Circumcise Big Oil To Castrate War.

Oil is killing us. Killing us with cars. Killing us with enduring forms of pollution. Killing us with stress. Killing us with debt. Killing us with war.

Idle bodies foster idle minds correlating to an idle life. Your vitality is idling away in a car. Jumpstart your life with electrified cycling.

Help Humanity Circumcise Big Oil and Castrate War Evermore With Your Electric Bicycle.

Our extinction is now merely beyond the crossroad yet I see no change given the sobering scenario unfolding at our hands. Selective ignorance is in full swing as America’s drone capitalist populous drives willingly off a cliff dubbed reality.

Anyone not considering an Electric Bicycle with gasoline soon exceeding $5.00 not to mention the looming climate death of everyone by 2040 without this efficiently electrified cycling action. Our persistent ignorance will not suspend the impacts of the decades of incognizance proceeding us.

Mass deployment of electric bicycles is humankind’s single most effective tool against our warming war-laden planet. The government should subsidize any electric bicycle purchase with additional incentives with proof of the elimination of your car via sale or scrap.

Consider never buying gasoline again? Consider how could this extra cash embellish your new life outside that automobile? Consider never paying car insurance again? Consider no registration fees and taxes. Consider no tires or maintenance cost. It’s a considerable pile of coins. Every year for the rest of your life. Consider all this extra cash. Consider renting a car for distance vacationing.

Consider that owning a car is a disproportionate and frivolous outlay just adding unwarranted stress with unflattering slovenliness. Reshape your life now with just two wheels. It’s an astoundingly liberating awakening.

Consider Owning an Electric Bicycle Now! It Will Reshape Everything About You!

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