American Idiots, Hungry Squirrels, Cable TV, and The Incremental Side-Effects Of Our Cognitive Devolution.

As I concede my senior citizen rank, I see just how far we’ve fallen as a civil society in just sixty-one years, with the last forty exceptionally moronic.

The Republican’s forty-year dedication to the destruction of humanity is culminating in complete madness. A so-called man assaults a grandfather in his 80s with a fucking hammer on his way to assault a grandmother in her 80s with a fucking hammer because he wants to take back “His Country.” The personification of American Ignorance, the “Take Back My Country Line.”

This all commenced with shared community hilltop antennas, squirrels, and my TV Repair Men. In the age of journalism, CBS, NBC, ABC, and PBS. No commercials during nightly news broadcasts which actually contained authentic news. Walter Cronkite represented journalistic integrity before capitalism clawed its way into our newsrooms.

Walter Cronkite said this to the nation and had the influence and credibility to do so. Reagan’s death blows to the Federal Communications Commission were the nails in journalism’s coffin and paved the way for Roger Ailes, FOX, and the Murdoch families’ empires of lies.

Vietnam, Iraqi, Afghanistan? All wars were created through intentional lies by a handful of war profiteers.
The Kennedy Brothers’ efforts to put an end to war ended them. Today war is entertainment. War is a distraction from our climate demise.

Don’t forget. The poor people with no money, no food, no power, no nothing, who just want to pick your vegetables are really here to destroy America through their vegetable-picking network of baby-eating revolutionaries who consider caring for each other a virtue worth possessing as a human.

As capitalism clawed into network newsrooms, Peter Finch, Faye Dunaway, William Holden, and Robert Duvall showed just how poisonous one dollar can be to a newsroom.

NETWORK: This Riveting Film Encapsulates Capitalisms Attack On Our Newsrooms In A Foretelling Of Journalisms Demise.

Today’s mediascape is pure bullshit. As for American Idiots? Those who look to Facebook, Twitter, and any form of social media for actual news are bullshitting themselves into a reality where they are morons on purpose. I’ve always found it more palatable to research and accept the truth than it is to convince yourself to hate someone you do not know or understand just because they are not white or as stupid as you seem to be aiming for. We’ve lost war after war and believe we are some sort of winners. Winners in ignorance, I submit. “Give me back my country” As children, we pledge our allegiance without ever understanding it. Where you go from there can be a shifting fall-line of facts.

I was reared on shared neighborhood television. Our homes were connected to a network of neighborhood antennas. The junction boxes were feasts for the squirrels. They seemed to enjoy eating coaxial cable insulation versus the innumerable acorns colonizing the forest bed. These cable tv repair adventures involved a walk in the woods and perhaps a startled squire.

Our TV Repair Man maintained our community antenna network. The primary issue was squires chewing the junction cables from the antenna to each home. He would leave a stash of ten-inch cables at each antenna site to replace the squire’s snacks. Were these squires endeavoring to protect America from the coming Cable Television Apocalypse?

Then came the coaxial apocalypse. With compression technology’s progress came a new tsunami of advertising and opinion. Television news was necessary and a Public Service back then, whereas what it’s devolved to I would argue a pointless distraction from the truth.

Acknowledgment of past mistakes and misdeeds is critical to a civil civilization’s progress. Learning that our ancestors were assholes is just part of life. Just think of the living relatives you have, and it’s not a leap of faith to understand relatives or not; moronic assholes are just that. You can choose your friends, but it’s difficult to educate a relative moron. Especially the younger ones who know so much of so little. Those with the least experience and experiences proclaim to know everything.

When civics was taught, so was common decency toward one another. We were all Americans before Reagan’s trickle-down class-warfare con job, which amazingly still trickles as a theory. All it’s ever been. Electing a shitty actor as president was the beginning of the devaluation of the American Presidency.

It was key to dumb down the voters before unleashing an idiot like Reagan on the GOP’s gullible and uncoerced swallowers of ignorance. Reagan is a sort of grandfather of boneheadedness for the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene.

He read nothing and knew nothing. As the republicans discovered they never planned to help anyone other than the cash whores pulling their strings of dogmas, Reagan was the ideal puppet for the puppeteers of cash. The puppeteers of all your thoughts?

Back to the hungry squirrels circa 1970 who regularly chew through the coaxial cable of the community antennas atop our high points. I would rendezvous with our local TV Repair Man to assist in replacing the squirrel-devoured cables with new coaxial jumpers. He foretold of the coming cable television devolution. A land with hundreds, if not thousands, of tv channels just waiting to be filled with bad ideas. All through one twisted wire, Americans will welcome these twisted-thought invaders into their homesteads. Then Madison Avenue and Wallstreet’s confiscation of the American Family will be complete.

In a rush to report the day’s manufactured truths and lies for a dollar, the truth was trampled to extinction by romance for a dollar. It seems everything sustaining life now takes a backseat to the ignorant pursuit of profit. Even if it kills us. Is your entire existence based only on transactions? Have you done any actual living?

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

Upton Sinclair.

Upton Sinclair unquestionably exemplifies America in these words. Like or admit it, or not. We are all Debt Slaves. How your enslavement affects your soul and treatment of each other will determine your place between an exemplary or immoral life. Do you have no convictions because of your salary? Do you stand for nothing but money?

Capitalism claims it has no limits. Today the limits of capitalism’s long and intentional ignorance of its own ills and lack of self-critique have proved to harbor all the limits we’ve all so long, so desperately, so strived to ignore in a shrowd of our own capitalistic insensibilities.

I suggest riding a bicycle and or an electric car out of this madness. Kill your television. Buy a new electric bicycle or analog bicycle with the cash you’ve been wasting on that cable television bill killing your mind and body.

The only way to steer clear of the madness steering you astray thus far is on a bicycle. Cycling has no downside, unlike capitalism’s deadly paths of planet-killing lies and ignorance. Stay stupid and die or get smart and ride forward. Kill your television. Eliminate that carbon-powered car. Ride your bicycle to your library and read some history for yourself before it’s gone. The family that cycles together learns together.

Do not forget capitalism will kill everything it touches, especially the American Family Unit, for at the core of capitalism lie the lies it needs to justify its pure, deadly greed, which defines its core. Greed will continue being greedy even while you lie to yourself about it.

Could you be this stupid and not willing to change? If you were an intentional idiot would it not be your right to actually know it?

Is there a rerun of Friends on now?

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