Psychopathic American Exceptionalism. Indisputably The Product Of Republican Dopiness And A Derivative Of Capitalisms Lethality.

Psychopathy is a condition characterized by the absence of empathy and the blunting of other affective states. Callousness, detachment, and a lack of empathy enable psychopaths to be highly manipulative. Nevertheless, psychopathy is among the most difficult disorders to spot.” Not Anymore!

He Was Really President. That Say’s It All.

We are psychopathic in our treatment of our life-sustaining planet. Psychopathic about politics, guns, religion, and abortion. Psychopathic about shopping and our stuff. We have psychopathic, gluttonous appetites. Psychopathic elective boneheadedness is the real issue confronting our fellow Americans who deliberately choose idiocy over the facts of life.

Yes, This Is Where You’ll Find Alternative Facts. Or A Place To Sit It All Out.

Infinite growth on a finite planet embodies undeniable mass psychopathy. Grandpa Biden speaks with a forked oily tongue, continuing pursuit of carbon extraction while grasping at paper straws and recently sucking up harder to the Saudis who orchestrated 911. The dismemberment of American Journalists Jamal Khashoggi with a bone saw when he only pursued a marriage license and truth.

Suppose Biden was not senile and not have lived his life inside a Norman Rockwell recollection. In that case, he might motivate a national movement of conservation, uniting this country around the new lifestyles we will all need to avoid our self-induced and self-perpetuating extinction by 2050. I hope to be cycling his age, but Joe Biden belongs on a tricycle. Contemplation of a second Biden term is exorbitant.

Anyone selling their “only car” and purchasing an electric bicycle should get a $3500.00 tax credit and a complimentary water bottle.

Contemplate eradication of every automobile-related expenditure; forever? Rent a car for road trips. Make cycling your primary mode of transport. It will revolutionize your vitality, embellishing your senses’ capabilities to revel in nature every time you put that thing between your legs and accomplish anew.

Biden is a significantly aged man who spent a career trapped in a one/two-party political scheme owned by the selective ignorance and murderous capitalistic greed that brought us here to the brink of our own extinction. It is oddly captivating, overlooking us all killing ourselves because we’re too busy and indebted to stop or care. Or caring is inconvenient to your needs. Psychopathic demeanor?

I ponder what level of disasters it will take to get this country moving in a positive direction for the first time in decades, and that direction can only be green. Once we started sitting on our asses in automobiles to move through life, it was all downhill for humanity. The speed of greed created mediocre everything and a slovenly electorate.

Capitalism has arrived at a juncture where saving humankind is just too darn costly for our tax-dodging billionaires. Taxes are the outlay of a lucid, wholesome, and studious civilization.

Our planet, Mother Nature, is screeching at us to get off these poisonous paths. Screaming at us to get off our asses, out of the automobiles extinguishing us. Downsize your existence. Start researching the job you really want. Possibly closer to home than your current gasoline-powered corporate boondoggle. Consider an electric bicycle. Sell your car or second car. Buy that electric bicycle. Ride your new electric bike everywhere from now on. Save dollars. Achieve the health of your adolescence. Stop visiting doctors. Have a lot more fun living your life on two wheels embedded with Mother Nature, no longer shackled to capitalism’s automobile to an early grave.

The planet is continually burning; our primary concern is the cost of the gasoline killing us as we line up to pay for more at any cost adding fuel to all the fires and dissolving glaciers.

Will we fight future wars for the right to burn more oil only to perpetuate killing everyone on earth at a faster rate because the short-term profits look good just before the end of the world?

The continued destruction of our ecosystem will perpetuate war on everything only perpetuating the end of everything.

In the end, it will be the ignorance of the Ivy League-educated white men that destroys everything and everyone. All the money. All the power. All the needless greed. All the hate-fueled selective ignorance of the white man will be the undoing of everything that provides life. They will blame the cockroaches in the end.

Frank Consideration.

Ronald Reagan was the grandfather of this psychopathic u-turn for Americans. Reagan proclaimed it unpatriotic to pay corporate taxes with his trickle n BS. Ronald believed catsup was a vegetable when he was. He provoked the idea that assisting your fellow American was silly. He finished the destruction of unions and deregulated everything opening the doors to the monopolies driving today’s inflating recession.

He referred to people who needed help as “On The Dole.” I assure you, Ronny, as someone who’s been there, no one wants to be poor, but you and your kind made it impossible to climb out of poverty in America. Reagan was an actor playing President while controlled behind the scenes by his equally psychopathic wife.

Reagan’s long con paved the way for Trump and the Three Ring Circus of Republican Clowns, hammering the last nail’s in what’s left of their coffin full of greed, lies, and stupendously life-threatening selective ignorance as their destruction of everything seems just around the bend.

The GOP Is Dedicated To Destruction Of The Human Race.

All this psychopathic dysfunction is a direct consequence of capitalism’s quest for lies at any profit. People are behind bars for marijuana as the heroin-dealing Sackler Family kills tens of millions through direct collusion with Congress and the FDA. If you have the money, you can buy Congress.

Science, reality, and journalism are on life-support which doesn’t leave much of a future for anyone.

If we are to have a future with any quality of life, Cycling will usher the pathway. Cycling will guide us all to a lucid and proportional life, a balanced, harmonious existence with nature, the way Mother Nature miraculously designed for us all. Not the habits of capitalism and its glutinous billionaires that have made a choice to bring humanity to the brinks of extinction for a few billion more. All the banknotes in the world become penniless in a worthless world.

When hypothesizing the potentiality of other intelligent life in the universe? I ask. Is there any intelligent life on our planet? I’ve yet to detect any manifestations of intellect in the universe I’m currently partaking in. So many of us seem to just not give a shit that our climate, society, and remaining fragments of our perpetually sophomoric democracy are in collapse.

When hypothesizing the potentiality of a deity? It seems if so; he or she appears psychopathic as well. The Creator of human life is Mother Nature, her planet, and her miraculous life-sustaining design in every crucial element of human life.

Cycling has only upsides for your future and humanity. So much needs to change about how we transport ourselves in executing our extravagant daily lives. We need to stop driving automobiles as fast as possible and electric bicycles are a simple, efficient, economical solution to make the jump to two wheels. I did it; twenty years back when the bank assumed my car. Losing my car saved my life.

Cycling is a Lifecycle. If humanity is to save Itself it will be with drastic changes to all our Lifecycles. The most beneficial of all possible lifecycle changes available at the precipice of your extinction is riding a bicycle to every place imaginable.

The more you ride, the greater the possibility of possibility embellishing your new lifecycle.

The Actual Cost of Preventing Climate Breakdown Is Enlightening.

Yuval Noah Hariri brilliantly details how we can allocate just two percent of budgets as a functional, realistic, and deployable fiscal strategy against the harsh realities we have created for ourselves moving forward in this climate revolution. Be part of the climate solution revolution with a new electric bicycle and a new electric lifecycle.

Exceeding all, do not overlook. There are no downsides to Cycling; electrified or pure lung and leg-powered. Cycling represents all our futures. Worldwide Carbon-Free; Free Transportation For All.

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