “I don’t have the time to bike to the park.” Ride Faster! I guarantee the time you expend screwing around with that foolishly valued bike rack moreover bartering traffic will be a stress-packed comprehensive wasteland of considerable carbon-based energy.

The poorest countries on earth are presently suffering the most severe and frequent impact of our selectively-ignorant lives and it’s nevertheless business as usual. Burn baby burn.

Dr. Carl Sagan Predicted Today’s Self Exacted Climate Predicament For Congress In 1985. This Was Of Course a Time When Politicians Trusted, Revered, and Valued Scientists For Their Expertise. Regrettably, Nothing Improved as Capitalisms Selective-Ignorance of Mother Natures Realities have come home to roost

Humanity emitted a record amount of Carbon this past year. Actually, no one seems to care, ensnared in debt, working despised jobs, collecting unneeded stuff to dazzle souls they can’t stand. If that ain’t a Rat Race? What Is?

Electric Bicycles are game-changers for humankind as the oil passes from our lives it would be foolish to this cycling technology pass by your life. To date, our lives have been emulsified in oil. This can be no more if there is to be anymore. If you’ve been weighing the life-affirming transformation to full-time cyclists there has never been a finer time technologically and environmentally. Mother Nature as we require her requires as many of us on bicycles as humanly conceivable.

Let’s not overlook how swiftly our planetoid commenced reinvigorating herself when we got outside our cars for a few months during the initial lockdown. If we don’t start collaborating with Mother Nature rather than uniformly ignoring and assaulting her our days are certainly further calculated.

A full-time cycling life will simplify your life while redeveloping your world in a previously undiscovered fortified and fulfilling manner. Learning your own town on a bicycle for the first time is evolutionarily enlightening. Not unlike your first real ride away from home as a child truly exploring and discovering your neighborhood; your world.

I’ve submitted earlier. If you can’t carry it on a bicycle is there a need for it?

None of us petitioned to originate on this planet. If you were blessed and born in the US you’ve got a leg up on many. You can shower and shit at will pretty much do what you want when you want to. I’ve been homeless. Showering and passing can be a hurdle. If it’s fifteen-below outside your tent the tile flooring is brisk and shaving is brittle.

Exasperating it is to see a bicycle adorning a car. If you load your bicycle on your car and drive to work to sandwich in a ride at lunch consider riding to work round-trip on your new electric bicycle. Sell your car while it’s still worth something. Buy your new E-Bike and bank some cash monthly with no insurance, registration, parking, upkeep, $400.00 tires. You could pick up a stylish electric bicycle for merely two car tires. The automobile is an orfice you continually emancipate cash from.

Right now is a miraculous time for a bicycle ride moreover with enough of US cycling, we could pull off the imminent miracle we need.

The United States auctioned off oil and gas drilling lease’s in the Gulf of Mexico after climate talks. It is clear if the human race has any chance of surviving this astounding level of selective ignorance on behalf of our so-called leaders it will take action by all of US. So get out of that car and flourish on your bicycle or stay in that car and perish.

Admittedly, my point endures. If you have a hankering for a Wonderful World journey by bicycle every day not solely for your exercise but for your planet.

Cycling prevails as the simplest, most cost-effective, delightful, healthy, stress-free, common-sense, methodology for any errand furthermore cycling is the transcendent passageway for existence.

Cycling Is Life’s Panacea.

Panacea is defined as a cure-all. From my viewpoint, Cycling is unquestionably life’s cure-all. Cycling continuously renovates my day, my life, my soul, my points of view. Cycling is complete control with comprehensive freedom where the roads, trails, paths are subject to your interpretation.

This liberating control and freedom produce a therapeutic healing horsepower for life. A cure-all for the day’s ills, stresses, hassles, headaches, backaches, life aches. The instantaneous and total clearheadedness that infuses me at that moment I first roll invalidates the drudgery of life’s daily bullshit. In an instant, you are a child again and as pure you as you’ll get each day.

Is the most treasured part of your day on your bicycle? Do you create rationalizations to ride your bicycle? Do you carefreely ride in the snow or rain? Is your chain always clean? Is your bike perpetually cleaner? Do you have at least four pairs of sunglasses? Different lens colors of course.

Do you own “Breaking Away?” Do not rent it as you’ll want to own it.

Do you ride every day at least once? Do you own a car? Do you view cycling as a drudgery-filled exercise or a place of constant absolute delight in life? Do you ever miss a full moon?

Do you believe in today’s climate realities? Do you care? Do you covet fall? Do you maintain a wool scarf, baklava, weatherproof gloves, ski goggles, and possibly studded tires? Do you use low-temperature chain lube? Are you exasperated inside an automobile?

If you answered yes frequently you might find my research advantages this winter. I ride my bicycle everywhere in constant pursuit of refinement investigating new gear and clothing plausibilities. A few recent gems are these shorts’ base-layer systems and gloves.

The perfect cycling clothing isn’t necessarily manufactured within the cycling industry. I found these shorts new at GoodWill. Palmyth Sport Fishing Shorts are the best all-purpose cycling shorts I’ve discovered. Ultra-Lightweight, stretchability, water repellent, a transcendent pocket system, and superb belt-loop design.

SmartWool’s Base-layer INTRAKNIT Merino Wool is an excellent fabric to deploy adjacent to your skin. Warm, soft, breathable, pleasantly snug fit, stylish yet never gaudy. SmartWool’s products are worth every warm and cozy dollar. Wool, Cotton, and Hemp are perfect fabrics. Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary subdued Everest with leather, cotton, wool, and iron. Smartwool products are addicting. The comfort and quality of all their clothing are superior and Wool is Wonderful.

Gloves for winter cycling are nebulous. After constant research I found this combination to be affordable and utilitarian. Grease-Monkey or Iron Clad shop gloves inserted in extra-large rawhide ranch gloves. The Iron Clad is available in two different insulation grades, general, and heavy with the heavy best for winter. The Iron Clad gloves deliver superior all-season performance. Insert Heat Packs when needed. You may discover this gear is essential for the winter cycle and more affordable than the cycling industry’s competition.

Riding the Panacea-Cycle can be your cure-all. Open that door now and commence healing. Cycling heals, embellishes, rejuvenates, personifies, renews, and furnishes the definition for this life comingling you and nature throughout your day rather than the decomposing death your automobile provides.

There are no downsides to cycling. The automobile is all downside starting with the fact that everything about an automobile is killing you. Everything about a bicycle will cure-all.

Cycling is life’s panacea. Easy, affordable, wholesome, liberating, self-sufficiency personified, practical, good for you, and I’m sure the single best thing you can do for yourself every day.

It’s All In Your Head.

Regretful day at work? Go for a bicycle ride. Upset with someone? Ride your bicycle. Stressed out? Take a ride on your bicycle. Feeling depressed? Ride your blues away. Anxious? Grappling to resolve a predicament? Take a spin. Is your planet dying? Riding a bicycle will unimaginably change your world while helping to save ours.

It’s Home To All This Big Blue Ball. It Won’t Look So Alluring In Flaming Red. Transform The World With Your Bicycle Forthwith.

In the instant, my foot contacts that pedal my being is embellished. In that instant, my senses take over as nature reminds me why I’m here and who I am. The Sun. The Sky. The Trees. The Wind. In spring, summer, fall, winter, and every day in between.

Several of us are uprooted from nature trapped in the Capitalist Rat Race. Consider the amount of your life dissipated in the automobile when you could be riding your bicycle. The Electric Bicycle has eliminated all your excuses.

