The Best Bicycle For Older Boys.

If your a senior citizen cyclists consider this style of bicycle moving forward. It’s affordable, stable, fast, a skilled maneuver-er, and a tremendously delightful bicycle to ride everywhere you need to go.

You Test Ride One Of These And You’ll Ride it Home!

The Stability Of This Set Up Is Overwhelmingly Comforting At Every Speed.

This bicycle is the best all-around bicycle I’ve ever conceived. It’s stable, fast, comfortable, affordable, goes anywhere in any season, and is great for errands, commuting, recreating, and widespread gallivanting—$ 750.00 joyriding workhorse of a bicycle.

Carbon wheels are price prohibitive and don’t do much to make your hands, arms, back, and butt happier. I keep my tires at max psi. The day I added this Ritchey carbon seat and seat post, there was palatable comfort apparent in my ride. A little flex adds newfound comfort to your seat.

I’m partial to Ritchey’s Carbon Components. They look great and perform even better. I love their winning color scheme.

Schwalbe’s Big Apple Tires. These tires corner like you want, wear well and stick to the road like a snail.

Tires size 29 x 2.35. These wider tires are exceptionally stable at high speeds. This bike is a bit heavier than your typical road bike.

I guarantee if you’re an older rider you will find my Hybrid Mountain Bicycle Set-Up exceptionally reliable and more enjoyable to ride with the added confidence accompanying the additional stability.

A little more weight equates to a little more workout. I don’t get the fascination with weightless bicycles. Railroad tracks, rough roads, and compromised terrain of any category will be more navigable on this bicycle, and your rims stay true year-round. This Bicycle is a Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Trail Bike, Gravel Bike, and everywhere bike.

Bare Ends are excellent for climbing and changing body position while climbing. They function as the gear between the gears for me. Similar to moving my feet on my pedals. When you are at the other edges of oxygen debt a slight change in body position such as your hands to the bar ends or just moving your feet a bit on a long climb. It’s that 1/2 or 1/4 gear change you need in that breath.

Flat Pedals are superior to expensive clip-in pedals and their uncomfortably awkward shoes. Clip-in shoes are dangerous and costly.

Here’s A Sunset Sampler.

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