Cycling Drives Reality.

As self-inflicted extinction approaches it appears that capitalism’s sweeping ignorance has downright swallowed reality. When you lie to yourself to be part of a misguided group of know-nothings it’s a Red Flag.

It’s on their faces embedded in the uncertain hate of seeded dread. Their real apprehension is fear of their lives propelled by selective ignorance. Essentially believing in what is most convenient and most profitable to you and blaming poor people when the bills for decades of this selective ignorance are due.

All our problems are of our own ignorant creation. Ignore anything long enough and it will catch up with you; then pass you by leaving you in the dust of extinct procrastination.

Take, for instance, driving your car when you can ride a bicycle. It’s a self-serving act of selective ignorance. Cycling is the single most influential positive effect you can make on yourself.

Your automobile is fueled by the madness of capitalism collusion with big oil. A bicycle is fueled by you and a common-sense vitality, with your practical day-to-day needs just a ride away. Not what Madison Ave’s madness has in mind for you ensnared in your car and cell phone worlds.

The stunning disregard of life will indeed bring the death of us. In my life, anyone who stood for peace was assassinated by corporate America and its privatized tax-payer-funded, viscous military-industrial complex.

With Putin’s nuclear cloud hanging over humanity in a world left in turmoil by Bush’s war for a dying energy source. Oil and coal were headed the way of the steam engine prior to Mr. Bush’s greatest strategic failure in human political history.

Imagine if all those war dollars had flowed to Green Energy. Not forgetting the war crimes and untold murder of so many incents in the name of Bush’s Democracy. He brings democracy even if it kills you.

We continually lose wars and somehow swallow them as victories. War is ravaging the planet with enormously unrestrained chemical, nuclear, and carbon pollution every day. Our planet is in the process of killing us all yet we parade on killing each other with seemingly endless justifications while continuing the development of nuclear weapons with frightening dedication. Exactly what kind of species are we? We kill everything including planets.


Ten I was as this Public Service Announcement jolted my youthful naivety. We continue polluting our world at rates exceeding our selective ignorance. This should be freighting?

In the past 365 sunsets, we shattered the world record for carbon pollution not to mention methane’s deadly level of potency. As the price of gas in California hits $7.00 per gallon if you are not riding a bike you best be paralyzed.

Inflation and climate collapse should be incentive enough to motivate anyone with common sense to get on a fucking bicycle now. Your life will be embellished and if there is enough common sense cycling through our patriotic veins we might have a shot at salvaging this life-sustaining environment we have forced to the threshold of our lives sustainability.

Conserving our world in the life-sustaining miraculous scenario Mother Nature devised for our thriving is our only path forward.

Life will never thrive in a motorcar. “Stupid Is As Stupid Does.” Forest never drove a motorcar. He was blessed. With common sense.

As Our Nation Yields It’s Intellect Cycling Merges With Sanity.

If you cycle daily you see the light. Cycling is advantageous to everything and every body. Cycling is the healthiest and vitally functional pathway of residing and blossoming on and with earth. Continued denial of the automobile’s utterly disastrous impacts on everything and every body is utterly cockamamie.

Cycling will bring you to your maximum conceivable state of living, stifling the slovenliness staggering your soul with bedazzling automobile acrimony. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just released this reality.

“There is beauty in silence and there is silence in beauty and you can find both in a bicycle!”

-Mehmet Murat İldan.

George Carlin was a Comedian and Philosopher who had the best take on God and the entire shebang.

Lifes madness is most easily eluded aboard your bicycle. Cycling is undoubtedly life’s premiere form of therapeutics. Today’s most dynamic instrument for living in comprehensive harmony with yourself and your planet is the bicycle. This is a fact you can live, or die by.

Your bicycle's dynamism?  Never underestimate it.  It will bring you here.  It will fetch you there.  In  all your whiles.  With a smile and a glee.  That's good.  For you and thee. Frankly speaking. If a chainge you are seeking?  Reaping cycling's heaping's will prove esteemed of all life's keepings.

Y’all Can’t Go On Like This!

Emigrating to Colorado in ninety-four. Traffic persists in its breeding. Golden, Colorado is encircled within a carbon cloud ten hours per day. Just look at yourselves day after day stagnating your dynamism in a car. In that self-inflicted gridlocked torment. You see The Rat Race with absolute transparency once you escape it.

Which Lane Is Yours?