Cycling is astonishingly invigorating and there is no more elegant way to leave the day’s shit in the dust and no clearer path to instantaneous relaxation. Cycling moves you to a state of consciousness that is nebulous. Your reality, legs, lungs, and moreover your psyche.

A competent explanation of this intangible consciousness eludes me. If cycling moves you like me you get my drift. Something about all your senses lighting up simultaneously once you commence rolling. Rolling into a different state of mind. In a different state of presence, you are outside yourself.

It’s the synergy of you and your bicycle that takes you to this mysterious place of oxygen-debt, endorphins, and immersion in a constant state of challenging fun.

Visualization is a cycling component often overlooked. Visualization can take you beyond prior unrealized physical and mental boundaries. The idea of getting in a car to exercise let alone putting your bicycle on your car to ride it is bewildering. That annual so-called Health Club membership could finance a quality bicycle. Pumping Iron I don’t get and golf is not a sport. Cycling perpetually leaves you craving more and has no downside. If you cycle every day, every day grows more engaging.

The Bicycle is humanity’s most elegant achievement and the best therapy money can buy. The overwhelming common sense of riding a Bicycle will inundate your life with, relaxation, fun, health care across the spectrum, practicality, frugality, fun, and above all a new sensitivity for Mother Nature.

When confronted by seemingly insurmountable climate issues. People often respond perplexingly with. “What Can I Do?” It’s Not Rocket Science. Cycling benefits thou and everyone around thee. If you’ve been saving a lifetime of justifications not to make the life-changing shift to Full-Time Cyclists there has never been a more compelling reason to make this jump than complete planetary collapse. If you enjoy Cycling do more of it. If you are on the fence? It’s all in your head.

The automobile is a reflection of humanity’s growing indifference. You’ve been indoctrinated into relying on that car when your feet and or your feet on pedals will take you where you need to go. The automobile is only a road to needless spending and a slovenly lifestyle. If humanity has any prospect of riding out of today’s manmade environmental shitstorm it will be with more of the US on Bicycles.

I’ve seen and experienced more than most working in broadcast news and film. I’ve worn many hats and manipulated most tools. I shot, developed, and edited 16-mm film for the local evening news in 1977. The concept of a GoPro or HD Camera Phone was science-fiction to me.

I kept my typewriter next to the first Macintosh computer for five years just in case and road this bicycle a Peugeot PX-10. State of the art and wireless shifting was not an option.

Technology has changed our lives and most things in it. Cycling remains primarily unchanged. Electric bicycles are game-changers and component technology has come miles. Yet Cycling at its core remains the same. Life-Changing with no downside.

It has been my experience that Cycling is assuredly one of life’s predominantly beneficial experiences. It is foolish to miss out on this ride if you have the means. Cycling will extraordinarily transform your life for the better every day and I can’t profess this about all my experiences.

Let Cycling transport your life to that unimaginably advantageous place every day from this day forward. If you’ve been feeling trapped? Cycling has therapeutic solutions for all life’s dramas without the price of a couch.

Cycling is an evolutionarily rejuvenating space of absolute clearheadedness and unquestionably the most exquisite encounter you will produce tomorrow and you will realize it’s all in your Clearheadedness.

The only thing you can change in this life with such comprehensively life-sustaining embellishments is the interjectinon of cycling as your primary mode of transport. Just imagine the possibilities.

A Golden Time To Cycle Through Life.

There are seasons, and there are seasons. Then there is Fall; The Golden time of the year for cycling. Invigoratingly crisp air, crunchy leaves blowing about your way. Every day feels, as my daughter once said. “Brand New.” She once asked me. “Dad, Do You Remember When I Was Brand New?”

Everyday Is Brand New On Your Bicycle. A kind of reset where your priorities instantly change in the direction of fun and adventure in pursuit of one errand or another, usually evolving to a more extended ride home than your errands originally dictated as fun takes charge of your life aboard your bicycle again. I find Cycling exceptionally vivid in fall as if psilocybin was in the air.

The adventurous fun starts when the ball of the foot contacts the pedal, sparking an instantaneous collaboration between brain and body, suffocating you with joy from head to toe and back again and again and again and again. You’ll find it’s always when you’re having fun you’re at your best no matter the task.

I’m not privy to another word for it. Fun. You know what I mean. It takes you instantly three to seven-tenths of a mile later you realize how great you feel. Also, learning how much fun this incredible feeling of fun makes you feel simply by riding your bicycle. It’s Not Rocket Science. It’s Fun. Riding a bike always makes you feel spectacularly alive, engaging all your senses and motor skills simultaneously in a synergistic balancing act that personifies life.

The bicycle is humanity’s finest mechanical achievement. It was downhill after coal was first burned, followed by the second nail in our coffin, the internal combustion engine and its deadly offspring, the automobile.

Someone said: A bicycle Is either: A child’s toy and a rich man’s folly or a poor man’s last resort. The latter for me in 2007.

I lost all but a bicycle, tent, sleeping bag, and JetBoil. Lived in this tent for a year. Four miles from a Rec-Center open at five am with showers, free wifi, and ac 24-7-365. Five miles from a thrift shop for new old clothing. Two miles from a 24-hour grocery store with Patio Set-Up and wifi. I had a home, health club, and office spread out over a five-mile radius, a glorious commute every morning, and rent just suitable for my trickling-down economics.

It Was A Golden Fall In My Tent.

Tent Life is peaceful, calming, and rejuvenatingly grounding in every imaginable contemplation. Surrounding myself with the amenities mentioned earlier, I was fortunate enough to situate my tent adjacent proved elegantly convenient for some necessities.

My quality Sleeping-Bag essential. I retained it from my x-wife. A wedding, birthday, or anniversary gift? Still have it. Those goose-feathers nestled in Gortex saved me from inevitable hypothermic demise that December, January, and February.

My twenty-year-old Diamond-Back was critical to survival and employment that year. I climbed a slew of hills previously deemed ridiculously steep and or long while painting house exteriors. Plenty of ridiculously sized homes atop equally laughable inclines. Most days included twenty or thirty miles of daily commuting on that dependably diverse Diamond-Back in all the weather nature could muster.

I built off the beaten path trails to and from my tent accessing various county roads while creating a network of efficient and scenic shortcuts for the reality of my current Bicycle and Tent Lifestyle. The JetBoil was a tremendous resource as well. Lighting fast coffee, soup, and shaving water. I reminisce about tent life often. It was an experience I do not regret.

This fall, I find it impossible to be too tired to ride even following ten hours in a kitchen. The crisp alluring air is like a transfusion of life with every ride. I’ve had four transfusions many days this fall. I work close to home, 0.7 miles always getting lost in a fall-cycle heading home on one five-mile loop of another. Cycling and fall blend for spectacular synergy; it’s challenging to be off my bicycle in fall.

Here are some highlights from fall in Golden, Colorado. A stunning rollercoaster of seamless concrete along The Clear Creek with a giant-slalom-like descent from Table Mountain traversing Downtown accessing Golden’s new trail system along Clear Creek Canyon.

Groovin In Golden, Colorado’s Graivity. It Is Stunning In Clear Creek Canyon.

Whether living in a tent or now a perfectly sized house with an Apple Tree in my yard nature and cycling have sustained and embellished my life in so many fabulous ways, all the while taking me down roads I’d never discovered entrapped within the automobile’s grasp on my life. If I’d stayed in that car I’d not be having these liberating thoughts or any thoughts for that matter.

On your next Fall Bicycle Ride please don’t forget; Spring is just around the corner and these days winter in Golden, Colorado is more like an extended fall.

Ride every day to live every day. Don’t continue letting your life slowly turn to rust in that automobile. If you are making excuses the rust will persist in slowing your life so get on that bicycle and blow the rust off your life before the rust of that capitalistic automobile completely overtakes your soul in this cycle of life.

