American Psychopathy. An Unmistakable Result Of Capitalism Persistent Ignorance.

Psychopathy is a condition characterized by the absence of empathy and the blunting of other affective states. Callousness, detachment, and a lack of empathy enable psychopaths to be highly manipulative. Nevertheless, psychopathy is among the most difficult disorders to spot.

Reagan was one. He first made it unpatriotic to pay taxes with his trickledown BS. He believed catsup was a vegetable when he was. He provoked the idea that assisting your fellow American was laughable. He was an actor playing President while manipulated by his equally psychopathic wife. Just Say No. A bitch she was. She and Thatcher are most likely from the same jackal.

Psychopaths are easy to spot today. They are on every so-called news show. The hosts are all Psychopaths of Journalism and their guests are Political Psychopaths. I see it everywhere in America’s dysfunctional personality. All the direct results of capitalism and its centuries of lies. We are manipulated into a state of manipulated comfort. We are manipulated in every waking moment. Advertising? Now that you are the product all bets are off.

We’ve all participated in our own demise by doing nothing but covering our own asses. “I’ve got mine so fuck everyone else.” I’ve got former family members on this list. So when this country elected a psychopath I wasn’t surprised.

Science, reality, and journalism are lifeless which doesn’t leave much of a future for anyone. Most of our politicians are morons and thieves. They bear their selectively ignorant souls in the open and thrive in a country of well-crafted apathetic morons where there is no mirror big enough.

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