The Childlike Artistry Inside The Shear Joy Of Movement.

A Gathering of Histories Athletic Artistry.

Sebastien Coe, Larry, Magic, Don Budge, The Unknown Cyclists, Bodie Miller, Steve Prefontaine, Fausto Coppi. Wayne Gretzky.

The best at their best look so effortless. I was courtside for a few Bird, Magic Shows in The Garden. They were in their own universe playing a separate game simultaneously. Fascinating to see in person. The calm effortlessness of their absolute confidence in one’s own perfection, I was witnessing two genius moving through another time, dancing around the other players as if controlling them. Covering either of them looks frustrating at best.

Coe, Budge, Miller, Prefontaine, Coppi, Gretzky, Bird , Magic were all masters of their games. Their artfully joyous movement through their workspace yielded genius like no other. They were masters of their games.

I played many sets with Don Budge well into his 60s, a wizard on the court, moving his opponents around the court like chess pieces with little apparent effort.

Seeing Bird and Magic in person, you could see the game inside them from that first fist pump. The child-like look in their eyes as they taunted each other till that clock ran out, and hopefully, there would be one more Celtic Lakers Epic in play. Whoever won the series primarily sucked because we had to wait another year to see Larry and Magic at play.

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