Day after day expending cockamamie gasoline and its ominous carbon consequences. Day’s behind day’s decimating your offspring’s fate on a quest of senseless debt. We all must revise our lives or we will undoubtedly do without them.

Y’all possess the horsepower to supersede this mysterious condition. Unless thou fancy decaying in traffic while hemorrhaging resources of all manner; day after day wasting away.

Strive to realize every moment of your life spent in your car spewing carbon into your oxygen could be allocated exceedingly more enjoyably and sensibly elsewhere.

Downsize your existence with an Electric Bicycle straightaway. Harley-Davidson’s Electric-Bicycle line is impressive and affordable when compared with your automobiles’ continuously astronomical expenses. Average yearly gasoline expenses alone will underwrite one of these svelte Harley-Davidsons Electric Bicycles.

Many say. “I need this job and car to cover all my debt.” Sell that garage full of things you don’t use. Sell that second car. Outfit yourself and your family with electric bicycles consequently revolutionizing your lives with cycling’s staggering economics furthermore total life-consuming practicality enveloped within a completely unregulated and free healthcare plan.

Cycling cleanses moreover strengthens your head, lungs, and heart, including life-extending undefinable independence freeing oneself of capitalisms often self-administered handcuffs. Consumerism is a phenomenal penitentiary.

If you are riding solo through life you are ideally positioned for this life-affirming transformation. Sell your automobile. Acquire an Electric-Bicycle. Commence riding it universally.

Quite this job thou loathe. Catch a month off. Job hunt upon your brand-new E-Bike. Discover the career you’ve perpetually yearned for as it stewards a significant chunk of your time hereabouts. “Realize that calling you’ve enduringly fantasized achieving.”

Discover the work y’all yearn traversing. It’s an outstanding time to job bounce via E-Bike. Every evaded automobile excursion holds each life-affirming spoke on your new life-affirming electrified wheels of life.

Looking astern through time via YouTube I remark whereby intelligent people’s significance upon humanity dominated a more profound, factual, and intellectually substantive mediascape.

Dr. Asimov, a Russian immigrant oozes brilliance. As you’ll find Dr. Asimov possesses one of humankind’s most engaging minds. More Asimovian Brilliance Here. This profound man composed and edited over five-hundred books.

Tailor your news cycle along with your life cycle. covers the planet as if we all live on the same one. This actual news program might necessitate some attention-span recalibration with no commercials tossing you from the train of introspection. If you ride one?

Capitalism has ripened to exemplify immorality with life now expendable and commonsense assassinated in plain sight. The continued selectively ignorant pursuit of that dollar will eradicate us. Human survival requires an immediate society-wide deployment of Electric Bicycles to eradicate capitalism’s murderous grasp on our futures.

If your commute is not presently cyclable start by achieving errands by bicycle. Ultimately, cycling will encompass your life with life-affirming synergies. Synergies wrapping your life in a cycle of fun, fitness, nature, practicality, frugality, self-sufficiency,

The Greatest Tennis Match Ever Courted.

I had the benefit of sharing some life with Don Budge. Attending and working for his Tennis Academy for some years. It was the 1980 Wimbledon Men’s Final The Greatest Tennis Match Ever Played?

Mr. Budge had a moderate ego for a legend and I’d attended many anecdotes from his 1937 Davis Cup Men’s Final.

Don Budge vs Germany’s Baron Gottfried von Cramm. Mr. budge won in a stunning five-set classic referred to by many, including Mr. Budge, as the greatest match ever. The pressure on Baron Gottfried von Cramm was immense given the geopolitical turmoil in 1937.

American Bill Tilden was coaching the German Team compounding the pressure for Budge while von Cramm had Hitler on his back. Following Jesse Owen’s Olympic schooling Adolf the prior year in Berlin failing was not an alternative for the Barron.

So I’m watching the Borg, McEnroe Wimbledon Final with Don Budge and the other coaches drinking canned Bud. Following this stunning exhibition from Borg and McEnroe, Don Budge himself anointed this Borg, McEnroe stunner as “The Greatest Tennis Match Ever Played.”

This experience was like winning a Grand Slam. Sitting with Tennis Royalty drinking cheap beer, witnessing the transcendence of the game by McEnroe and Borg and his excellency conceding the progression of tennis superiority.

Well into his sixties, Mr. Budge still held mastery over the game. His athletic prowess was reflected in all his movements. He seemed to be always everywhere on the court. Invariably waiting on the ball, he was.

