ReCycling Life With Two Wheelin Synergy.

Everything is pushing us. Pushing us to spend. Pushing us to work more. Work harder. Work faster. Live faster. Stealing our time. Rushing yields to mediocrity. I see only the rush of overwhelming mediocrity in the US.

A Populus of mediocre lives yields a pathetically mediocre nation. Mediocre is a gentle word to describe today’s state of our crumbling union as we stumble through the residue of this polluted democracy that never really was. A two-party system in a land of one hundred cereal and toothpaste brands. If you’ve never comprehended any truth, you must ask yourself. Why start now? History is the lie we allow ourselves to swallow. If you are enjoying life as a know-nothing pawn manipulated at every juncture, so be it.

Don’t rush thru your life dulled by the capitalist mediocrity forced on us when you can cycle thru life dynamically engaged with it, free of the economic shackles stifling your existence. Consider just your annual automobile-related expenses?

It feels there’s never enough time yet time and basic human needs have not changed over time. We have every modern convenience, overnight delivery of socks, and instant delivery of anything digitized and we still struggle with time. Everything is easier to attain but life. Reattain your life with a bicycle or electric bicycle.

We’ve been chasing time at a mind-numbingly accelerating pace since the internal combustion engine disrupted Mother Nature’s intended plans for civilization. All the internal combustion engine did was expand the pace of greed and selective ignorance.

“The most baleful mischiefs may be expected from the unmanly conduct of not daring to face truth because it is unpleasing.”

Thomas Malthus.

All advertising is delusion-based bull-shit and we are surrounded by it. The coup d’état over the human brain for advertising jackals was the cell phone e. Now they are truly in your pocket while owning your brain and in control of all your consuming emotions. We’ve evolved into puppets without strings with all those carnivorous capitalist puppeteers in our pockets, brains, and souls.

When we were younger Consumer Reports Magazine was where you researched the facts on most products. Yes just “The Facts.” If some corporation is paying tens of millions to produce one ad, you can be assured it is designed to bullshit you not inform you.

Cycling is as liberating as it gets today. Cycling embodies freedom for one’s soul. Every ride conjures up the escaping cycling escapades of my youth. The most practical way to dispose of a day’s bull shit is on your bicycle. Once rolling your life is balanced in flawless synergy. Want to be 100% in control of your time? Cycling is your solution. The bicycle is the perfect conglomeration of mechanics, effort, and results.

Consider this Cycling Synergy Stew? When cycling you are commuting not polluting. When cycling you are simultaneously commuting, exercising, enjoying errands, acquiring health, feeling younger, having a great day, saving money, not in a car, getting stronger, wiser, living longer, and most critical you are living. Your car is a road to a paralyzing, debt-ridden, slovenly, early death. GET OUT NOW!

Most American Men I witness appear as if they couldn’t think about twenty push-ups let alone produce them. As for their practical mechanical skills, understanding of their physical space, and knowledge of tools?

Once aboard, cyclings’ positively overwhelming freedom will magnify your existence with a reinvigorated philosophy on time and freedom. Motorcars are about as far from freedom as one can get on earth. Automobiles are essentially gas-powered rolling jail cells we pay for in so many life-devouring ways.

I’ve been car-less and doctorless twenty years rolling. If you can’t afford health care a bicycle produces a terrific Health Care Plan. Complete control of your time. More control of your health, finances, sanity, and atmospheric future on this planet. Cycling furnishes it all. Always has. Always will.

If you are continuously in the rush of unrest you are out of control as another’s agenda is most likely driving your existence. Life will pass pointlessly fast when racing through it under constant manipulation. How much of your life are you spending in traffic? On those apps? Because that ain’t living.

The kitchen I work in is populated with younger souls who rush through everything constantly assembling a series of traps and impediments for themselves immune to experienced advice they seem happy to stumble in this routine every evening. They struggle in a rush to be mediocre by handcuffing themselves with the breadcrumbs of half-done tasks.

If you despise your work? Get out alive. I had one corporate gig. It all but killed me with the dullness of incompetent uninspirable leadership with the creativity of an unpopped corn kernel.

40 million electric cars would eliminate the United States’ need for foreign oil. Three Hundred Forty-Three Million, Five Hundred and Fifty-Seven Thousand, Six Hundred and Twenty-Five Electric Bicycles would eliminate oil and war. So would eliminating our gluttony, slovenliness, and apathy.

Yes, bicycles can do all this for US. We is the USA and the USA is US. It is easier to be wiser than intentionally idiotic. If only our selective ignorance and hate were energy sources? Selective Ignorance is a life of lying to yourself and constantly forcing lies down one’s throat will prove overwhelmingly consequential to your existence and companionships.

The Period Of Life I Spent ReCycling Here Was Splendidly Sane, Simple, and Peaceful. It Was The Awakening I Required. It All Revolved Around This Bicycle And Leaving Our Maddening Society In The Dust.

When I had little and a bicycle multifarious roads of opportunity opened. Previously unimaginable life changes were thrust on me with comprehensive poverty heading the list. My bicycle became the center of my new life. It refined my life. It embellished my life. It restarted my life. It gave life to my life. It saved my life.

Allow a bicycle to save yours. Cycling full-time will prove the best decision for your transient dash on this journey known as life. Get out and live it watching it pass by you thru windows no more.

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