In The Zone. How Did I Get Here?

Can you transcend yourself and subsequently your perceived physical limits of your body to find that elusive zone where effort is effortless and time non-existent. How do you know you’ve gone too far till you get there? In exercise/sport don’t allow the illusion of your body to distract from the true power of your being.

Exercise is meditation and if you delineate between “Yourself” and “Your Body” you will find that zone.

When I think of someone preforming outside their physical bodies limitations there can be only one. Larry Bird of The Boston Celtics was feared by everyone who ever attempted to defended him in every game he ever played in and when the pressure was insurmountable Larry Bird terrified the entire NBA.

Whatever your game The Zone is out on the training road of dedication and hard work. Whatever your game you must love it. Cycling is never a labor and always pure fun. Your at play and your exercising and you feel like a kid every time you ride a bicycle. It can’t be just me?

It’s out there as a kid where you’ll find the effortless spaces outside the realities and limitations of your physical body where you move beyond your previous realities and limitations.

A Bicycle’s uniqueness is in it’s ability to transport us all where we need to be. A younger state of mind within a younger state of being. It’s therapeutic madness on two-wheels.

Golf is the only game where the ball stares at you. Tiger Wood was devastating on any course when in his zone. They lengthened the course at The Masters after Tiger mastered it making it look like miniature golf along the way.

Lance Armstrong. Drugs sure. It’s Professional Cycling! Let’s not forget all the tour contenders where doping back then. They just got crushed repeatedly by a cancer survivor with one testicle who simply out smarted and out trained them all. Seven years in a row!

Mr. Armstrong’s job was Too Win The Tour de France. So he did. Seven Time in a row. Defeating cancer and a dopy field of competitor’s while Cycling’s Governance and Big-Money had an injected interest in Lance Armstrong’s success.

The sport’s history is polluted with drugs and blood-doping and to call out Lance Armstrong is a fucking joke.

Lance Armstrong and his bicycle revitalized a wilting cycling world in desperate need of air in it’s tires. Mr. Armstrong blew the entire cycling industry up with his devastating Seven Year Dominance of the most demanding athletic event on earth. Have you ever tried the tour and if in Lance Armstrong’s Saddle what would you have done Too Win? Me Too!

So The Zone is out there and you don’t have to be Larry, Tiger or Lance to get there. So get out there now and find it. Zone Out.

A $10 Key Personifies Capitalisms Selective Ignorance.

Golden, Colorado was one of those towns that seemed to have everything you need. Everything you need was found at The Local Hardware Store. Meyer Hardware had everything you need.

The Meyer Hardware store.

Everything from a single finish nail thru a Professional Kitchen-Aid Food Mixer. You could copy a door-key for around $1.87. Meyer Hardware closed it’s doors after decades of helping Goldens citizens keep thing working. Now with Meyer Hardware most likely slated for overpriced dwellings you must pay $10’s for a single key at the Safeway $10 Key Kiosk. Yes $10 for a key and they will print advertising on your key for an additional fee.

Unless your a fulltime cyclists you now have to drive to Home-Depot for a slightly cheaper key. Around $6.00 whereupon you will buy something you might not need. That is the plan. Oil back at $80.00 pre-barrel. A gallon of cheap milk now cost more then a Latte. Trickle-Down my leg economics.

Reagan should have received an Academy Award for playing President; and they called Clinton “Slick.” Reagan was as slippery as Exxon and Mobile with the truth. He was just another gun and drug runner at the end of the day with the proud and defiant Oliver North waiting as his fall-guy. Plenty of Bush in the background while all this deceit was sowed upon US under that actor.

The $10 Key is simply another example of Capitalism’s Collapse while sucking US dry. Aldous Huxley foresaw today’s collapsing society specifying the ingredients in this 1958 sit-down with Mike Wallace. Watch a recipe for collapse encapsulated in this fascinating interview; uninterrupted by commercials.

In the days of Intellectual Journalism you could smoke on live television and everyone was vaccinated. Mr. Huxley told US this was headed our way but everyone was watching Football, the OJ Trail, Squid Games and Fox News?

The misuse of television postulated by Mr. Huxley in 1958 really drives home the intentionally conniving and devastating ignorance unleashed on this gullible society by Facebook and Twitter.

Having worked in local television news in the 70’s I do remember Journalism. There is little left of it. The Lewis F. Powell’s doctrine wholly unleashing Corporate Power’s soul-crushing dominance over our lives, courts and governance bringing US to The United States Of Selective-Ignorance or A Nation of Nihilists. Powell’s agenda was primarily to make American compliant and stupid with corporations running the show. Seems to have succeeded.

The wealthiest and most powerful military in history just lost two twenty-year wars. Intentionally or with complete incompetence; both most likely and neither surprising. The United States Military defeated by two of histories poorest countries. The war-profiteers did win and we all pay for their victory in taxes. Our tax dollars do Kill Babies. Always have. You can ponder this part of your soul? Or get out foxed watching football?

We are the apples. The Tree is the country we stole by way of genocide. The Preying Mantis is Capitalism. Sucking US All Dry. Now Amazon and it’s megalomaniac founder have pounded the final nail in the local business coffin. America seem to need it’s sock’s delivered the same day in 2021. I find all I need on my bicycle. It’s a frugal way to roll.

Now that religion openly climbed in bed with capitalism all bets are off. Religions complicity in all this greed is sickening and would be tolerated by No God I know. Religion is and always has been just as fictional as democracy.

I believe Adam and Eve were simply earths first Relators. If only they went for a bicycle ride that day instead of messing with that apple automobiles might have never been invented. Driving a car is a sin.

It’s All In The Bicycle Ride.

All the answers you need will come to you on your bicycle. Your mind and imagination is helpless inside an automobile held in captivity by capitalisms mind numbing effects on your soul completely debilitating your brain and subsequently your creativity.

Everyone is creative but you won’t grow your creativity in a car. Creativity flourishes on a bicycle. A bicycle simply brings your life closer to nature where it belongs. After all the bull-shit and consumerism it is nature that gives us life, all life.

A bicycle creates freedom, freedom to think and imagine. A bicycle creates health. Health for you and your planet. A bicycle creates financial freedom. Freedom from endless automobile expenses. A bicycle creates a new you. A bicycle creates with every ride. Ride it now. You’ll see what I mean.

The automobile has you trapped in more ways then you may realize. You’ll realize all these traps holding you back clearly once commuting on your bicycle. Your automobile is your anchor to Wall Street. Your ball & chain to capitalisms enslavement of you life and soul. Cycling leaves that slave life in the dust. Cycling led me to the work I love and love my work.

Ever wonder if Heaven runs on socialism or if Jeff Bezos with be the richest soul in Heaven? I don’t believe we will need Amazon there? Ever wonder why are there no Libertarian countries? Could it be because it’s a stupid concept? Unless you are wealthy enough to think that way. Libertarianism might work in Heaven as I understand it all Heavenly needs are included in the membership plan and there’s no initiation fee. The initiation fee is included in your participation in The Sunday Cash Basket Grab by the Church. So you’ve got that going for you.

I hope there is Cycling In Heaven. You would think so with all the hype. Bicycles would be a great way to move around such a spectacular place and I’ve heard there are no flats in Heaven. Wouldn’t even need Electric-Bicycles.

I was nine when this ad hit the only three television networks and PBS. I knew then at nine humans could not pull this game of life off. Greed superseded taking proper care of our planet. It is decades if not centuries of lies on behalf of our so-called leaders that have landed us all in this self-inflicted shit storm.