Playing as his occasional double partner over those summers I was; the wizard’s apprentice. A blessing those times were.

He Moved As Water ala Bruce Lee.

I was fortunate to have shared court time and significantly this Wimbledon landmark with Mr. Budge, Borg, and McEnroe.

The Vigorously Momentous Economic Common Sense of Cycling.

Cycling epitomizes common sense and electrified cycling merely accelerates my point. In a country evolving towards inoperable madness cycling is a road to sanity paved in common sense. Our occupational and automobilist lifestyles have engulfed us having driven everything we require for life beyond all tipping points.

We can capitulate to these facts reacting with practical common-sense measures such as electrified cycling or continue on the stress-paved roads of life this stifling consumerism. It’s a simple solution once free of that automobilist’s mindset.

During my six decades on dirt, I’ve detected the calculated dumbing down of a nation and the annihilation of this planetoid. The consequences stand unmistakable to all. Patriotic idiocy thoroughly embellished through persnickety incognizance.

If all motorcars ceased to function hereafter bicycles would be everyone’s foremost choice precisely as materialized during the initial pandemic as the incalculable common-sense, life confirming blessings of cycling came racing back to life.

When cycling I never grieve traffic, gas prices, insurance, and registration expenditures, not to mention whenever cycling I feel so fucking good. Unattainable this feeling is in a fucking car. I imply the more fun in life the more life in life. Cycling is a fun, practical, frugal, invigorating, life-proclaiming mode of riding through life’s time.

Cycling’s lucid spectra stand infinite with eternal pathways of discovery down every unexplored route. The regenerative credentials of cycling supply the cognitive dynamism and supplemental lucidity fundamental to persisting on this dying planet we cultivated.

What’s it to be? To be or not to be? The path to a cycle of sane living? Or a polluted life of delusionary self-inflicted plant-killing persnickety incognizance?

A bicycle; possibly gathering dust; or one of these sleek electric cycles will chainge your life and perhaps preserve our life-giving, spirit-nourishing planet from exterminating us as she makes the necessary self-preservatory modifications in compensation of our slovenly delusional ignorance.

I proffer this. The foremost time-traveling apparatus on this planet I’m cognizant of fits between one’s legs. Ride your bicycle day-to-day. Your repressed environmentalist conscience will ease in every passing league of disentangled introspections.

Pedaling Debt While Vanquishing Capitalism.

Lifes nemesis; debt. Most ensnared in it. All stalked by it. Innumerable extinguished by it.

Cycling is life’s most invigorating path to spontaneous debt unification while embroidering your life across its spectrum. Unquestionably cycling will dilate your spectrum on paths only discovered through forthright day-to-day participation.

Humanity exists as a consequence of Mother Nature’s elegant miraculousness. Most of US go about our days randomly mauling our life-giving planet constructing one capitalistic justification after another. Capitalism has bedazzled most of these facts of our lives. Downsizing debt will preserve you while diminishing capitalisms’ excremental effects on your planet.

Authorize Cycling’s far-reaching monetary advantages to chainge your financial realities. Cycling will peddle your debt out of existence if you simply take this revolutionizing life-affirming excursion on these stress-free unexplored roads of healthy frugality.

We all continuously shit on our life-giving planet with the same ease we breathe its air. Deployment of a bicycle is the foremost efficacious contribution you can make to yourself and this planet. Erasing as many cars from the planet as possible with bicycles is the most promising future we hold. Electrictrfied Cycling has eluded your old excuses.

The bicycle is humankind’s universal instrument for vanquishing capitalism’s haunting and bloodthirsty effects on our dynamism. Chasing dollars as we exterminate ourselves. Is this what we’ve become? Too indebted to care. Too indebted to live. Too indebted to breathe freely. Too indebted to be yourself, that person you were possibly born to be but got trapped in a rat race where the system narrated what your life is to be. A Debt Slave?

Chainge the gears on your life’s bank statements directly with your own life-affirming cycling revolution. Escape debts Rat Race on an Electric Bicycle tomorrow. The practicality of Electrified Cycling can not be overstated.

Make the bicycle your primary mode of transport. Your life will be sweetened with every ride in ways only to be uncovered through participation in this balanced trajectory of lifestyle.

Add up your annual automobile expenses. All of them? Cost an Electric Bicycle. Construct your own equation. Bike + You = Total Health and Financial Stability cocooned in a constant state of fun, enjoyment, exploration, self-sufficiency continuously de-stressing your presence.

