“My Dad Can Even Talk To A Plumber.”

“My Dad Can Even Talk To A Plumber.” This brilliance was laid on me growing up by one of my private-school-neighbor kids. I told him Darwin knew a plumber? His mindset sums up the unsettling state of mind running amok.

It’s a mindset that’s led us here to a place where killing babies is justifiable to so many and selective ignorances dominate governance. A world where money supersedes anyone’s life; given the properly justifiably profitable circumstances. Like sacrificing your grandparents to the virus as if disposable lighters.

It’s a mindset fostered in private schools as this kid personified the tremendously ignorant education private school vomits up with every graduating class of dynamic new ignoramuses.

Gun Laws and the NRA. What needs to occur is a school shooting at The Elite Private High Schools or Ivy League breeding grounds. I vomit when I hear the statement “Well he is a Harvard or Yale man.” There are no men in Private or Ivy League Schools and it has been the Harvard and Yale men that have destroyed an entire planet thus far. All the world’s problems originate and perpetuate via Ivy League Diplomas.

Disgustingly Rich Peoples’ power, greed, and selective ignorance destroyed the planet and they’d like to blame the poor and powerless. Murderous corporate power owns our government. The electoral college is a joke. The Supreme Court? A two-party system in a country of forty tampon brands?

We had a president who broke every law on the planet. The worst human in history. He is worshiped by the proudly ignorant and religiously lies to them for their votes. Everything is ass-backward when you follow an ass-backward.

Our lives circumstances are directly tied to where, and to whom we are born. A varying Fictional Religion is then forced down all our throats based merely on our geographic birth coordinates. Are there different Geographic Gods?

Religious bull-shit was troubling enough, the merger with Capitalism’s Evil and Greed has all but sealed the deal for humanity on this narrowing path back to reality. If you don’t stir the shit we will all sink in the shit.

So many willingly know so little and get furious when challenged by reality. This is a precarious place for the residue of our democracy. Residue Of Our Democracy. Noam Chomsky offered these striking words in Requiem For The American Dream a deeply awakening look into the controllers of this life all oozing from the Ivy League privately educated nepotism of history.

My Dad Would Talk To Everyone.

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