The Miracle Of Life On Earth and How a Seemingly Intelligent Species Fucked Everything Up.

Does anyone wake to realize what a fucking miracle this planet is for us humans each day? It sure feels not! The balance of everything critical to human life is set in place by mother nature and the wizardry of this universe, yet we treat all these miracles of life as a disposable mayo-packet. Suck it dry and throw it out your car window.

Fast Food and the Automobile The Road To Planetary Death.

It is no wonder human life is now as disposable as condiment packets for many. With all his selective ignorance, greed, and ego, the man seems hell-bent on killing anyone in the path of a dollar.

Video games for killers. Movies start to finish violence of every form. Television is all crap with laugh tracks to cover the pointless dialogue. All reinforced by so-called news for the right price.

We appear as a species of serial killers. Constantly murdering the poor and defenseless with innumerable justifications from our gods of destruction. Big Oil and Weapons Manufacturers are the Gods of today’s capitalism and GOP.

The casualness some tolerate other people’s death holds a disturbingly psychopathic endorsement of mass murder. The Japanese were defeated, yet we had to swing our nuclear dick to show the world our plan for democracy in a mushroom cloud of Japanese Cremations. We’ve learned nothing evermore manipulated in this capitalist puppet show as a species.

Americans need to change their excessive ways. None of us requested to come here, yet many of us believe we are somehow better? Overindulgence fuels the thoughtlessness of our outrageous capability to hate all we refuse to comprehend. Selective ignorance is infected with deception when stubbornly embraced.

Cycling daily will change your mindset towards everything and everyone ingraining every day in nature, not the seat of your automobile and its poisonous capitalist tentacles grasping at your soul. Less debt = Less Stress = Less Hostility = Healthier, Happier, More Passionate, Empathetic Cycling Soul Brothers and Sisters.

Embrace cyclings influentially vigorous route to transforming the economic habits controlling you from that automobile. In sixty years of cycling, I’ve never preferred to be elsewhere. Rain, Sun, Snow, Rain, Snow, Sun, Rain, and Snow. Every day on your bicycle has your best interest in mind.

At $5.00 per gallon and climbing your bicycle puts real money in your pocket with affordable, fun, invigorating, universal healthcare with all those automobile-related expenses behind you. Your new economic future unfolds in every new life mile explored.

If you want to engage with your life, get out of that car and abord a bicycle as you are wasting away in every way, every day until you do.

I was homeless at that time, carless. A tent and my bicycle were administered to my needs. As my preceding needs diminished and transformed, I glimpsed at needs differently.

The overwhelming common sense and frugality within a cycling life will arouse your senses. The price of gas and everything will continue climbing along with the unanticipated climate effects.

Chase the wisdom of cycling creates a life transformation now as it will eventually come to us. This cycling dynamic will change your life for the better as the life-affirming powers of cyclings genius show you how to truly live each day to its fullest. These dynamics are not plausible when captive to the vehicle’s life-numbing helplessness.

Consider how much of your life is passing you while sitting on your ass in that car? Consider what that car really cost your life.

The automobile is the epicenter of the capitalist jungle. Just step on the gas and go get it. Need or not? That gas pedal is killing you through numerous manipulative monetary methodologies. All these manipulations eluded aboard your bicycle. Full-time bicycle commuting eradicates debt.

Minus instantaneous shifting of transportation methodologies, humanity’s history will be erased from universal history by humanity’s selective ignorance. No one will know how ironically ignorant we truly were. Not even our Gods of Oil, War, and Dollars.

Unravel your suppressed vitality around a bicycle every day. The life you salvage could be your own.

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