Your automobile is the primary component of your enslavement and you pay for it every day with fragments of your life. Acquire a bicycle and start honestly living. Or continue disintegrating in deficit enmeshed in that four-wheeled capitalist sarcophagus. It’s killing you and your planet. The counterproductivity of this absurdity overwhelms all logic.

Cycling must be ingrained within mortal life as we roll towards our future or there will simply be no future. It is our only path to saving this planet from ourselves while restructuring transportation, business, and day-to-day life aboard the bicycle. The Electric Bicycle Specifically.

If I had a billion of other people’s dollars I would design and build an electric bicycle. Made in America. Not for profit but for humanity. Philanthropy is a scam. It’s not giving when you set the ego-inflating, tax-cutting regulations of philanthropic frolicking. It’s marketing. Just pay your taxes at least at the rates I pay or shut up.

Nevertheless, these look like revolutionary bicycles, and with Volkswagon, Ford, Harley Davison, and Ducati turning out electric bicycles investors are hopping on board this electrified cycling revolution. If we don’t get our asses out of motorcars now our asses are indisputably condemned.

I’m sixty going on seventeen; gratitude to my bicycle for the last eighteen years. May ask. How do you live without a car? Stunningly. I live stunningly thank you. The world afforded me aboard my bicycle was inconceivable with my essence duped by capitalism. It was losing everything that allowed me to realize how little was required. I turned to my bicycle perpetually in 2004. It Chainged my life in modes I never fathomed achievable singly on two wheels.

Bicycles are divine mechanisms for augmenting life. A dynamic instrument for battling capitalism’s omnipresent ills. The very ills devouring your life and our world. Cycling is a methodology for living the way Mother Nature planned for US. A delicately balanced life at a sustainably brisk pace.

The bicycle is your deficit eradicator simultaneously spinning pleasure, frugality, daily adventure, brain-stimulation, fun, complete health, enjoyment, practicality, free transport, continuous learning, delight, immersion within nature, levity, self-sufficiency, fun, common sense, enlightenment, and most noteworthy of all cycling benefits. Cycling is forever moving.

Electrified Cycling has poised most errands, tasks, and commutes merely a bicycle ride away.

If you are single it’s a no-brainer. Sell your car and buy an electric bicycle. Any family will benefit from a cycling metamorphosis. Sell that second car to finance the required bicycles.

Chainge your life. Chainge your planet. Chainge your economizing. All it takes is two wheels and a lust to live. To Live Debt-Free with capitalism’s bloodthirsty delusional falsehoods in your past.

Aboard your bicycle, every errand, commute, and pleasure ride will be the highlight of your days as cycling becomes an essential highlight in your life.

Having experienced a life endowed with variety I’ve navigated more occupations, quarters, sports, lawyers, bank accounts, automobiles, competitions, diluted relationships, depleted families, insane bosses, a myriad of traumas, and the periodic brush with death. One thing I’ve always relied on is Cycling’s invigorating escape mechanism.

The instant I touch a bicycle I flee the stressful trappings of survival by enrolling in Mother Natures’ Treasures.

“Most persons are so absorbed in the contemplation of the outside world that they are wholly oblivious to what is passing on within themselves.” Nikola Tesla

The United States of ADHD.

We represent a diverted, distracted, digitized, redirected, manipulated, managed, controlled, overseen, pivoted, sold, and coded heard of digital slaves. We are undoubtedly not The United States.

If you don’t have ADHD Apple, Samsung and the others can provide it with a monthly service contract embedded with social media’s conspiratorial collusion. Now there is Zipperberg’s Metaverse. He needs a metaverse since he is incapable of being a human.

In a local coffee shop yesterday. Five tables with three to six people at each. Every one of them stared at their phones, mesmerized as if none of them were actually there at all. I was tempted to drop my pants to break the digital ice but they seemed too small-minded.

Just attempt to look each other in the eye passing on the sidewalk. Good luck. You might accomplish eye contact if you seize the phone from their hands or, drop your pants?

We’re tragically disillusioned gazing into our master’s tracking devices selling us the futures they see fit for us. We are controlled by artificial intelligence manipulated by money-hungry megalomaniacs picking our pockets while playing strip-poker with our souls.

The insanity of this self-inflicted insanity is insane. If you look to Facebook for news it’s because you are too slothful to learn anything challenging your skewed views. Ingesting and spewing shit is not learning. Americans flock to bullshit as if flies and when faced with the truth they lay eggs in shit.

