The Ten Commandments of Cycling.

Take These Ten Commandments of Cycling. The Exclusive Way To Travel, Live, and Experience This Astounding Life-Giving Planet.

  1. Thou shall never covet an automobile.
  2. Thou shall always covet thy bicycle and ride it everyday.
  3. Thou shall never engage thy automobile when thou may journey via thy bicycle.
  4. Thou shall take Cyclings name in vain.
  5. Thou shall nevermore adorn an automobile with a bicycle.
  6. Thou shall strive to sell that automobile.
  7. Thou shall ride thy bicycle in The Full Moon’s Light treasuring Mother Natures immense power over ones life.
  8. Thou shall share the life-affirming glory of cycling with all.
  9. Thou shall never purchase gasoline again.
  10. Thou shall be stunned by this astounding new life style.

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