61 Years Shrouded In Socialism. Staggering Through Stupidity. Surrounded By Seniors.

OK, I’m only 62. Since that July 1961 evening in Scranton, Pennsylvania. My appearance here. I sent no request to come here. once ariving, I’ve meticulously observed the descent of civil society. The insolvency of common sense, which onetime supported this teetering society. The demise of truth. The end of the common good. The end of all brotherhood. The termination of economic equality.

Yes, everything holding this shit show together has come apart at the seams because no one is willing to pay for the needles and threads anymore, let alone the seamstresses who keep all our bullshit stitched up enough to make it believable to us.

You’ve got to have a diamond-encrusted, solid gold thimble in a virgin baby seal skin case for a brain to think as such.

Paramount of the recent endings is the ending of Respect For Our Elders. As a child, boy, young man, man, and old man, I’ve always looked to and up to my elders. It has served me well as a primary source of understanding across all spectrums of learning and knowledge I’ve encountered. Everything of significance and life-affirming value I’ve discovered learned and carried with me in this life spawned from the brain of someone older than me.

So all of you 20, 30, 40. 50-somethings know it all know-nothings. If you haven’t done it before, shut the fuck up, put down that phone and pay attention, and listen to The Old Guy In The Room.

A so-called man attacked a grandfather with a fucking hammer on his way to attack a grandmother with a fucking hammer. This disgusting level of selective incognizance would be unimaginable during my childhood grandparents were revered. In today’s civilization, how anyone could tolerate such haniousness towards anyone, let alone two grandparents stagger me.

Ignorance will kill us all before we begin to comprehend how exceptionally stupid we have been in our treatment of each other over the last forty years. Our willingness to be lied to will be our ultimate undoing as the cumulative effects of such overwhelming selective ignorance and the resulting tsunami of feedback loops comingle with yet-to-be-realized after-effects of such tremendous intentional stupidity will unleash either unadulterated madness or steadfast genius.

George Floyd was lynched live on YouTube. The look on that cop’s face as he willingly committed murder in front of millions was telling. Reality says poor lives do not matter at all. It’s a rapidly growing list. The poor and elderly living in poverty in America. A rapidly growing list.

Older People Know More Than You Merely By Living Longer. Our Experiences Define Us.

The GOP felt it would be cheaper during the pandemic if all our seniors (your grandparents) would just go off and die out of sight. It is impossible to argue with the monumental stupidity of the GOP’s platform of nothingness. When there is nothing to stand for, there is nothing to argue for, and the key here; is nothing to comprehend.

Remember that every so-called old person has worked and paid a lifetime of taxes so you and I could go to school, have roads, streets, fire departments, parks, and rivers to play in, and all the other things about this society you underestimate and don’t forget libraries. Many books in most libraries were penned by someone Older Than You.

If caring for our elderly relatives, friends, neighbors, and grandparents equates to socialism, bring it on. If socialism means functional roads, highways, sidewalks, parks, libraries, schools, clean water, fire departments, sewers, and all the other life-supporting elements for your use. There for your taking. Yes, That Is Socialism!

Most technologies in that iPhone were paid for by taxpayer-funded military research dollars. Yes, that’s socialism at work in plain sight; like all tax dollars, socialism working in plain sight.

Our hard work and tax dollars fund all the good stuff in life. Withhold your tax dollars from war but keep paying taxes into our teetering democracy it needs every penny from us; the poor and hardworking people who have always worked, voted, and pay taxes, are the people who keep this boat afloat.

If Corporate America does not start paying taxes again, society will collapse soon, especially with environmental collapse accelerating. The poor and this devoured middle class have been finished off, picked clean by unprecedented inflationary greed profiteering by the very corporations that never pay taxes in America. The pandemic was the beginning of this corporate looting. It will continue this Normalization of Madness.

I leave you pondering Kubrick’s Dawn Of Man Opening Scene from 2001: Kubrick was almost an old man but still comprehended much filmmaking expertise. This scene certainly foreshadowed plenty about us since hitting screens in 1968.

This looks similar to Capital Hill on January 6th, 2021, but I’m sure these Apes didn’t go to college or high school.

Maybe have your Grandparents over for Dinner and a Movie. If they live nearby, maybe you still walk on those socialists’ sidewalks for Family Visits?

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