Y’all Can’t Go On Like This!

Emigrating to Colorado in ninety-four. Traffic persists in its breeding. Golden, Colorado is encircled within a carbon cloud ten hours per day. Just look at yourselves day after day stagnating your dynamism in a car. In that self-inflicted gridlocked torment. You see The Rat Race with absolute transparency once you escape it.

Which Lane Is Yours?

Day after day expending cockamamie gasoline and its ominous carbon consequences. Day’s behind day’s decimating your offspring’s fate on a quest of senseless debt. We all must revise our lives or we will undoubtedly do without them.

Y’all possess the horsepower to supersede this mysterious condition. Unless thou fancy decaying in traffic while hemorrhaging resources of all manner; day after day wasting away.

Strive to realize every moment of your life spent in your car spewing carbon into your oxygen could be allocated exceedingly more enjoyably and sensibly elsewhere.

Downsize your existence with an Electric Bicycle straightaway. Harley-Davidson’s Electric-Bicycle line is impressive and affordable when compared with your automobiles’ continuously astronomical expenses. Average yearly gasoline expenses alone will underwrite one of these svelte Harley-Davidsons Electric Bicycles.

Many say. “I need this job and car to cover all my debt.” Sell that garage full of things you don’t use. Sell that second car. Outfit yourself and your family with electric bicycles consequently revolutionizing your lives with cycling’s staggering economics furthermore total life-consuming practicality enveloped within a completely unregulated and free healthcare plan.

Cycling cleanses moreover strengthens your head, lungs, and heart, including life-extending undefinable independence freeing oneself of capitalisms often self-administered handcuffs. Consumerism is a phenomenal penitentiary.

If you are riding solo through life you are ideally positioned for this life-affirming transformation. Sell your automobile. Acquire an Electric-Bicycle. Commence riding it universally.

Quite this job thou loathe. Catch a month off. Job hunt upon your brand-new E-Bike. Discover the career you’ve perpetually yearned for as it stewards a significant chunk of your time hereabouts. “Realize that calling you’ve enduringly fantasized achieving.”

Discover the work y’all yearn traversing. It’s an outstanding time to job bounce via E-Bike. Every evaded automobile excursion holds each life-affirming spoke on your new life-affirming electrified wheels of life.

Looking astern through time via YouTube I remark whereby intelligent people’s significance upon humanity dominated a more profound, factual, and intellectually substantive mediascape.

Dr. Asimov, a Russian immigrant oozes brilliance. As you’ll find Dr. Asimov possesses one of humankind’s most engaging minds. More Asimovian Brilliance Here. This profound man composed and edited over five-hundred books.

Tailor your news cycle along with your life cycle. Democracynow.org covers the planet as if we all live on the same one. This actual news program might necessitate some attention-span recalibration with no commercials tossing you from the train of introspection. If you ride one?

Capitalism has ripened to exemplify immorality with life now expendable and commonsense assassinated in plain sight. The continued selectively ignorant pursuit of that dollar will eradicate us. Human survival requires an immediate society-wide deployment of Electric Bicycles to eradicate capitalism’s murderous grasp on our futures.

If your commute is not presently cyclable start by achieving errands by bicycle. Ultimately, cycling will encompass your life with life-affirming synergies. Synergies wrapping your life in a cycle of fun, fitness, nature, practicality, frugality, self-sufficiency,

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