This is the defining image of Corporate and Governmental America today with their heads in the wrong places in one form or another for way too long with that stench of selective-ignorance overwhelmingly obfuscating the compelling climate realities we need to address. The realities of the man made climate change now killing us at a frighteningly accelerating rate with, water, fire, mud, heat and the rapidly melting ancient ice currently encompassing this planet for the time being.

The incomprehensible benefits of exercise will never be fully understood as it’s an evolutionary evolution this learning the boundaries of our limits if any. I recommend cycling if you’re new to the exercise game. Cycling is the single most effortless, enjoyable, economical, and effective method of achieving ongoing fitness throughout your life.

A gym membership is one of life’s greatest misuse’s of your dollar along with cable-tv bills and countless automobile expenses. Don’t get me started on The Country Club crowd. That’s an entirely different exercise for life. The exercise of whitewashed self-delusional selective-ignorance. The best thing about a Country Club is usually the Turkey Club and the free range balls.

A bicycle will transport you and your life to a new and revolutionary place. A bicycle will provide rejuvenating new access to your brain, your body, your soul and most importantly your reason for living. It’s a simple life affirming change you will never regret. Your freedom will expand everyday with every ride. Get out there tomorrow and start anew. A new life that is.

slpeI’ve been fortunate in this life in many, many ways. I’ve dabbled many things, had many jobs, sported many sports, visited many places, lived in many domiciles, slept under many stars. The best thing I’ve experienced, the most life-fulfilling experience of all is cycling. Cycling has no down side. Get out of that car. Save your life and your planet on two wheels as part of your everyday living. Cycling is life’s best method of rolling through this life with ease. A simple bicycle’s all encompassing benefits will astound your life.

The Fear Gear. Use It Or Lose It.

Fear is Cycling and Running’s most efficacious component. Humanities plushest bicycle might as well be a rusty Tricycle without fear in your gear-box. Your Fear Gear is located at your exhaustion threshold. The Fear Gear, turning it on and off in a slipstreaming evolution of fatigue, pain and gain is a dance between you and your VO-Max.

A rare and sometime elusive gravity field in this exhaustion zone where thought’s of limitlessness propel your efforts. As if Somebody inside you is pushing you Somewhere you’ve yet to venture. Out on the edge. Near total collapse. Stay on this train of thought. This mysterious and ostensively effortless self-propulsion is astonishingly narcotic, where muscle fatigue doesn’t equate to pain. It’s just a new level of fatigue to embrace and overcome.


“No matter how hard you train, Somebody will train harder. No matter how hard you run, Somebody will run harder. No matter how hard you want it, Somebody will want it more, I am Somebody.”

“A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts, who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then at the end, punish himself even more.” Steve Prefontaine.

At Just 21 In Munich Steve Prefontaine Laid In All Out In This 1972 5000 Meter Olympic Final. Bringing The Best Out Of The Field and Lasse Viren, A Tremendous Athlete With A Career Haunted By Blood-Doping.

When I’m scared I’m quickest. Scared of what? I never seem to discover, just scared. Dopamine, adrenalin and caffeine milling around. How do you know you’ve gone too far till you get there? Are there limits to limits?

Steve Prefontaine saw no limits. Steve was Nike’s first Signature Athlete in 1974. Steve and Bill Bowerman’s collaboration at the University of Oregon crafted a one of a kind champion in Pre. Bill Bowerman Co-Founded Nike, invented The Waffle Trainer with waffle-irons in a backyard shed and served in the US Army in WW2.

” Someone who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then Punish himself even more”. Fear of oxygen-debt, fear of collapse. Your running or riding away from past limitations. It’s a scary place so never slowdown in this vague and hazy space. On wheels or feet if you want to get stronger you will need to embrace muscle fatigue and look to the hills with some fear.

Quality Always Outpaces Quantity.

I ride as fast as possible whenever possible. No speedometer. No odometer. No GPS. No counting of anything. The GPS in my head. A smooth surface. Maximum tire-pressure. Ideally a carbon seat, seat-post and handle bars. Never counting miles. Always reveling in memories.

The bicycle is perfect synergy between human and human ingenuity. A Bicycle Ride will always embellish your life. What are you afraid of? Get out today and find your Fear Gear. It’s just a breath or two away.

The Edification of Effort.

My point is repetition leads to refinement whatever the sport, activity or task. Same applies to work. Find work you enjoy and refine it. A Prep Chef for ten years I’ve memorized every recipe constantly refining ingredients and methodologies. The light is there in all doing if your willing to look. Stowing a three-thousand pound food order just to make that Apple-Pie anew atop that mountain of cardboard.

A handful of marathons, most of them struggles resulting from procrastinated preparation. One Long Beach, one Boston, one Miami, eight in New York City. The New York Marathon is the most exquisite marathon experience you can have. The pinnacle of organization and support from sunrise at Fort Wadsworth to a rainbow colored afternoon in Central Park. With more international runners The New York Marathon is a melting pot within New York’s historic melting pot of culture. Just walking amidst this city of cities is a cultural marathon.

Crossing the Verrazano Bridge, a stunning experience as every mile of this invigorating New York life-experience. Marathons are more taxing mentally then physically and New York’s dynamic journey thru five diverse neighborhoods provides an evolving eclectic fan base the entire 26.2 miles of this mental marathon. Stay on pace as New York City’s vigorous animated scenery lines the streets of your mind.

Almost fifty-thousand sounds like too many runners but some how there’s plenty of space for every step. Watch out for the Queensborough Bridge at approximately 15.5 miles. It’s a hill of some significance and you want to have planned for it. As you swing left coming off the bridge Manhattan’s enthusiastic fans line the streets with Central Park just nine miles out.

The hill up and over The Queensborough Bridge has hobbled me for those nine remaining miles in four of my eight New York Marathon adventures. If your running New York prepare and plan for this hill. It is a doozy with fifteen miles in the can for any runner. In other words do plenty of edifying hill work.

The Best Marathon Advice Ever.

Just prior my latest New York Marathon I was shooting a local story receiving the best marathon advice to date from Professional Burro Racer Lynette Clemons at Leadville, Colorado’s Burro Racing Classic.

Burro Racer’s Are A Breed Apart.

Lynette advised me to run with a pace chart taped to my forearm comprised of themes for each mile. The results effortless despite being in pretty good shape I was impressed how the miles ticked by as my metal plans unfolded as planned even at The Queensborough Bridge. I don’t underestimate the synergy of accumulated knowledge after seven prior efforts in New York the course was memorized.

If your running your first marathon, make it New York. I believe the lottery for a number begins in May so this year is out. A year is the time-frame you’ll need. Memorize hills and training routes. Stretch and train with vigor. On race day keep your feet dry in and around water stations and be ready for the Queensborough Bridge. Drink all the water in your cup at every mile and delight in the scenery and the global neighborhood support.

Running, cycling, skiing wherever you find that groove with nature you’ll discover terrain memorization builds dynamic visualization assets and the more remembered the more effortless your efforts evolve towards that edifying effortlessness called living life.

Work or play just keep doing what you love and love what your doing and everyday shines. When I was forced to live in a tent I recall thinking. “You’ve always wondered about living in a tent. Here’s your opportunity.” I might still be in that tent if I wasn’t arrested for camping while “Homeless” on land my taxes supported for twenty years.

Just as losing ones car opened new roads, losing ones home has opened countless doors and prove unimaginably liberating.

Seems I was shackled to money.

Do You Have Time For Cycling?

Do you have time for cycling? Because cycling has time for you. The Bicycle is life’s only real Time Machine. If you have prior history with cycleology.org you’ll be privy to my profound respect for cycling and it’s innumerable life fulfilling beneficial advantages.