With a cell phone, you can be the star in your own hand-held ego-driven movie. You believe you are the director but the executive producer has all your control. Your individual Truman Show. Your life for sale to the advertising vultures waiting to devour it. At this point, you are a tool with no control over your existence living on dopamine hits from a cell phone.

That phone denotes incarceration for the soul in your pocket that you willingly pay for. You are the product as you prostitute yourself to the psychopathic greed of capitalism’s deliberate greed-driven madness. Money established the roots of all evil and capitalism nurtured them. When learning to ski in the late 60’s it cost $3.50 a day to ski. Today one day at Vail $220.00 plus I imagine $50.00 for parking.

Infinite growth is fostered and chaperoned by the comprehensive selective ignorance of power and its eventual and clearly intentional descent into the madness of today’s capitalist narcissistic nihilism believing in nothing but more dollars.

When shackled to the dollar your life is owned and not by you.

Most are oblivious to Mother Nature’s astounding gifts. Without constant appreciation and interaction with Mother Nature, there is no true appreciation of your life. You are just a drone with a phone losing more control over yourself with every glance downward.

Are you wasting your life looking down?

If it’s free you are the product. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat all refer to their subscribers as “User”. Junkies are “Users” to drug pushers. Take the Sackler family as an example. They have the entire country of “Users” with their National Heroine Pill Popping Campaign.

Under capitalism’s poisonous self-delusions Mother Nature has obviously become expendable and with our population utterly distracted by tech giants’ manipulations. It seems the extinction of all humans is not on our warped social radars with no one possessing the attention span to begin understanding. Most pathetic are those who ‘Just can’t be bothered by all that stuff.”

I work as a Prep Cook. Countless recipes are memorized, under constant scrutiny, and open to potential adaptation. I was crafting a Curried Beef Stew. One twenty-something coworker asked me a few questions on the process.

Seventeen seconds into explaining the basic ingredients he looks to his phone and starts facing on Facebook. I returned my focus to the stew. Two hours later, stews in my belly he asks again, phone in hand in mid text for my time and stewing knowledge. I told him to google it under Dinty Moore.

I’d sooner lecture myself all day than endure a phone drone. I’m sure he purchased that can opener microwave app.

These boys in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s seem to know everything about nothing. If you are a man-boy in your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s and you can’t line a trashcan or open a container of mayo you might want to exchange that cell phone for a pair of pliers and a pocket knife. The squad I work with can’t sweep a floor with any competence.

To every message ever posted on “social media” I say. Who fucking cares. It all reeks of narcissism.

Accumulating stuff is now more important than actually living. Living in harmony with and loving nature as the giver of all life. Loving sunrises, sunsets, wind, water, skies, moons, stars, clouds, rain, snow, trees, animals. The fact is everything about Mother Nature is a fucking blessing and if people would have revered her as much as their manufactured contradictory capitalistic gods the world would have been a better place for all.

The intentionally uneducated hate themselves for choosing a stupid life and they’ve been corralled in a possie of selective ignorance by the GOP’s downward slide to hate everything and everyone not white. Now their leader has ignited the bonfire of America’s long-festering tolerance and subliminal embracing of racism.

I specifically can’t apprehend how so numerous preferably go out of their ways to engulf the bull-shit when the truth they need is all around them, not to mention believable. Start with the air you breathe.

Do these folks want to learn anything or continue on in their sheepish self-delusional life of selective ignorance? The irony of Q and IQ. I wish Geroge Carlin were here. Mr. Carlin was the supreme vanquisher of linguistics.

I’ll guarantee, cycling daily will evolve to cycling as your primary mode of transport. It’s just around the bend and your life will be immeasurably sweetened as you encounter the nature of youth again aboard your bicycle.

Cycling is a complete escape just out your door. The moment you touch that pedal all your senses synergize with the bicycle as you roll free of it all with nature at your side.

It’s the comingling of abilities that exhilarate your mind while cycling. Your mind, body, senses, and a simple machine all collaborate to relax and enrich your life.

When cycling I want for nothing more. My mind, imagination, nature, lungs, legs, all harmoniously Groovin with gravity within nature’s treasures aboard humanity’s most luminous invention.

Cycling can save your life and with enough of US doing it we might save our environment for anyone you might care for or love anyone else. But if “You just can’t be bothered by all these facts” so be it.

