Cycling Drives Reality.

As self-inflicted extinction approaches it appears that capitalism’s sweeping ignorance has downright swallowed reality. When you lie to yourself to be part of a misguided group of know-nothings it’s a Red Flag.

It’s on their faces embedded in the uncertain hate of seeded dread. Their real apprehension is fear of their lives propelled by selective ignorance. Essentially believing in what is most convenient and most profitable to you and blaming poor people when the bills for decades of this selective ignorance are due.

All our problems are of our own ignorant creation. Ignore anything long enough and it will catch up with you; then pass you by leaving you in the dust of extinct procrastination.

Take, for instance, driving your car when you can ride a bicycle. It’s a self-serving act of selective ignorance. Cycling is the single most influential positive effect you can make on yourself.

Your automobile is fueled by the madness of capitalism collusion with big oil. A bicycle is fueled by you and a common-sense vitality, with your practical day-to-day needs just a ride away. Not what Madison Ave’s madness has in mind for you ensnared in your car and cell phone worlds.

The stunning disregard of life will indeed bring the death of us. In my life, anyone who stood for peace was assassinated by corporate America and its privatized tax-payer-funded, viscous military-industrial complex.

With Putin’s nuclear cloud hanging over humanity in a world left in turmoil by Bush’s war for a dying energy source. Oil and coal were headed the way of the steam engine prior to Mr. Bush’s greatest strategic failure in human political history.

Imagine if all those war dollars had flowed to Green Energy. Not forgetting the war crimes and untold murder of so many incents in the name of Bush’s Democracy. He brings democracy even if it kills you.

We continually lose wars and somehow swallow them as victories. War is ravaging the planet with enormously unrestrained chemical, nuclear, and carbon pollution every day. Our planet is in the process of killing us all yet we parade on killing each other with seemingly endless justifications while continuing the development of nuclear weapons with frightening dedication. Exactly what kind of species are we? We kill everything including planets.


Ten I was as this Public Service Announcement jolted my youthful naivety. We continue polluting our world at rates exceeding our selective ignorance. This should be freighting?

In the past 365 sunsets, we shattered the world record for carbon pollution not to mention methane’s deadly level of potency. As the price of gas in California hits $7.00 per gallon if you are not riding a bike you best be paralyzed.

Inflation and climate collapse should be incentive enough to motivate anyone with common sense to get on a fucking bicycle now. Your life will be embellished and if there is enough common sense cycling through our patriotic veins we might have a shot at salvaging this life-sustaining environment we have forced to the threshold of our lives sustainability.

Conserving our world in the life-sustaining miraculous scenario Mother Nature devised for our thriving is our only path forward.

Life will never thrive in a motorcar. “Stupid Is As Stupid Does.” Forest never drove a motorcar. He was blessed. With common sense.

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