Do you seek a slower, more efficient and effervescent life? Escape the accelerated aging of capitalisms automobile life-trap intentionally designed to harness your entire life within capitalisms metastasizing grip.

Electric Bicycles only make commuting by bicycle more practical and affordable with no automobile related expenses holding you down. Just you, your bicycle and the wide-open road of your newly fulfilled cycling lifestyle. Cycling rejuvenated my life starting in 2008 and I’ve yet to experience any downside.

This could be a taste of your new commute with a life-cycle change.

Stunning New Section Of Clear Creek Trail Opens In Golden, Colorado.

Today I am blessed to live with Golden, Colorado’s weather yet I’ve commuted by bicycle in Boston, Vermont, Pennsylvania, DC, Belfast, Auckland, Evergreen, New Hampshire and Bangkok in every weather pattern imaginable reveling in every blue sky, star-lit, full-moon, hot, cold, snowy, wet, dry, humid and perfect mile, day and night.

With a plethora of these dynamic cycling trails just outside my door I’m continually taunted. Just coming off a stunning full-moon cycle this week in Golden with fall in the air.

For a pure high-speed workout these concrete beauties can’t be outpaced.

These concreted gems are very addicting and provide consistent aerobic rhythms.

So try a bicycle if you looking for a true chainge of pace in this ride called life. Your bicycle will relink your life with mother natures amazingness. The amazingness that provides us all life moment to moment, day to day, year to year. So get out there not an experience your life as mother nature intended. In complete unison and harmony with nature not matter your preferred surface.

Trails this smooth lends themselves to a higher tire pressure. At max psi I can barely feel the earth, almost hydroplaning on air with these high speed weapons.

Schwalbe’s G-One Speed TLE Is Fast and Then Some. Amazing and Dynamic Cornering Capabilities Will Tilt Your Axis.
A Neighborhood Rollercoaster Ride Testing Schwalbe’s G-One Speed TLE’s Cornering Capabilities.

Check out this Electric Bicycle Information for a A Pedal Out The Door. 2021’s e-bikes are practically motorcycles with impressive range and top-speeds. Even the finest electric bicycle or three will be appreciably cheaper then a new Tesla. Bicycles are as close to carbon-free mechanized transport on earth as you’ll get. OK possibly a skateboard? A skateboard with 29-inch wheels and a seat.

The Bicycle is undoubtedly humanities most significant, ingenious, practical, efficient, cost-effective, common-sense, life-affirming, utterly enjoyable methodology for human transport. The automobile will kill your soul first then your body with every mile your ass spends growing roots to capitalism rolling coffin enslaving you to Exxon Mobile and the other demonic corporations raping this planet for an extra billion dollars.

Profit now supersedes human life in 2021. This is a fact. America has been desensitized to reality by the bullshit of advertising. Advertising tells you; you need your shit overnight when most needs are a bicycle ride away in a country addicted to the steroids’ of automobile-consumerism. Advertising has infected, polluted and destroyed America’s sense of itself. Everyone want’s to be someone else and their selling it to you. Advertising, Big-Oil, the corporatization of journalism and constant collision with The Military Industrial Complex have made for humanities most dangerous bedfellows.

Cycling is the ultimate diversion from today’s accumulating circus against the difficult truth’s and realities of the new climate-life we have all brought upon ourselves in one form of culpability or another. We have been condition to ignore the power Mother Nature has over our very existence here.

Nuclear Selective Ignorance.

Decades of selectively ignoring life’s realities, the results of capitalisms madness and the resulting viral purging consumerism is vacuuming up American Society. We are in an intellectual pot-hole where people are proud of their selective-ignorance. It only required a madman as president to unleash this long cultivated and pent up selective-ignorance.

Ride a bicycle it will change your life in a stream of new ways you’ll embrace on every ride and help Mother Nature in the process. What’s good for Mother Nature is even better for you.

Cycling has always been the finest place I’ve found to go when I really need too go. Cycling is always there, always welcome, always enjoyable, always life-affirming and always the best thing I do every glorious day. Cycling soft-focuses your thoughts, plans and aspirations in an endless vanishing point of fascinating oxygen debt, cleansing your system and resetting your soul.

Cycling Is Now Life Threatening.

It appears humanity is going to drive off the edge of the earth with The Flat Earthers. The entire planet is under a blanket of life threatening smoke from the epidemic fires resulting from the carbon and hydro-carbons we continue spewing with our lives of selective-ignorance.

Denver, Colorado Home To The Worst Air On Earth August 8, 2021.

Cumbersome it will be to ride a bicycle with scuba tank and regulator. Forget the fins, wet suite and spear-gun. Colorado’s most precious resource The Outdoors is currently off limits.

What will it take to shake US from our selective-ignorance of the climate realities we’ve ignored for so long perpetuating our excessive lifestyles? It hit’s home everyday for me as a prep-chef touching more food every morning then many will see in their lifetimes all due to capitalisms selective-ignorance.

Does Mother Nature need to burn down every American’s home first? Because she eventually will and is well on her way in the American West. Today entire towns burning up in an instant permanently erased from this planet is becoming accepted as normal as a school shooting. American has been desensitized to death and reality by the self-delusional ignorance of capitalisms rapping of this planet and most of our souls and lives along with it.

This continued denial of the reality slapping us in the faces and asses simultaneously will kill US. American Life just drives on no matter the insanity of the consequences we are impaling ourselves with. The cult of individualism infecting this country is at fever pitch. We have become a country based on narcissism believing in nothing, knowing everything, willing to learn nothing because you know everything all the while glowingly proud of this self proclaimed stupidity.

This attitude that ignorance is best will lead to The End of The Road for humanity as I see it. Cycling heals our planet and our souls in a liberating new lifestyle that will present a whole new world and brand new life just outside your door.

Cycling Is The Most Practical and Enjoyable Form Of Mobility For Humanities Future If We’re To Have One.

I live in a “Cycling Town,” it’s Golden for cycling. Blessed with wide smooth concrete bicycle trails and lanes connecting to Denver. Three bike shops in a 3/4 mile radius. Way to many bikes on cars in this “Cycling Town” instead of butts on bikes. If I had a $14.000 custom Pinarello or Yeti I’d ride them anywhere and everywhere.

Putting your bike on a car destroys it’s soul and begs the question. Are you a cyclists or just a poser playing one in your car?

Are you’re able-bodied, consider yourself a “Cyclist” and live in and around Golden, Colorado why on this crumbling and overheating planet would you put your bicycle on your automobile to ride it? I can’t recall an occasion riding my bicycle and wishing I was in a car.

With the climate collapsing at world-class pace your bicycle should never be on your car again. Discover your new rides and adventures from home on your bicycle. I ride west to the Foothills and find an new bicycle camping adventure either bushwhacking along a stream or hitting up a campground. Sleeping under the stars with your bicycle, a jet-boil, soup, bread, coffee and oatmeal. It’s liberating and lubricating for the soul.

Having lived in many domiciles on this ride I’ve found my bicycle functioned perfectly out every door and tent flap along the way. In the past fourteen years I’ve worked as a television producer, dish-washer, house painter, rancher, prep-chef, ski-instructor, mason, carpenter, tennis-coach and pontificator; all from a bicycle.

Living without a car has never stopped me from doing anything I’ve ever needed to do. Excuses are boring. Cycling Solutions are dynamic always providing adventure and learning offering a more self-sufficient, realized and fulfilling lifestyle.

