Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle. Just Get Back On It.

Both require fun, a sense of humor, balance, agility, flexibility, stamina, patience, resilience, a youthful spark, a sense of durability, adventure, and a willingness to glimpse beyond appointed boundaries,

That sums it up. Life and Cycling coexist in a complimentary synergy of life-affirming benefits. Cycling has been good to me and is directly responsible for my survival on this planet. Cycling reminds me that we were put here to enjoy living life, not too slowly evaporate from the planet while inching our way closer to death for some God’s sake.

Once upon a time my son Spencer asked me at seven. “Dad, when you are dead do you know you are dead?” As I grappled with his philosophical pondering, he came back with this. “You probably just have to wait and see.” Spencer certainly hit the nail on the head with that one. Just wait and see. Truer words have never been uttered about this meaning of life thing.

Yes life is like cycling. Don’t overthink it. Just enjoy the ride while you can. The more you put in the more you get out. Now just sixty-two and electrified cycling only encourages my motives and horizons. The more of the US on bicycles, the more of the US on bicycles. You see my life-affirming point here.

I’ve fallen many times thus far in cycling and life. Most times, I knocked myself down. Once, I was knocked to the ground by someone I loved; that hurt and was devastating.

I got back on my bike and I’m still riding today and life keeps rolling on.

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