Pedaling Debt While Vanquishing Capitalism.

Lifes nemesis; debt. Most ensnared in it. All stalked by it. Innumerable extinguished by it.

Cycling is life’s most invigorating path to spontaneous debt unification while embroidering your life across its spectrum. Unquestionably cycling will dilate your spectrum on paths only discovered through forthright day-to-day participation.

Humanity exists as a consequence of Mother Nature’s elegant miraculousness. Most of US go about our days randomly mauling our life-giving planet constructing one capitalistic justification after another. Capitalism has bedazzled most of these facts of our lives. Downsizing debt will preserve you while diminishing capitalisms’ excremental effects on your planet.

Authorize Cycling’s far-reaching monetary advantages to chainge your financial realities. Cycling will peddle your debt out of existence if you simply take this revolutionizing life-affirming excursion on these stress-free unexplored roads of healthy frugality.

We all continuously shit on our life-giving planet with the same ease we breathe its air. Deployment of a bicycle is the foremost efficacious contribution you can make to yourself and this planet. Erasing as many cars from the planet as possible with bicycles is the most promising future we hold. Electrictrfied Cycling has eluded your old excuses.

The bicycle is humankind’s universal instrument for vanquishing capitalism’s haunting and bloodthirsty effects on our dynamism. Chasing dollars as we exterminate ourselves. Is this what we’ve become? Too indebted to care. Too indebted to live. Too indebted to breathe freely. Too indebted to be yourself, that person you were possibly born to be but got trapped in a rat race where the system narrated what your life is to be. A Debt Slave?

Chainge the gears on your life’s bank statements directly with your own life-affirming cycling revolution. Escape debts Rat Race on an Electric Bicycle tomorrow. The practicality of Electrified Cycling can not be overstated.

Make the bicycle your primary mode of transport. Your life will be sweetened with every ride in ways only to be uncovered through participation in this balanced trajectory of lifestyle.

Add up your annual automobile expenses. All of them? Cost an Electric Bicycle. Construct your own equation. Bike + You = Total Health and Financial Stability cocooned in a constant state of fun, enjoyment, exploration, self-sufficiency continuously de-stressing your presence.

Your automobile is the primary component of your enslavement and you pay for it every day with fragments of your life. Acquire a bicycle and start honestly living. Or continue disintegrating in deficit enmeshed in that four-wheeled capitalist sarcophagus. It’s killing you and your planet. The counterproductivity of this absurdity overwhelms all logic.

Cycling must be ingrained within mortal life as we roll towards our future or there will simply be no future. It is our only path to saving this planet from ourselves while restructuring transportation, business, and day-to-day life aboard the bicycle. The Electric Bicycle Specifically.

If I had a billion of other people’s dollars I would design and build an electric bicycle. Made in America. Not for profit but for humanity. Philanthropy is a scam. It’s not giving when you set the ego-inflating, tax-cutting regulations of philanthropic frolicking. It’s marketing. Just pay your taxes at least at the rates I pay or shut up.

Nevertheless, these look like revolutionary bicycles, and with Volkswagon, Ford, Harley Davison, and Ducati turning out electric bicycles investors are hopping on board this electrified cycling revolution. If we don’t get our asses out of motorcars now our asses are indisputably condemned.

I’m sixty going on seventeen; gratitude to my bicycle for the last eighteen years. May ask. How do you live without a car? Stunningly. I live stunningly thank you. The world afforded me aboard my bicycle was inconceivable with my essence duped by capitalism. It was losing everything that allowed me to realize how little was required. I turned to my bicycle perpetually in 2004. It Chainged my life in modes I never fathomed achievable singly on two wheels.

Bicycles are divine mechanisms for augmenting life. A dynamic instrument for battling capitalism’s omnipresent ills. The very ills devouring your life and our world. Cycling is a methodology for living the way Mother Nature planned for US. A delicately balanced life at a sustainably brisk pace.

The bicycle is your deficit eradicator simultaneously spinning pleasure, frugality, daily adventure, brain-stimulation, fun, complete health, enjoyment, practicality, free transport, continuous learning, delight, immersion within nature, levity, self-sufficiency, fun, common sense, enlightenment, and most noteworthy of all cycling benefits. Cycling is forever moving.

Electrified Cycling has poised most errands, tasks, and commutes merely a bicycle ride away.

If you are single it’s a no-brainer. Sell your car and buy an electric bicycle. Any family will benefit from a cycling metamorphosis. Sell that second car to finance the required bicycles.

Chainge your life. Chainge your planet. Chainge your economizing. All it takes is two wheels and a lust to live. To Live Debt-Free with capitalism’s bloodthirsty delusional falsehoods in your past.

Aboard your bicycle, every errand, commute, and pleasure ride will be the highlight of your days as cycling becomes an essential highlight in your life.

Having experienced a life endowed with variety I’ve navigated more occupations, quarters, sports, lawyers, bank accounts, automobiles, competitions, diluted relationships, depleted families, insane bosses, a myriad of traumas, and the periodic brush with death. One thing I’ve always relied on is Cycling’s invigorating escape mechanism.

The instant I touch a bicycle I flee the stressful trappings of survival by enrolling in Mother Natures’ Treasures.

“Most persons are so absorbed in the contemplation of the outside world that they are wholly oblivious to what is passing on within themselves.” Nikola Tesla

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  1. […] The automobile is the epicenter of the capitalist jungle. Just step on the gas and go get it. Need or not? That gas pedal is killing you through numerous manipulative monetary methodologies. All these manipulations eluded aboard your bicycle. Full-time bicycle commuting eradicates debt. […]


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