The United States of ADHD.

We represent a diverted, distracted, digitized, redirected, manipulated, managed, controlled, overseen, pivoted, sold, and coded heard of digital slaves. We are undoubtedly not The United States.

If you don’t have ADHD Apple, Samsung and the others can provide it with a monthly service contract embedded with social media’s conspiratorial collusion. Now there is Zipperberg’s Metaverse. He needs a metaverse since he is incapable of being a human.

In a local coffee shop yesterday. Five tables with three to six people at each. Every one of them stared at their phones, mesmerized as if none of them were actually there at all. I was tempted to drop my pants to break the digital ice but they seemed too small-minded.

Just attempt to look each other in the eye passing on the sidewalk. Good luck. You might accomplish eye contact if you seize the phone from their hands or, drop your pants?

We’re tragically disillusioned gazing into our master’s tracking devices selling us the futures they see fit for us. We are controlled by artificial intelligence manipulated by money-hungry megalomaniacs picking our pockets while playing strip-poker with our souls.

The insanity of this self-inflicted insanity is insane. If you look to Facebook for news it’s because you are too slothful to learn anything challenging your skewed views. Ingesting and spewing shit is not learning. Americans flock to bullshit as if flies and when faced with the truth they lay eggs in shit.

With a cell phone, you can be the star in your own hand-held ego-driven movie. You believe you are the director but the executive producer has all your control. Your individual Truman Show. Your life for sale to the advertising vultures waiting to devour it. At this point, you are a tool with no control over your existence living on dopamine hits from a cell phone.

That phone denotes incarceration for the soul in your pocket that you willingly pay for. You are the product as you prostitute yourself to the psychopathic greed of capitalism’s deliberate greed-driven madness. Money established the roots of all evil and capitalism nurtured them. When learning to ski in the late 60’s it cost $3.50 a day to ski. Today one day at Vail $220.00 plus I imagine $50.00 for parking.

Infinite growth is fostered and chaperoned by the comprehensive selective ignorance of power and its eventual and clearly intentional descent into the madness of today’s capitalist narcissistic nihilism believing in nothing but more dollars.

When shackled to the dollar your life is owned and not by you.

Most are oblivious to Mother Nature’s astounding gifts. Without constant appreciation and interaction with Mother Nature, there is no true appreciation of your life. You are just a drone with a phone losing more control over yourself with every glance downward.

Are you wasting your life looking down?

If it’s free you are the product. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat all refer to their subscribers as “User”. Junkies are “Users” to drug pushers. Take the Sackler family as an example. They have the entire country of “Users” with their National Heroine Pill Popping Campaign.

Under capitalism’s poisonous self-delusions Mother Nature has obviously become expendable and with our population utterly distracted by tech giants’ manipulations. It seems the extinction of all humans is not on our warped social radars with no one possessing the attention span to begin understanding. Most pathetic are those who ‘Just can’t be bothered by all that stuff.”

I work as a Prep Cook. Countless recipes are memorized, under constant scrutiny, and open to potential adaptation. I was crafting a Curried Beef Stew. One twenty-something coworker asked me a few questions on the process.

Seventeen seconds into explaining the basic ingredients he looks to his phone and starts facing on Facebook. I returned my focus to the stew. Two hours later, stews in my belly he asks again, phone in hand in mid text for my time and stewing knowledge. I told him to google it under Dinty Moore.

I’d sooner lecture myself all day than endure a phone drone. I’m sure he purchased that can opener microwave app.

These boys in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s seem to know everything about nothing. If you are a man-boy in your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s and you can’t line a trashcan or open a container of mayo you might want to exchange that cell phone for a pair of pliers and a pocket knife. The squad I work with can’t sweep a floor with any competence.

To every message ever posted on “social media” I say. Who fucking cares. It all reeks of narcissism.

Accumulating stuff is now more important than actually living. Living in harmony with and loving nature as the giver of all life. Loving sunrises, sunsets, wind, water, skies, moons, stars, clouds, rain, snow, trees, animals. The fact is everything about Mother Nature is a fucking blessing and if people would have revered her as much as their manufactured contradictory capitalistic gods the world would have been a better place for all.

The intentionally uneducated hate themselves for choosing a stupid life and they’ve been corralled in a possie of selective ignorance by the GOP’s downward slide to hate everything and everyone not white. Now their leader has ignited the bonfire of America’s long-festering tolerance and subliminal embracing of racism.

I specifically can’t apprehend how so numerous preferably go out of their ways to engulf the bull-shit when the truth they need is all around them, not to mention believable. Start with the air you breathe.

Do these folks want to learn anything or continue on in their sheepish self-delusional life of selective ignorance? The irony of Q and IQ. I wish Geroge Carlin were here. Mr. Carlin was the supreme vanquisher of linguistics.

I’ll guarantee, cycling daily will evolve to cycling as your primary mode of transport. It’s just around the bend and your life will be immeasurably sweetened as you encounter the nature of youth again aboard your bicycle.

Cycling is a complete escape just out your door. The moment you touch that pedal all your senses synergize with the bicycle as you roll free of it all with nature at your side.

It’s the comingling of abilities that exhilarate your mind while cycling. Your mind, body, senses, and a simple machine all collaborate to relax and enrich your life.

When cycling I want for nothing more. My mind, imagination, nature, lungs, legs, all harmoniously Groovin with gravity within nature’s treasures aboard humanity’s most luminous invention.

Cycling can save your life and with enough of US doing it we might save our environment for anyone you might care for or love anyone else. But if “You just can’t be bothered by all these facts” so be it.

Cycling is impervious to bull shit. Cycling’s encyclopedic benefits will overwhelm your life with common sense.

A life sustained by cycling is a life of common sense reinforced by a constant cycle of health, wisdom, and, fun. Cycling will make you more self-sufficient, practical, youthfully adventurous, and reaffirm your relationship with Mother Nature. Mother of all.

The bicycle is our most effective tool for eliminating capitalism from our lives and our futures. Cycling has no downside. Ponder the total freedom your bicycle represented as a child? Be that child again and refine your understanding of this life. It’s as easy as riding a bike.

If you truly want to break free of all life’s bull-shit on a continuing basis a bicycle is the most beneficial life-affirming chainge you can make overnight. A bicycle will take you for the best ride of your life time.

Since my car was repossessed in 05 everything has been a life-enhancing healthy adventure. Eliminating a car frees up a lot of cash for an electric bicycle and a more engaging dynamic lifestyle you will never lament.

Riding your bicycle every day keeps the Doctors away. Riding your bicycle every day keeps the madness at bay. Riding your bicycle every day is the quintessential way. Way to a dynamic, healthy, frugal lifestyle embedded in a constant cycle of fun. Cycling is always fun. Is your life on the starting line of fun?

Capitalism put us in this hurricane of day-to-day insanity. Electrified Cycling is the clear path to a healthy sustainable life and world. We are on the brink now. Will you take the ride you know your life needs. Or just text your life away.

The Maroon Bells. Picture Perfect Attention Span.

With the intention of making a long story longer. To live and comprehend this life you must remain in contact with a bike.

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