Cycling is impervious to bull shit. Cycling’s encyclopedic benefits will overwhelm your life with common sense.

A life sustained by cycling is a life of common sense reinforced by a constant cycle of health, wisdom, and, fun. Cycling will make you more self-sufficient, practical, youthfully adventurous, and reaffirm your relationship with Mother Nature. Mother of all.

The bicycle is our most effective tool for eliminating capitalism from our lives and our futures. Cycling has no downside. Ponder the total freedom your bicycle represented as a child? Be that child again and refine your understanding of this life. It’s as easy as riding a bike.

If you truly want to break free of all life’s bull-shit on a continuing basis a bicycle is the most beneficial life-affirming chainge you can make overnight. A bicycle will take you for the best ride of your life time.

Since my car was repossessed in 05 everything has been a life-enhancing healthy adventure. Eliminating a car frees up a lot of cash for an electric bicycle and a more engaging dynamic lifestyle you will never lament.

Riding your bicycle every day keeps the Doctors away. Riding your bicycle every day keeps the madness at bay. Riding your bicycle every day is the quintessential way. Way to a dynamic, healthy, frugal lifestyle embedded in a constant cycle of fun. Cycling is always fun. Is your life on the starting line of fun?

Capitalism put us in this hurricane of day-to-day insanity. Electrified Cycling is the clear path to a healthy sustainable life and world. We are on the brink now. Will you take the ride you know your life needs. Or just text your life away.

The Maroon Bells. Picture Perfect Attention Span.

With the intention of making a long story longer. To live and comprehend this life you must remain in contact with a bike.

My Life Defining Lake.

I was immensely fortunate to have evolved on this Forested Lake. Nestled behind this dam sits my pristine lake cocooned by nature in every direction. This virginal lake banded in a 3.7-mile ovalish dirt road enveloped a living ecological encyclopedia furnishing all the schooling I required. Uncovering more of life gazing at leaves and trekking forest with my Father then shackled to that chalkboard.

Running and cycling the planet’s circumference around this 3.7-mile lake required eighteen years and four-point two days.

For a child such as I found myself, this was comprehensive autonomy in a classroom of my dreaming. The parochial school I endured was regimented Brain Squashing juxtaposed with my real education on the lake.

Everything was obviously tied to Nature and learning so far removed from it was not learning. I could sense the unease in my unduly senior parochial educators. As the Nuns explained it life itself was a guaranteed route to hell.

I was skeptical of their plans for me. Whoever conjured denying a women sex for life and locking her with other sexless women in a dorm for life, then adorning them as educators were mistaken. I had empathy for them. They appeared inmates to me. As I saw it they had little to no nature in their lives. They needed some enlightenment. They required my lake.

Innumerous congregations of flocks replenished my horizons with lakeside paths, swamps, streams, rivers, brooks, creeks, mountains, hills, valleys, meadows, deer, grouse, pheasant, quail, geese, beaver-dams, snapping turtles, trout, freshwater everywhere to quench from all this miraculousness merely a doorknob away every day.

A stand-out adventure with my Father was falling a dead spruce over the flooded riverbanks accessing Dad’s hunting enigmas. I invariably wondered if we’d ever put that colossus of a saw hanging in his tool shop to use?

Some days we plucked Brook Trout from overflowing puddles and their babbling brook. I treasured traipsing the forest classrooms with my Dad. Hunting, fishing Christmas tree scavenging for the neighbors, securing community fireworks, fresh clams, unfailingly embellishing annual assemblages.

One Thanksgiving a powerless blizzard dispatched us via Deere and snowmobile harvesting the lake elders for dinner at our home. This proved an extraordinary happening for me. Feet of blinding snow. My Father retaining me in his adventure made me feel like a slight superhero. My Father regularly entrenched in me the significance of our elders. Elucidating how an elder’s lifetime of formidable work and paying taxes created and nurtures our society presently.

My Dad frequently reinforced respecting the other sex. I accomplished this nonetheless love evolved as life’s most treacherous game. In today’s precarious state of chivalry, merely restraining a door for a woman might expose you to a statutory ravishment charge.

Ice Water.At The Head Of This Trail.

Never concerned with “Bringing Water” it was always around. I drank from lakes, creeks, brooks, rivers, and gushing puddles, predating the scourge of bottled water and the additional conveniences of capitalism swallowing us heretofore.

