My Unconditional Love Of Cycling.

Love. A word. For some, a four letter word. Some believe love is some sort of tool. There are two pure forms of love. The unconditional love you receive from your children while they remain your children. A pet’s unconditional love? A different genre of love.

A bicycle’s love is an all-consuming love you can count on for a lifetime. The rewards of this love affair have followed me throughout my journey cycling this planet.

My bicycles unconditional love is palatable. My bicycles love is always there for me. My bicycles love eminently rewards me for my love. It heals my soul. The sight of my bicycle moves my love for life further down the road in every day’s stunning life-fulfilling ride.

I love cleaning and maintaining my bicycle. My bicycle loves having its chain cleaned. I can immediately feel the love of its clean chain adoring me back. “All I need is some tasty wave and a clean chain.”

Everything about a bicycles love comes back full circle in my love of life. Cycling immereses me in nature the instant I touch my pedal. In that same instant I’m meditativly transformed and bonded with nature. Nature is life, and there is no love without life.

So take care of mother nature if you love life and love loving. The more we ride our bicycles, the more we love life and mother nature, and the more we love each other, the more we love life.

So love Mother Nature, Cycling, and each other; unconditionally, love with conditions is no love at all. It’s a transaction. I suffered under transactional love for too many years. Transactional love destroyed my family.

The ego of a transactional lover reminds me of The Blob.

My bicycle’s love in those days of destruction kept me on track. It was the only love I got and prevented me from riding off a cliff on many occasions.

So love your bicycle, love mother nature, love somebody. Unconditionally because life is not ‘t meant to be lived or experienced as a transaction but as I believe, an interaction, a dance with more give and take, and less take and take!

Give your bike some love now. Your life and your lifes lovers will love the results.

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