Cycling, Freedom, And The Rest Of Your Life.

Rousseau said, “Man was born free and everywhere in chains. Those who think themselves the masters of others are indeed greater slaves than they.”

Freedom is an elusive notion to pin down. An elusive place to discover. Possessions possess you and consequently possess your freedom. Of all life’s possessions, the bicycle is the only one that won’t possess you. A bicycle provides considerably more than it takes. The bicycle truly is humankind’s finest mechanical engineering achievement and mankind’s finest mode of free transport. Bicycles are directly linked to freedom. Freedom of thought only happens when you stop thinking about money.

The automobile was designed as a vehicle for you to spend money you don’t have while driving to and from a job you most likely despise and are underpaid for. There is a degree of selective ignorance ingrained in capitalism’s deadly side effects. “It’s acceptable to kill or destroy what you want for a dollar.”

In my 62 rides encircling this planet, I’ve discovered that riding a bicycle is the most unconfined, delightfully freeing experience life harbors. We are all exposed to a constant barrage of capitalist brainwashing from birth. Chase that dollar regardless of the costs to humanity. Bicycles are our best tools in this rapidly chainging world. Life will continue to get more expensive; some say prohibitively expensive.

A simple bicycle represents the economic freedom numerous Americans woo. This life change is a no-brainer if you’re single or just a couple. Families are often equipped to roll with the addition of a bicycle or two and a Mom or Dad shifting job gears.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your planet is reconstructing your life around the bicycle. All excuses fall moot as electrified cycling has changed the game. The common sense of cycling overwhelms and outpaces any argument in another direction. On average, electric bikes can travel between 25 – 45 miles on a single charge.

Bicycles epitomize independence and freedom throughout life with a state of balanced, healthy, frugal, practical, and rewarding lifestyle. Just because you’ve grown up is no reason to stop cycling.

Recall as a younger soul how unrestrained it felt when you realized the limitless freedom and life-changing possibilities your bicycle brought to this youthful world called your life. Bicycles build strong family bonds and strong families.

Bicycles continuously provide enjoyment, frivolity, fitness, sound minds, open minds, strong minds, strong, flexible bodies, complimentary transportation for life, health for life, fun for life, comradery, freedom from the automobiles’ cadaverous boundaries, and freedom from that dollar’s slumberous slovenly grasp on your life’s essence.

Cycling is the most unrestricted, rewarding, and free experience on earth. Cyclings’ side effects are positively life-affirming. Electrified Cycling has revolutionized the possibilities for everyone seeking a more unrestrained state of living.

Cyclings’ physical freedom should not overshadow the economic freedoms achieved as a Full-Time, Life-Time Cyclist. Contemplate the economic freedom of no car payments, insurance payments, repair bills, gasoline bills, or $500.00 tires. Uber or rent a car for road trips.

Cycling is the finest healthcare plan you can purchase when you can’t afford healthcare. I’ve been a subscriber to a bicycle-based health plan for fifteen years, having yet to visit a Doctor. I’ve cycled all the way to Medicare.

It’s a simple question. How much of the rest of your life are you willing to spend trapped in that car while your planet goes up in flames?

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