The Last Time I Saw Spencer We Both Had Bicycles In Our Hands.

Father And Son.

Spencer Reap was my son. He was my best friend. Adultery, money, and our dysfunctional court system commingled with a sick mother/wife who took my family and best friend from me.

It is hard to beleive someone I loved so much could be this cruel. Mental health is a slippery slope but navigable with enough of your father’s hard-earned money.

My father-in-law was a Great Man. It is sad to see his daughter use his hard work so diligently to destroy his grandchildren’s lives.

After my family moved away in a whirlwind of betrayal in July 0f 2009 I knew I’d never be a Dad again. My children were young enough to forget I existed at this point. This was part of an insincere women’s plan. Get them away from him young enough, and he’ll soon be forgotten. It worked.

So back to The Last Time I Saw My Son Spencer. I managed to scrap together enough money to relocate to my families new home town. I collaborated with their mom to find an apartment nearby.

Their mom asked me to pick up the boys after school take them to my new rental and make dinner for them the afternoon I arrived.

I flew to Boston took a bus north and moved into my Plum Island rental, walked five miles to purchase a used bicycle to commute on in my new hometown.

As I road my new used bicycle back to the heart of town I made a left turn and there he was standing in front of me. My best friend and oldest son Spencer was walking home from school with his bicycle and a friend.

Our eyes met. The complete state of joy on Spencer’s face only matched by the instantaneous flood of tears overwhelming my soul. Spencer dropped his bicycle, as did I.

We ran towards each other and Spencer jumped into my arms. I was never happier. The look on Spencer’s face that day sustains my soul in the background even today.

Spencer and I headed to my new rental to prepare dinner just as requested by their mom. We were eating dinner when Spencer’s mom called. He instantly looked confused and shocked. He said; “Mom says I’m in a world of hurt.”

Spencer was just as perplexed as I was. She threatened to call the police and accused me of kidnapping my son after I did exactly what she asked of me, as usual. Shen then skidded to a stop in my new driveway on the phone with the cops.

She yelled at Spencer and forced him to abandon the dinner she asked me to cook and serve them. Spencer, who was crying then, and totally confused, just as I was.

I was fearful of going to jail for in my children’s new hometown and the bipolar instability of an adulterous x wife I would not leave my destiny in. After threatening to have me arrested on the phone and denying it five minutes later.

I could see that the guilt of infidelity weighed heavy on this bipolar soul. She would never get better. This dysfunction was on the heels of so many other similar incidents after she’d asked me for help.

I was essentially penniless and about to be arrested for doing what was asked of me. Sadly it was clear to me that my former wife’s mental instability, combined with my Father in laws lifetime of hard work and money, put me at a disadvantage. When someone is willing to tell any lie to protect their lies, and they have more cash? Money talks, and truth always takes the back seat.

I was forced to leave town under constant threat of arrest by an unstable women. I was terrified. I headed back to Colorado with the loyalty and unconditional love of my actual bicycle.

The lies have persisted now for fifteen year and have become truth. My children believe I abandon them and there is nothing I can do to change this fact now, as the truth of their mother’s infidelity puts their lives in The Light Of The Lies she built them upon.

In today’s broken society sucide is a viable and praticale option to any sane man.

Without my bicycle I would have gone down that suicidal road. Only the clarity of cycling keeps me alive. Every ride, my inner voice reminds me. “Frank, you did nothing wrong other than loving an unlovable insufferable woman.”

Now that my three children have grown into adulthood they believe I abandoned them and the truth matters no more.

Now I have a restraining order on all my communications with my children and The Truth will never be their’s.

I need a bicycle ride now. It’s that or suicide. I wish I had the courage to kill myself, but I am a Life Loving Coward despite the enemies I’ve loved. Subsequently, I’ve been alone since 2009, and solitude of this magnitude will test the limits of your willingness to keep riding through this periodically ruthlessly cruel life.

All I ever wanted was To Protect And Sever My Family. So much for total dedication. At least I Still Have The First Amendment; for now! Love can be a four-letter word if you deem it so.

At the end of the day I have this. I created my three children and the lives they live everyday. No one can take that fact from me. I had them in that time of uncondintional love, the only unconditional love on earth. I created that as well. How did I end up with such a destructive partner? Someone so dedicated to the destruction of the unconditional love I had for her. People are strange!

Watch Out For Icy Relationships And Keep On Riding.

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