Electric Bicycles, Nuclear Fusion, And Heat Pump Systems.

The Future of Transportation, Energy, and Reality Is Racing Towards US. Can American Souls Lead This Planet Again.

Every Electric Bicycle reduces our need for Saudi Oil. You know those guys we buy oil from that cut up an American with a bone saw and most likely dissolved his body with acid into a sewer. We ignore that for oil? Jimmy Carter’s energy plan was the road we needed to stay on, and then came Reagans’ senility and selective ignorance.

A “Real Patriot” would definitely ride an electric bicycle and or deploy an electric vehicle thus suggesting those murderous Saudis “Go Suck A Dry Sandy Egg and Wash It Down With Crude.”

The more we each save, additionally we all yield. Together we can preserve quite a lot. Historically we’ve accomplished so much together with “American Souls.”

The more we care for each other, the stronger we are together. This “I got mine and fuck you” attitude must go. When I grew up, everything was made here, and everyone was much nicer to each other.

A time when we had what I refer to as “American Souls.” These “American Souls” had a strong sense of national unity, and a strong sense of community, and elders were revered. Most importantly, inequality was not entirely out of control and one good paying job fueled more American Souls.

Basically, everything is so fuck up because the majority of the US constantly works while starving on the edge of homelessness as we’ve been conditioned to hate everything and everyone we don’t understand by ultra-wealthy people who can’t make their own ham sandwich or change a car tire.

We started outsourcing intelligence, innovation, and genius because there was insufficient profit in leading the world collaboratively, humanistically, industrially, medically, and technologically. We literally decided that leading the way on so many frontiers just didn’t have enough short-term profit.

We are now the World’s Number One Weapons Dealer. Everything else we’ve pretty much sucked at since capitalism got its hedonistic claws so deep within Our American Souls.

The Middle Class was at its best Unions were plentiful, and corporations still proudly paid taxes and provided pensions. Then NAFTA, cheap shit, and cheap labor were force-fed to every American with cable televisions wasteland of Wallstreet and Madison avenue’s deadly delusional braindead version of life. All that’s in your pocket now is the iPhone.

There was a period in our history when the US led the way on basically everything. Capitalism lost sight of itself as greed infected reality with the concept of infinite growth on a finite planet as the first step out of reality for us all. Everyone can not have everything. We’ve been conditioned to believe innumerable capitalistic fairy tales like these. Especially the twisted deadly lies regarding our climate spun by Exxon Mobile for decades.

Bill Nye explains Nuclear Fusion and the revolutionary possibilities of this Tax Payer Funded breakthrough at the United States Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Tax Payer Funded = Socialism. Socialism has always been a critical element of our society. Relying on each other to build and sustain a viable society is a good plan because I’m sure it can’t be accomplished alone.

We installed Heat Pumps at our restaurant and reduced our energy outlay by over %50.

Yuval Noah Harari & Neil deGrasse Tyson reinforce most of my prior ranting here. Fascinating minds, brilliant conversation, and historical perspective.

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