A Brand New Bicycle. A Brand New Life.

On November 4th, 2023 I purchased my first new bicycle in thirty-six years. That first ride on a properly sized brand new frame was liberating to my soul—this Brand New Ride reminded me of The Brand New Life I created.

Instantly I’m taken back to a day with my daughter Olivia. I was shooting HI-8 video of her.

She was singing and dancing a bit. Olivia then asked. “Dad, do you remember when I was Brand New?” How much detail would you like, Olivia? I vividly remember leaving the hospital that day with a Brand New Olivia in my right hand. The first person I ever created. She was beautiful.

My life’s second favorite question followed by my son Spencer asking me? “Dad, when your dead, do you know your dead?” Before I could ponder an appropriate response, Spencer came back with. “You probably just have to wait and see.” My five-year-old Philosopher In Residence.

Every ride on my Brand New Bike takes me back to my Brand New Children. All three of them. Beckett was born the day I was working the NHL All-Star Game in Denver. I met Ray Bourque that afternoon and my third All Star Child shortly thereafter.

Beign a Father was the best experience I’ve experienced. Talk about learning every day. Having younger brothers was an asset for sure. Caring for new people was the most rewarding experience of life. Unconditional love and unconditional learning are unmatched by any life experience—even a Brand New Bicycle.

I Wish I Could Take That Unconditional Family Ride Again!

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