The Family That Cycles Together Thrives Together.

Cycles adds delicate dynamism to all relationships it’s always fun, fun, fun, and good for everyone in so many ways. A family of cyclists is a healthy, happy, hearty, adventurous, and motivated family unit capable of spectacular feats of unity.

When my siblings and I were growing up our bicycles were the center of our universes. We were the center of our universe as a family growing up in such a beautiful spot. I knew how lucky we were waking every morening. The realization that we could ride and explore anywhere together, to the beach, to the park or picinic, to a neighbor’s birthday party, to the post office/candy store. The freedom of cycling embellished the freedom of our lives on this pristine lake.

I Woke Daily To The Shore Line As Sunrising Flocks Of Birds Obscured My Horizon.

When not cycling we would, building forts, swiming, rope swinging, hiking and exploring in every direction. Fishing, camping, hunting, playing hockey, and skating around our moonlight campfire on our frozen lake was always mystical. We grew up immersed in mother nature’s glories. I long for the simplicity of our youth in this magical paradise. It was easier to be siblings in those innocent times.

I miss the completely united family of my youth on this lake. We were a team. The stresses of life, adulthood, debt, marriage, have deluded my family unit over time. It’s time to put and end to this. I miss both my families. I miss cycling with them. I miss caring for them. I miss beign with them. I miss everything about them. When your from a team of six sibling cyclists and had three children of your own it’s difficult to ride the rest of this journey alone.

Let Us Ride Together Again As A Family.

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