You’d be surprised where you can get to on your bicycle when your bicycle is the only option to get you where you need to go. With a few seemingly daunting work adventures behind me any ride seemed possible with a little planning. I’ve never had a bad let alone a shitty bicycle ride to work, any work.

One video gig took me from Evergreen, Colorado to Centennial airport south of Denver. I did catch a ride back home in the crew van which was Plan-B. Plan-A was a combo or cycling and light-rail to Golden then dropping down to Morrison and up the canyon to Evergreen. I was glad to have a Plan-B that day.

If you remember any of this, remember this. There is no Planet-B.

The automobile is capitalism brain and life washing tool. Our society is held captive by the automobile. Trapping our minds, souls and lifestyles in an endless loop of insanity. Alarm clock , car, job you despise, everyday for the rest of your trapped life? As Mother Nature declares war on humanity we continue killing each other for the dollar trapped in our cars everyday?

A recent documentary series on HBO “Exterminate All The Brutes” is a factual look at the tremendous terror and death disseminated by white men to date. The same descending inherited ignorance consuming US today. An ignorance of each other and our planet. “Exterminate All The Brutes” is a must see in all American grade and high schools as well as all colleges and universities that are still in the education business.

Exterminate All The Brutes factually encompasses humanities whitewashing of history and the cultured selective-ignorance’s we live with today. The circumstances of which have come to a boil as reality is no longer in charge as the virus of selective-ignorance takes an historically firm hold of humanity and Mother Nature has no choice but to protect herself from humanities long dedication too selective-ignorance. Ignorance of each other our planet and our realities. There is nothing left to ignore as ignoring and hating each other is now a self proclaimed virtue and a bizarre source of pride for many. We are a virus of selective-ignorance. We have the tools and options to do better but we continually choose to ignore them and do worser.

The greatest threat to humanity is and always has been our capacity for selective-ignorance. The results of which we are living through at an astoundingly ignorant rate. Don’t be selectively-ignorant of the bicycles power to chainge your world and world view. Get on your bicycle now. Make this simple chainge to your lifestyle. It’s a sweeping and welcome chainge you’ll never regret. It’s The Chainge you’ve been looking for.

This ride never sucks, never has, never will. Stop Procrastinating and make The Chainge You Know You Need! Your life will never be dull and regrettable again. Riding a bicycle. It’s a win for everyone and everything. Ride yours now and be part of the solution. The solution to what you may ask? Take a ride. You’ll figure it out with every ride, everyday for the rest of your new cycling life. A constant stream of life-affirming solutions in a glorious and continuous cycle of revolutionary revaluations.

Don’t make the same daily life-stagnating choices when a bicycle ride is the solution to all your life perplexing conundrums. Free your mind. Free your life. Free your soul. To truly Chainge your Lifecycle ride your Bicycle.

The Life-Affirming Bicycle Ride.

The bicycle. Be it used for $150.00 or new at $15,000. The life of a bicycle is endless thus endlessly life extending. Who amongst cyclists is not instantly transported to our youth once stepping to that pedal?

There has never been a more beneficial time to start cycling if your on the fence about possibly commuting and daily errands on a bicycle. For me the transition to a life of cycling was thrust on me. I had no choice and soon riding my bicycle everywhere was my reality and a welcome change of pace in lifestyle.

A familiar story. Lost everything but my bicycle. Found work I always wanted in cycling range. A Restaurant. These two opportunities changed, shook-up and rejuvenated my life. The rat race I would never partake in again. My bicycle has proved to be my life’s most valued resource and advisor. A simple bicycle liberated my soul allowing generations of languishing ideas to flower amongst the living again.

My bicycle not only saved me but opened my eyes to cycling’s innumerable life-affirming benefits. Cycling has no down-side. Many amongst us ponder life’s purpose? I promise you life’s purpose is too live it not psychoanalyze it. By all means pursue as much knowledge as possible. It is a bit pompous of humans to think they can understand the meaning of life; if any as many are yet to fully comprehend or accept the reality of climate-science and our life threatening impact on ourselves. Cycling is humanities only path to a rational and sustainable lifestyle if we are to survive the environmental crisis we are all facing, like it or not. As Neil DeGrasse Tyson put it. “Your beliefs are not an impediment to reality.”

Riding a bicycle daily, essentially commuting on a bicycle is singularly the most impactful impact you can have on possibly saving humanity from itself. Cycling rejuvenates everything and everyone. Cycling today is not your grandparents cycling. With Harley Davidson in the electric bicycle game cycling and other evolving forms of micro-mobility will revolutionize human transport as we witness the end of our traditional American auto-addiction. There will be no future without widespread deployment of bicycles. Be part of humanities only future on your bicycle today. It might not be too late and at least you’ll be enjoying the ride.

The bicycle is as close to a time-machine as you’ll get. It conjures up ones youth while making you younger at heart. Once you make the commitment to a cycling lifestyle you will be in that light. The light of a slower more relaxed life on your bicycle. If enough of US make this paradigm shift we might be able to save this planet for everyone’s children.

When lockdown hit our earths air and water cleared up drastically in a few weeks. Save yourself and your planet from the automobiles slovenly grasp over your health and lifestyle. Just ride a bicycle. The simplicity will be life affirming and empowering in ways you will discover with every ride. Cycling is the best way to assess life. Cycling personifies self-sufficiency, life-efficiency, practicality and common sense. Automobiles are designed too enslave you, bicycles are designed too free you.

Is there a point to all this? If you have the ability to ride a bicycle. Do it everyday. Make your bicycle your primary method of transport. It will transform your life in ways you’ve yet to imagine and beats the shit out of a life trapped in traffic and stress immersed in commercialism grasp.

The Slow Deadly Screw of Capitalisms Has Rusted American Society To It’s Core.

Try to remember the reality of Guy McPherson’s words “Nature Bats Last”. Guy McPherson is an American scientist, professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona. He is known for the idea of Near-Term Human Extinction (NTHE), a term he coined about the likelihood of human extinction by 2026 The insanity known as The January 6th Attack of the selectively-ignorant on our Capital were simply the willingly and proudly uneducated racist Americans set loose by a madman. The result of decades spent intentionally dumbing down Americans along with the simultaneous demise of journalism.

Believe it or not there was a time when commercials were not sold during local and national new broadcasts. Watch Network it explains plenty about the monetization of network news and journalism across the spectrum, all portrayed in a tremendous film with Faye Dunaway, Peter Finch and Robert Duvall, stunningly directed by Sidney Lumet.

America was great when corporations paid taxes and offered profit sharing to employees. America was get when is was unionized. America was great when American’s were educated. America will be great again when cyclists outnumber drivers.

Yes the world appears to be spinning out of our control. Seize control over your life and make the move to cycling if your circumstances permit. Or consider a change in circumstance if possible. Often shaking things up can really shake things for the better. Rather then stagnating away what remains of your life in that car deploy a bicycle. It will shake things up to your advantage. Cycling as you primary transport method will downsize your lifestyle where it needs to be. “If you can’t carry it on your bicycle you probably don’t need it.”

Today’s electric bicycles provide no excuses for you. Many all but pedal themselves and handle some hefty cargo en route. Who knows? If a sufficient number of US adopt this Cycling Lifestyle we might save our planet. Affirm your life now on a bicycle all the answers you seek are just outside that door.

Remember this. Your Bicycle is an extension of your soul. When riding your bicycle you are younger. We all feel it. It’s like an undiscovered form of dopamine triggering the younger you, the kid in all of us. Your bicycle is the only way in life to get to this place in life. Cycling is undoubtedly life’s most pleasurable method of, relaxation, meditation, contemplation and exhilaration. I highly recommend it.

A Stretching Tailwind With Some Squash.

