Healing Indoors, Tasting Europe and A Good Road Trip.

Training indoors and my reluctance to motivate hit the end of the road last week after rolling up on this YouTube Trail. I’ve glided this 30-minute peach of a ride 30 times in the last eight days. I just did three more laps.

Italy’s South Tyrol Lakes Region. Good Enough To Eat. Just Watch 30 seconds To Get A Taste Of This Picture.

I’ve got to ride this route. I want to fly as close as possible to this Stunning Hotel check in and ride up and down this assemblage of perfectly pitched trails as many times as possible in the next five days. You can see the many navigational nuances along this 30-minute beauty; consequently, a local guide would be priceless.

I’ve been cycling indoors throughout Europe via YouTube since December, with this stunning footage from Italy’s South Tyrol Lakes Region standing out and oddly reminiscent of cruising Beaver Creek’s endless steeps and groomers. With the price of a lift ticket today this is as close as I’ll get to Beaver Creek again.

The dynamic Alpine topography of this region is surrounded by Mother Natures’ motivational galleries of Peaks and Valleys.

Next, I think of Greenland’s melting ice sheets, transatlantic flights, and carbon as my cycling thoughts shift towards Vermont’s Green Mountains painted in that vivid autumn palette. I find it difficult, to not give a shit realizing how many beautiful places I can ride my bicycle without getting on a Big Old Jet Airliner again just starting with Colorado.

YouTube with it’s stunning 4K video will have to provide my European fix for now. Even with the funds to fly to Italy, I don’t think I can melt that much ice in good conscience and go on considering myself a cyclist.

Flying to ride your bike is like putting your bicycle on the roof of your car and then driving to and from the trailhead only to ride your bicycle. I flew too much for work supporting my family. I’ve also done my share of traveling for work. New Zealand, Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, Belfast, Dublin, and Dingle. I assume to deny no one the right to travel or the right to think. We all live under different circumstances throughout our lives as the consequences of our actions evolve around us.

There are countless places on this continent I’ve yet to consider visiting. Who doesn’t relish a good road trip with bicycles, camping gear, and no particular agenda?

On a road trip you can have more then one destination. Never underestimate the hassles of air travel. Your travel destiny is out of your control with air travel. The control and flexibility of Road-Tripping put’s air travel in a less appealing light.

Having lived in Vermont, I continually dream of the many spectacular fall rides surrounding my home.

We lived outside Woodstock, Vermont in Bridgewater on the road to Killington Ski Resort, a monster of a mountain in so many ways. Vermont is blessed with delicious natural beauty throughout the state.

At issue is how many great places there are to ride a bicycle between Colorado and Vermont. Should I simply ride my bicycle from Colorado to Vermont?

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