Skating the full moon’s snow-free lake is a star engaging three-dimensional glide with an oozing orchestra percolating through the icy world of my blade’s veneer. Face up, on ice, no telescope insight, unfolded the universe every night, every winter.

Hockey with our MG and Triumph driving elders. Tops down sticks protruding parked on the lake pumps in the trucks to flood the rink on our moonlight crystal. I cherished living these encapsulating icy escapades for seventeen years and every moment since.

Evolving from Tri-cycle to PX-10 I surveyed off the lake. With my cycling exploits inflating forsaken railway tracks minus the tracks spawned premature gravel riding aboard that PX-10, the singular gravel bicycle to ride during my teen junctures. These railroad beds furnished a web of trails and linkages augmenting my notions of getting lost.

Comprehending how astoundingly fortunate I was experiencing my life I wasted little time indoors. Our extraction from Nature will provide our undoing. With no respect for Nature comes zero respect for Life. You do the math. Life – Nature = Death.

I contemplate this stunning Public Service Announcement circa 1970 and have witnessed no action since. I believe Reagan ended the Public Service Announcement with his knee-capping of the FCC.

Today’s Environmental Genocide Sees No Colors.

I stood ten when this PSA shocked at least me. As we can all see no one seemed to give a shit for the last forty-two years. The birds now vanquished from all horizons. Water polluted further and commoditized destroying the oceans with plasticized capitalism. Land rapped and burned for cash.

Human lives are completely disposable beneath today’s Orwellian capitalist delirium. George knew the distinctions. He told everyone yet in 2016 we elected the dingleberry of humanity to shine a light on the madness we live under and seemingly abide by.

We ought to stop building new and fill up our empty homes with our homeless.

We must stop purchasing new stuff. I’ve lived quite stylishly via Goodwill, Thrift, and Consignment for twenty years riding. Having just achieved a mint Jack Spade sweater for $17. An excellent cycling sweater.

We need to stop driving everywhere. Electric Bicycles will save this planet and save you if you get off that fence and stop creating excuses to continue living a comprehensive form of selective ignorance. Claiming; “I can’t make a difference.”

Only those who comprehend and aspire to comprehend the difference will produce the adaptations necessary for ongoing life on this planet that sustains our very lives. A conundrum it is not. Particularly with all the blatant cycling solutions afoot today.

We must terminate this madness.

Exploits Are The Sauce On Life.

I maintain exploits. Exploits amidst devotion, family, employment, adventure, education, and mere survival. By exploits, I mean work, play, and everything in between. There are exploits you must do and more preferably the exploits you select, the exploits bounding with imagination and specialty of your choosing. In a nutshell, pursue work you adore as broadly as play.

As I’ve lived it thus far life pivots on work and play, if you are fortunate your work is play. Riding a bicycle to and from work is an effort towards that directive. I’ve worked countless jobs, few were play. With my vehicle withdrawn, my exploits were astonishingly diversified abord my bicycle in modes that persist in rejuvenating my horizons fourteen years and counting.

Home Sweet Home.

My tent provided a remarkable exploit when I lacked more established quarters. It was an exploit I never lament.

I besmeared houses during this time. An exploit I’d forego but not for the companionship and laughs. I shoveled and spread manure for a week with my friend and musician/rancher Joe. Every exploit assembles unique comradery, alliances, and laughs. One can withstand an abundance of witticisms while unfurling bullshit over seven days and forty acres.

Thinking back on my work exploits, I see only friends, good times, and laughter. Many occupational exploits were grungy yet humor and distinguished comradery set the polish to the day. There is good to be found in all exploits. You will learn from every exploit, or you’re overlooking the qualities of exploiting.

The exploits of riding a bicycle, for example. I ride and comprehend anew every day. Cycling embeds your life with life reminding you of nature’s spectacular gifts starting with the honor of living.

The act of riding a bicycle is impressive when you ponder the amount of seamless calculating you do to roll on two.

In past years I’d resist unanticipated or new exploits as hassles. Today I approach every new and unforeseen exploit as an opportunity to learn, comingle with new souls, and possibly help in some way. The classic; Helping A Friend Move. If I’ve got nothing else pressing, I can’t sit on my ass or play while a friend or co-worker moves.

Been in a kitchen for ten years now and never laughed more. A kitchen is a work environment that thrives on a kind of free-flowing structure. A free-flowing structure I’ve only experienced working in live broadcast news. You have planned for every scenario, and suddenly you’re out of béarnaise or batteries.

