Self-Propulsion. An Accelerating Notion.

I haven’t possessed a car in twenty-two years, so I’m ballparking here for your consideration. Hopefully, you will? Electrified Cycling Economics-101 follows.

Annual Automobile Expense Calculations:

Car LoanInsurance Registration, Taxes, Fees?Tires, Oil Changes, Service Plan, Surprises.Gasoline: 3750 miles @ 50 Miles Per Day For 300 Days Commuting 15,000 miles annually to work.
$5000.00$2500.00$550.00$4500.00$5000.00 @ $5.00 per gallon.
$17,550.00 Call It $21.550 including personal usage.

$21,550 plus additional cash we hemorrhage galivanting about this capitalist junk-food jungle in our automobiles. Also, life’s hidden and most deadly expense stress thrives in the motorcar.

With twenty years stress-free on my bicycle, the stress is omnipresent when I find myself in a car. I was helping a friend move on the I-25 corridor north of Golden, Colorado, and I felt a Los Angeles nightmare teetering at 1:27:27 PM. The traffic was horrendously stress-filled. It was grid-locked from Fort Collins to Denver. If you really need to be somewhere, you must leave the day prior. A new normal.

Returning home after the move and this traffic apocalypse, I scrambled for my bicycle’s stress-shedding magic.

Electric Bicycles Have The Horsepower Too Supply Climate Salvation If We Arrive At Our Senses In A Punctual Mode.

Time is not ours for the wasting furthermore. Are we really going to continue down this excessive road furthering our own demise? If you have young children, I’m going to presume you have some concerns about their destiny on this burning and flooding planet. Electric Bicycles should play the leading role in a society-wide transformation getting our asses out of automobiles. We all need to slow our lives to a sane and livable pace outside cars, out oil, outside debt.

Electrified cycling will do the trick if you really want to reduce your debt while reaffirming your life. Anyone can do it. Even Network News Hosts.

With the end of civilization approaching, it is stunning that most Americans do not care. A planet struggling with climate turmoil will tumble into war with new reasons to fight instead of share or care. Absent drastic change, our propensity for selective ignorance will fall prey to the war machines’ carnivorous appetite for earnings.

David Wallace-Wells’ “The Uninhabitable Earth” is a sobering look at the realities facing us all without drastic action now. This article was published in NY Magazine in 2017 yet I’ve seen no reaction? If all cars stopped functioning tomorrow you’re going to wish you had a bicycle as it will be everyone’s first choice.

The tax dollars wasted on the nuclear weapons we are theoretically never to use would enable millions of us live with our heads above the capitalist waters we’re continuously treading in?

Electrified Cycling is your most efficacious monetary harpoon for deflating the monstrous tires of capitalism’s oil-funded war machine, deforesting our planet, deforesting our souls. Deforesting our lives.

Get out of the rat race. Get out of that car. Help save your climate. Take your life back aboard an electric bicycle tomorrow.

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