Stretching is cycling’s finest non-mechanical component. The more I stretch the finer my ride. Never saw myself in a Yoga Class. After one class I was all in. Hot Yoga is rejuvenating. I felt ten years earlier following that first class. My lungs manipulated more oxygen. Aches and pains accumulating since childhood vanished. Hot Yoga is the best 90-minute healing workout on the planet. I met the game of squash just down the road.

Discovered the squash game one October when forced to the treadmill in blizzard snows while preparing for a run thru New York’s five boroughs. The Squash Pro introduced herself out of the blue. Stuck a racquet in my hand. Years of tennis behind me squash odd a first. Picking up the rhythms and geometric synergies I was addicted to solo-squash in twenty minutes. Squash with two people is more about picking up the ball. Solo-squash never stops. Ninety minutes of live Pearl Jam and solo-squash. A revolutionary fitness experience for me. The aerobic factor, comingling a slow-motion dance of reaching, stretching, lunging all blending into a graceful mind-game of stamina, geometry, music and a tiny rubber ball. If racquet sports are of interest check it out. It’s a serious three dimensional workout experience.

Ran that marathon smoother then prior efforts. Returned home playing solo-squash everyday till spring. Not running a step since November. In April encountered an old favorite. A fifteen mile loop. Twelve minutes vanished. Solo-squash and hot-yoga were the keys to this effortless run. Squash embellishes cycling as well making you stronger in ways you won’t imagine without playing the game. Keeping in mind yoga studios are easier to find then squash courts and cycling is everywhere for free.

Hot Yoga and squash unbudgeable today yet the benefits follow my life’s cycle. A treadmill previously despised and a blizzard exposed too me these flexible fitness options. PS: A treadmill will make your running faster and stronger.

Forget The Zombies. Selective Ignorance Is The Virus Killing US.

If you enjoy life and cycling as you know it get out and enjoy every moment you have for there won’t be many more as you know it. As a significant number of US continue to intentionally unmoor ourselves from reality human extinction looms large. American’s ignore everything that matters in life starting with life.

We have killed everyone who stood for peace and human kindness to date in this country. We believe Oswald killed Kennedy. Anyone who’s seen one episode of Law and Order knows the Oswald story is shit on a stick. The Warren Commission report might as well have been written on toilet paper. I love the zig zagging bullet story and the 1963 photo-shop Life Magazine cover. Essentially we believe everything we are feed to believe. We have been zombified by capitalism. How else do we explain the extinction of all humanities accumulated facts?

We have developed a country of greed driven, self-involved willingly brain-bleached morons. American exceptionalism is fueled on selective-ignorance. In a few hundred years we have destroyed the entire planet and continue ignoring this fact. Deny it all you like. We allowed capitalist to lead us down the road of infinite growth. The infinite growth of selective-ignorance.

If you don’t enjoy what’s left of nature today, you’ll miss it even more tomorrow. Colorado skies will fill with smoke again this summer. Excessive UV and ozone off the charts as the new normal. Safest to ride before and after sunlight most of last summer. Essentially the entire planet was on fire last summer. The truth is humanity is going backwards. White men have essentially had control of this planet since day one and white men destroyed the entire planet primarily spearheaded by the American Exceptionalism plaguing US since about 1492.

Not American’s yet but profoundly white with ignorance and willing to kill everyone and everything in their path to lay claim to what many today ignorantly call Our Country. We kill mothers and babies with drones like clock-work everyday with our hard earned tax dollars and never concern ourselves with this collusion in these taxpayer sanctioned murders. Like it or not if you pay taxes in America you are a war criminal. I know it’s so easy to pretend otherwise. Did the Rockies will today?

Capitalisms Is Blinding US.

If there’s money in it American’s will walk around with their heads up their asses. This is how you amass more money then you need with your head and soul up your ass. Ain’t that America. You and Me. Ain’t that America. Something too see? Little pink houses full of morons. For Gods sake capitalism just did a hostile takeover of religion as the faithful are reborn to a new level of selective-ignorance Zeus couldn’t understand.

Yes I do love it here on this planet. So much so I always speak the truth in an effort to wake US from this selective state of complete fucking stupidity. Capitalistic American Greed and the selective-ignorance fueling it will destroy all of humanity soon. We just don’t seem to give a shit about each other anymore. Pathetic we are with our American Exceptionalism.

We are exceptionally ignorant with our ignorance today, taking ignorance to an exceptionally ignorant level of ignorance where ignorance is engrained in our every thought making US even more ignorant then we thought possible on this new found quest for even greater ignorance. If you think about it it’s easy to ignore all this.

Banks, lawyers and a wife picked my bones of all materialism twenty years ago. I looked to my bicycle and never looked back. Ride a bicycle as much as possible if you know what’s good for you. The futures uncertain and the end is always near you might as well enjoy every ride you can with the time we have left.

With this level of accelerating selective-ignorance the shit will hit the fan in the blink of your eye. Almost like a drone-strike on your home from a capitalist invader selling democracy with a free bomb. Yes in the blink of some child’s eye.

The truth hurts and the more we ignore the pain of our truth the more we torture each other. The America Ass-Light of Exceptionalism is brighter then ever yet we seem too prefer the darkening shelter of ignorance.

Keep in mind. I’m not a philosopher; I just play one on a bicycle. If your looking for clarity in a blurry world ride a bicycle as much as possible. Cycling will rejuvenate everything that is you. Cycling will free you in ways you and only you will discover on your bicycle.

If we’re to make it through this shit storm of stupidity and ignorance cycling will lead the way. Think about it. It’s not rocket science. Who believes in rocket science anyway?

A Screw Loose?

If your not cycling as part of each day and with few justifications not to ride a bicycle today you’d have to have a screw loose not to be cycling everyday. I had some screws loose for far too long until I got on a bicycle in 2008. It was a smoother transition then imagined. Once carless I had a serious look at the life I was missing out on trapped in that automobile-life. There is nothing auto about an automobile-life. Automobiles pollute your air and bleach your soul.

Today more then any time in human history riding a bicycle is the best form of mental health fitness on this planet. How much have you waisted on mind-drugs and shrinks to date? Most likely the cost of a very nice bicycle, or two. A Bicycle Ride a day keeps the shrinks at bay. Shrinks and doctors have at least one vested interest in your continued perceived issues. You do pay their bills.

Thousands of doctors played a direct role in addicting this country to OxyContin/Heroine so peddling pointless conversations seems almost ethical. I didn’t go to medical school yet I know heroine is extremely addicting. This fact somehow slipped thru the educations of thousands of doctors, countless FDA experts and a slews of ivy league politicians all lost on the back nine at Pebble Beach on the lobbyist nickel. I give our American Drug Cartel. Just Say No!

Doctors should prescribe bicycles instead of heroine. Seriously doctors should start writing prescriptions for bicycles and fresh-fruit and vegetables instead of all those drugs they are paid too push on US. The entire medical industry in the US wants you addicted to illness, any form of illness. The entire bicycle industry on this planet wants you addicted to health, fitness and sanity.

Cycling offers up more freedom and life affirming practical benefits then meets the eye. The more you ride the more you’ll see. See how easy and spectacular life can be on a bicycle. See how good you feel on a bicycle. See how you can’t believe you waited this long to get on a bicycle. See how healthy you get on a bicycle. See how clear headed you become riding a bicycle. See how much you save riding a bicycle. See how efficiently you transact your day and life on a bicycle. See how your life belongs on a bicycle.

Cycling can tighten many of life’s loose-screws. Perhaps screws you didn’t know you had. The unknown loose-screws will screw you. My unknown screws were the ones in need of tightening and only discovered once on a bicycle. Could a bicycle be the answer to your unseen loose-screws?

