At Five Miles Per Second, The Best Things In Life Are Free.

A bicycle ride at five miles per second. I Think Not! Yet the manners in which we live are far more dangerous, nonsensical, and suicidal than riding a bicycle at five miles per second. Even with a $50,000.00 helmet.

This planet and all the life it created are miraculous. Believe whatever you choose. The god your birth zip code or king dictated or if Mother Nature is your idea of god. God is telling you to respect your life-giving, life-sustaining planet. Pick a god if you need but heed the warnings regarding your plant. Heed the warnings at five miles per second.

Our Earth is a globe 8000 miles in diameter. Our atmosphere is approximately 60 miles thick, the delicate blue band between your feet and the blackness of space in this photo below.

This paper-thin layer shield’s us from the sun’s lethal energies; simultaneously, in a spinning ballet of sorts just beneath our feet, earth hurls us through space at five miles per second; all the while, we are killing each other willingly and destroying this miracle of a planet that gave us the auxiliary miracle we also under-appreciate know as our lives.

A logically informed foreigner, say from an intelligent universe, might ask. What the fuck are you people thinking?

Indeed. What the fuck are we people thinking? It’s the not thinking afoot here. Humans, more so American humans, prefer not to think about things that inconvenience or impinge on their excessive lifestyles.

Something as giddy as adorning your automobiles with bicycles when you want to ride your bicycle. Nine out of nine bicycle rides are right outside one door or eight others. The last nine times I opened a door, this was the case.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking. The bicycle has always been humankind’s most outstanding achievement as the most efficient and practical mechanism for transporting oneself. Cyclings’ side effects include considerable healthy, life-affirming advantages. Cycling is always fun. Cycling is an effortless exercise with a few hills, some up the others down. Have I mentioned how much fun riding a bicycle always is?

Electrified cycling has now extended the ranges, possibilities, and horsepower of what can be accomplished on two wheels moving forward. The practical, necessary, and overwhelming life-affirming realities of cycling can no longer be overlooked by so many of us.

These narcissistic attitudes are primarily the slovenliness and laziness intentionally bred into Americans since the 1960s and that darn interstate highway system. These highways were the first nails in Main Street USA’s coffins. This was the plan to plant as many American asses into automobile seats for life as possible.

Reality demands otherwise today, as electric cycling and other forms of micro-mobility will be the nails in the automobile’s coffin.

A bicycle gives so much so broadly to you and asks so little. Now electrified cycling has exponentially accelerated the bicycle’s miraculous revolutionary race to save humanity.

Amongst cycling’s numerous benefits, you’ll find fun number one. Fun is emulsified through every aspect of cycling. Merely thinking about riding my bicycle is fun. Try it right now. There you go, exactly my point. You can’t tell me that wasn’t Fun!

In retrospect, everything we do is while hurling through this universe at five miles per second, and yes, the best things in life are free, including your ride on this planet.

So if you’re enjoying living here on earth, something as enjoyable, practical, and good for you as cycling is the best thing you can do at five miles per second.

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