Rolling Into A Younger Spring With Old Memories.

Your Bicycle Is Your Personal Time Machine.

The first twelve minutes of this Global Cycling Network Show are packed with impressive statistics on aging and cycling’s flattering effects on your age. Check out some very complimentary analyses.

I was just looking at my bicycle looking back at me. I can smell the buds, and spring flowering. That comfortable, warm air. Sunshine and short sleeves. Winter felt like a year this year.

It’s April and snowing, so I’m riding the Italian Alps today. I must admit these European cycling videos are stunningly seductive and challenging. I’m currently addicted to this thirty-minute gem of a ride.

I’d love to book a hotel and local cycling guide at the top of this ride, then spend a week riding up and down this beauty with some friends or family. Seriously it’s a stunning thirty-minute-rolling-downhill beauty shot in the Italian Alps—one in the morning, one in the evening, maybe even three on one or two days.

Alps South Tyrol Lake. Just Thirty Seconds Will Convince You.

It was an injury that got me hooked on these beautiful rides. If you don’t have an indoor trainer yet, don’t wait any longer. Ride in any weather. Stunning rides from the entire planet are at your fingertips, and the weather is unfailingly perfect indoors, with coffee, water, juice, and a vape pen at my side—excellent deployment of that extra dusty bicycle, a new or used trainer, a smart tv, internet connection, and YouTube account and you’re on the road any road. I was cycling in New Zealand yesterday with no jet lag this morning.

When I was seventeen there was my Peugeot PX 10, there were no Mountain or Gravel Bikes, wireless shifters, hydraulic breaks, or kinetic trainers, and this was an unimaginable Italian journey. In 1975 the only coverage of The Tour de France was buried in the fine print of your local sports pages and rarely seen nor mentioned on one of three television networks.

I would leave home alone on that Peugeot at sunrise for the day in search of new roads cycling into the unknown at least every weekend. No cell phone and maybe $5.00 in my pocket, four brothers, a sister, and Mom and Dad, and no one knew nor cared where I was for the day. The anonymity of the ’60s and ’70s was stunningly freeing for me.

Now forty some years later I find myself always alone, desperate for a cycling friend or any friend. Cycling alone has advantages, but cycling alone for sixteen years gets desolate. I am trying to motivate myself for another European adventure from home alone. Maybe Spain today.

Media and Cycling Technology have experienced literal revolutions with all the great cycling films at your fingertips and electrified cycling racing ahead of the pack as cycling and humanity’s future is only getting brighter thanks to the bicycle’s evolution.

The bicycle is humanity’s most efficient and practical invention, with generous benefits only expanding through cycling’s current electrification. Cycling societies are kinder societies.

There are considerable advantages resulting from technological leaps in the previous sixty years, although it’s a lot for a society to digest intellectually in such a short time. So much is now thrust upon us in life. Cycling is a life-changing choice. A choice to move in melody with nature as she intended.

If you structure your life around cycling, you will live a longer, more peaceful, calm, and less hurried life, and even if you ride alone, you must ride on with the countless memories of the earlier rides from earlier days with friends and family.

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