Dynamic Encounters.

Laboring in broadcast news, specifically in the field can proffer an eclectic batch of characters. I dub these characters “Dynamic Encounters.” Jim Bishop epitomizes my dynamic-encounter-theory. It was dawn on September 12th, 2001. Jim was negligibly more than slightly upset with Osama Bin Laden.

A few expletives later and something about his Castle cutting terrorist aircraft in half then Jim got into character and shared his profession. His life’s passion. Jim Bishop is one of the most dynamic encounters I possess. Glimpse for yourself.


This renaissance gentleman’s exuberance was overwhelming. Don’t tell Jim Bishop it can’t be built. Jim could create a bicycle frame of stone.

Envision disbursing your life achieving what you desire? Jim’s wife oozed with love, support, and pride mutually reveling in Jim’s dream come true. Jim Bishop assembled this Castle by hand with no credit and nada debt. We should put Jim in command of reconstructing our nation’s infrastructure.

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