It’s not rocket science. Ride a bicycle everyday and see for yourself.

Once on a bicycle you will realize someone else has been loosening your screws all along. Essentially modern cycling allows you to live as a modern day hunter-gatherer thriving in a considerably more practical and soul-affirming life. A life with no loose-screws just miles of enlightened fine tuning.

A Serious Chainge Is All We Need.

A seriously challenging opportunity has arrived for US all. With corona-virus accelerating the crippling effects of capitalism on the human race by five years as our environment collapses faster then our economy. Both results of our tremendous capacity to selectively ignore what doesn’t directly support our monumentally and selectively ignorant materialism.

There’s never been more on the line for humanity. We are facing a pandemic of assorted crisis ignored by far too many of US. It’s clear that continually ignoring reality has caught up with us. Cycling can and will lead US out of this delusional state of American Exceptionalism. Our exceptional ability to selectively ignore our ignorance can not longer be ignored. This dedication to ignorance will kill US without serious change in all our lifestyles. We have and can made a difference when we choose too; collectively. If you like living on this planet do something; anything now to save it. Grab your life by the handle-bars not the hand-rails.

We need this planet plenty more then this planet needs US.

There are so many advantages to cycling I won’t bother listing them. There are no disadvantages to cycling. Cycling is the single most important thing you can do as we face our accelerating extinction resulting from our long lingering subliminal virus of selective-ignorance. Our days of ignoring the reality of reality is biting US on our asses. Unfortunately America has an excessively fat and ignorant ass today. I fear there’s way to much biting to be done before we hit any viable never endings.

If this seems on the negative side, that is the nature of the truth. It always tells the truth, Truth is the purpose of truth in the first place. If a tree falls in the forest with no witness; will the tree eventually cut and stack itself? Depends on what kind of chain-saw a tree can use. How much wood would a wood-chuck chuck? Are wood-chucks made of wood?

If your not riding a bicycle as part of your lifestyle; your missing the life-boat. I assure you life in a car is passing you sitting still. Kilo per kilo the bicycle is huminites finest and most practical conglomeration of ideas. The all encompassing practical benefits of cycling are too extensive to mention. Remember this and do not forget it. There are no disadvantages to cycling. Don’t wait for the wheel to be reinvented while life passes you. Get your ass on a bicycle now. It is the single most effective way to help yourself and humanity while having fun. Remember; there are no disadvantages to cycling.

Electric Bicycles have changed the cycling paradigm. Steroids’ for the Cycling Industry. If you have a commute for work, depending on your sense of adventure electric bicycles have tremendous and growing range of capabilities. I guarantee if you ride a bicycle, electrified or not, to and from work your attitude about work will only chainge for the better. Life in a car is death by stress filled drudgery. A life revolving around cycling? You be the judge! Procrastinate all you want once your on that bike you will never regret it.

When I’m cycling I want for nothing but a more a precise synergistic deployment between natures delicious life affirming oxygen and my will.

OK so we’re agreed. The bicycle is humanities highest achievement and we should have stopped there. The pandemic has put a new light on cycling with the industry and humanity reaping the rewards. I cycled at least twice a day over the last year witnessing the growing societal and cultural diversity in the cyclists I comingle with. It’s a real melting-pot of cultures and personalities in today’s ever expanding cycling universe. It’s a pleasure to be a part of this rolling American cultural revolution.

I’ve just cycled through five years of cycling evolution in three-hundred and sixty-five days. A synergized proliferation of personalities and cycling technology have revolutionized humanity with a simple bicycle.

The Bicycle is life’s only practical, common-sense, human powered, life-affirming mode of transport that’s always a joy-ride and has no downside. The bicycle is the perfection of perfection. Get on one now. Chainge your life before it finishes passing you in that rear-view-mirror.

As Far From Normal As Possible.

Back to normal? Most I encounter don’t want to hear or confront the truth about normal. Truth is America is sic, sick and twisted. Our state of selective-ignorance just ignored ten more of our fellow Americas slaughtered. A grocery store; this time.

I was at Columbine High five minutes after the call went out. Working for CBS News that morning. The overwhelming state of absolute terror on the faces of all those parents still vivid. That was 1999 and nothing changed not even after babies were slaughtered at Sandy Hook.

Boulder will change nothing as America moves on to the next shooting, fitting it in their conciseness between March Madness and the fake boarder crisis. The only change comes to the growing list of victims and their families. Are you willing to wait for this type of change to effect your friends and family?

The destructive synergy of American’s long selective-ignorance comingled with the champion of trumping ignorance further polluted our already toxic society unleashing the debilitating forces of hate on anyone not white with more ferocity then our selective-ignorance has tolerated to date.

We kill babies and bomb hospitals in Yemen with our tax dollars every day in line at the Starbucks drive-thru.

We are a murder based culture and society. One of the Columbine shooters parents worked for Lockeed Martin possible on the same weapons’ systems killing the Yemenis babies with your tax-dollars today. My Dad makes bombs that kill foreign babies! What’s your Dad do?

Video games are now the recruiting tools of the Military Industrial Complex streamed directly too your children in your living rooms. Ain’t that America? The Defense Department owns the NFL at this point. Just ask Pat Tillman.

Georgia just outlawed voting for Black American’s. Over half a million fellow American’s dead due to our trump-card of selective-ignorance. American’s have embraced this selective-ignorance for centuries now and the dangers of this constant ignorance has created our bewildering state of what we like to refer to as Normal.

Don’t know about you? Normal scares the shit our of me. I don’t want to go back there. Do you? Do something. Do anything? Think about thinking more? That’s not normal. Just look around at normal.

Is normal; normal for you? Because it’s killing me.

Classic Cycling Films During Today’s Content Drought.

If you haven’t seen Breaking Away after watching this trailer you will. Buy or rent Breaking Away on YouTube. It’s a film you might want too own. I feel great every-time I watch this one.

A Definitive Cycling Cinema-Classic. Breaking Away.

I feel Breaking Away stands alone in the Cycling-Cinema Genre. Next, Bicycle Thieves, this Vittorio De Sica 1948 post world classic spins a father and son’s tale tracking down a stolen bike. It’s gem and a great wat to brush up on your Italian. Bicycle Thieves, is a weighty film in the Italian Neo-realist film movement and just one of the genres and Vittorio De Sica’s many stunning films.

Bicycle Thieves, this Vittorio De Sica 1948 post war classic spins the tale of a stolen bike.

As for other films from the past. Marathon Man, Nazi’s, Diamonds, A Dentists and A Runner. Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman star in a THRILLER you will watch again if you dare.

Marathon Man, Nazi’s, Diamonds, A Dentists and a runner. Is It Safe Yet?

Stunning cinematography just one of this films highlights, Where The Rivers Flow North, shot in Vermont’s Northern Kingdom, a cedar-oil farmer VS an electric dam claiming eminent-domain over his family land. Rip Torn, Michael J. Fox with Tantoo Cardinal, all proffer classic interpretations in once in a life-time roles. Rip Torn stands alone with his mammoth portrayal of Noel Lord.

Where The Rivers Flow North. A beautiful film and story.

Don’t Get Between This Man And His Bike.

Can’t forget this one. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, another classical story of Man and Bicycle.

Boy And Bicycle 1965 Ridley Scott, yes Blade Runner Ridley Scott. This is his first films.

Boy And Bicycle 1965 Ridley Scott

A teenage boy skips school, spends the day riding through town and a deserted beach on his bicycle, his mind wanders imagining he is the only person in the world.

Hope you enjoy these for the first time, second or third and so on.