Ninety-Four Days With No Salt And Pepper.

Yesterday after ninety-four days without riding my bicycle outdoors, I returned to the enchantment of cycling outdoors for ninety-four rejuvenating minutes of Cycleology with Mother Nature.

Real Momentum.

Riding indoors is a fantastic option when injured or hostage to weather, but it’s oddly analogous to not seasoning your cooking with salt and pepper. A Kind of Flat Tasting Experience. I am grateful for those stunning 4K rides through glorious European terrain I might never see otherwise.

I was scarcely rolling outside yesterday when the magnificence of Colorado instantly inhaled me and my bicycle—welcoming me back with open sunny skies in a vortex of Mother Nature’s miracles. It felt like getting my superpowers back, and that indoor trainer did its job despite the absence of salt and pepper.

The bicycle is to date our only real-time machine as it transports our imaginations in that instant we touch that pedal. Cycling’s contribution to prolonging a youthful lifestyle is undeniably compelling.

H G Well was an avid and visionary cyclist whose imagination knew nothing of the boundaries of man’s conjured-up physical limitations.

Speaking of conjured limitations, I just had my friend drop off a few ounces of motivational mushrooms unexpectedly.

This unexpected enchanting delivery will resulted in an evening ride in the full moons company. Is timing everything? A Full Moon with Salt and Pepper commingled with Psilocybin’s capacity to eliminate the effort from effort while cycling intrigued me throughout the moonlight evening.

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