Culinary work is the best exploit I’ve uncovered. I revel in the spacious creative horsepower of recipe resolution or simply creating it along the way.

In 79, I worked as a local news photographer for a CBS affiliate. We produced real news and true human interest stories with actual journalistic practices. We never made the news, just reported it.

Further, the time and care demanded in shooting, processing, and editing real film required just that, time and care. Digital video was the death blow of needless urgency for journalistic integrity. Unfortunately, once Reagan kneecapped the FCC journalism perished overnight. Ronald Reagan is the God Father of Fox News. Clearly, he was a more suitable thespian than a President.

The most disagreeable employment exploit? You guessed it, corporate. The glowing incompetence was only exceeded by self-proclaimed stupidity. A constant stream of bad ideas drowning in waves of capitalistic shortsighted, greedy brinksmanship. It was an examination of mediocrity masquerading as success. These guys were the creative genius who put television commercials in your movie theaters accepting them as creative content. It was free after all. Just like puppy droppings.

One exploit stands out as an extreme example of the massively needless inequality on earth. Working with National Geographic in Singapore. A feature on The Orient Express Train. We’re on the open-air Cocktail-Car. Tuxedos and Cocktail Dresses. Martinis and gimlets. As we depart Sinagore Station, a young man of color and apparently little means is squatting on the adjacent tracks having a bowel movement. He casually looked towards the Bar-Car and, with great technique, flipped us off.

A fellow man with no place to shit and a train full of white privilege that couldn’t give a shit. You could say he was The Black Olive in the Martini that evening. I enjoyed everyone pretending not to notice this slap in their faces. The looks on their mugs stood priceless, or at least the price of that train ride.

As a Cook, I must acknowledge the food created in that train’s tiny kitchen was magnificent. As a Prep Cook, I realized I touch more food every moring than that poor man defecating on the tracks will see in his lifetime. So much needless inequity, I just don’t understand how so many can be this incredibly selectively ignorant. I’m no economist, yet it is my experience that Peace and Kindness are unquestionably more economical than War and Hate, unless you’re in the War and Hate Business.

My exploits assure me. The traditional obsequiousness of this country’s politicians towards big oil, the military-industrial complex, and corporate power is staggering. Our government is and always has been for sale rendering it virtually powerless. Our Congress and Senate have done nothing for the people going on decades now. Additionally, the dumbing down America has proved tremendously prosperous. The Supreme Court is an oxymoron. A madman elected president.

Capitalism’s extended manipulation of the human psyche has reached the outer limits of senselessness as many turn their backs on science and reality in favor of the brainwashing and outfoxing delivered by The Facebook Geek and The Arrogant Murdoch Family.

My exploiting has revealed that hate-filled folks are essentially furious with themselves for living their lives in guarded darkness and rather than educate themselves on the facts, they look for an equivalently ignorant leader. A leader who redirects their hatred of themselves and their lives of selective ignorance toward the poor and brown people who do all the work on this planet.

Throughout all my exploits the more money people possess the further dumbstruck they live. They have no knowledge or skills that amount to anything other than the life handed to them with no responsibilities. A life with no common sense, no empathy, no understanding of nature’s overwhelming value. No purpose for genuinely living life or making any effort to understand life. No sense of anything or anyone other than themselves.

The type of people who own rather expensive dust garnering bicycles. Similar to their lives of accumulated dust blinded atop that comfortably unformed pillow of poor people’s money.

Dynamic Encounters.

Laboring in broadcast news, specifically in the field can proffer an eclectic batch of characters. I dub these characters “Dynamic Encounters.” Jim Bishop epitomizes my dynamic-encounter-theory. It was dawn on September 12th, 2001. Jim was negligibly more than slightly upset with Osama Bin Laden.

A few expletives later and something about his Castle cutting terrorist aircraft in half then Jim got into character and shared his profession. His life’s passion. Jim Bishop is one of the most dynamic encounters I possess. Glimpse for yourself.


This renaissance gentleman’s exuberance was overwhelming. Don’t tell Jim Bishop it can’t be built. Jim could create a bicycle frame of stone.

Envision disbursing your life achieving what you desire? Jim’s wife oozed with love, support, and pride mutually reveling in Jim’s dream come true. Jim Bishop assembled this Castle by hand with no credit and nada debt. We should put Jim in command of reconstructing our nation’s infrastructure.