Training In Europe From Home.


The KINETIC Road Machine Really Rolls.

A crash which I was lucky to walk away from seriously lucky directed me to this Kinetic Trainer. It is perfectly designed and built to last. A brilliant surgeon repaired my clavicle with astounding precision. Still can’t believe he installed hardware in me, I felt no pain. My surgeons expertise got me on this trainer the day after having plates and screws added to my rig.

Combining this Kinetic trainer with The Indoor Cycling Channel on YouTube you can ride to recovery throughout Europe in 4K resolution. Ride to their music or Crank-Up yours. A quality speaker in the room won’t slow you down either you can play it at 11. Music is meant to be heard and felt. Amazing how transporting these videos are as I’m roll along at home just, Going Down The Road Feeling Better. Oui.

Ride The Planet From Home.

Installing and uninstalling your bike on the Kinetic Road Machine is simple with a brilliantly designed hub-locking system fitting over your skewers in place. Easy on easy off for rainy sunny day transitions. Prior to owning this trainer I rarely cycled in the rain.

At Least I’m Enjoying The Ride!


Living and riding in one room lock-down.

Since losing work lock-down living was trying then I crashed and had screws and plates installed in my clavicle; thanks Medicaid. The indoor trainer was a rookie experience for me. The Indoor Cycle Chanel on YouTube is a blessing, ride in 4k resolution throughout Europe. These seriously help when procrastinating about indoor-riding. I rigged a bare-foot pedal system with the cardboard this Kinetic Trainer shipped in. Lock-down will keep you thinking. I was thinking about riding as a child at the beach with no shoes and ended up here forty-five years later. What a ride.

Home, It’s Where I Want Too Be.

Back to one-room living in lock-down. Bedroom, kitchen, bike-shop, video studio, garden. Hermetic living is familiar, tent, room-share, motel, sleeping-bag. In eleven years I’ve lived a hermetic lifestyle. I will say I very much enjoyed living in this tent. I thought I had no options going homeless then re-focused my resources and skill-sets and moved here. I loved camping as a child. If you have the need to live in a tent the JetBoil is an essential and practical purchase. You’ll see what I mean. Ten-months in this ten makes my current scene feel like a Four- Seasons Penthouse.

I was fortunate to find this room for rent in a ten-room house with nine other tremendous people. Shared kitchen stocked like a restaurant, three bath, laundry, WiFi, Ethernet, Netflix, cable, fax, copy machine, scanner and twenty-four hour coffee all included in the rent. I cycled past this house for a year wondering, Who lives in that unusual house? Now I do. Similar stories all my roommates have, lost job over age, divorce, illness, bankruptcy then the courts close in and take whats left of your cash and your humility. You know The American Dream. At Least I’m Enjoying The Ride.

Proof of concept for my cardboard pedals and I heard riding bare-foot prevents Corona-Virus. Just kidding, that only works if you soak your feet in bleach or disinfectant first.



Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are tremendous tools. I’ve worked in news-journalism since 1979. Facebook has zero to do with news, truth or journalism. Journalism was a profession and needed not to be democratized, especially with a shallow soulless platform like Facebook.

Two-Faced Facebook.

What started this? I pushed a blog posting with Facebook discussing socialism’s facts and fictions. Facebook rejected it twice because I mentioned truth and socialism. The fucking audacity of Mark Zuckerberg who rigged the election colluding with Cambridge Analytical and subsequently Vladimir Putin to give us Trump. Mark say’s he is there for the people. He is there for the money while living in a constant state of self-delusion. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more insincere person struggle so much with his own bull-shit. Watch him melt down here when asked a few substantive questions.


Which brings me to Frank Zappa’s clear headed truth regarding capitalism.

Mark got insanely wealthy by selling his soul to Wall-Street while pretending to care, not a new story in America. As I see it, this capitalist country was built on lies so in a way Facebook is very American as it constantly spreads primarily bull-shit while attempting to mascaraed as news. Facebook is glorified email designed to massage your ego into a manipulative hypnotic state of self-importance where you are totally exposed and vulnerable to corporate greed all while an unwilling player in the undermining of society.

Barefoot Indoor Training Equals Comfortable Shoes.


Having recently added screws and plates to my clavicle I’ve discovered the indoor-trainer. If your in the market consider the Kinetic Road Machine Smart 2. Struggling for the motivation to ride indoors I turned to YouTube and found a series of Indoor Cycling Videos,, always wanted to ride in Europe. With the breeze-less heat of indoor riding I wished I could ride barefoot and discovered this affordable solution.

These Shimano Deore XT Pedals Have Prefect Studs For Holding The Cardboard In Place.

Riding barefoot feels great and helps me get over the indoor riding during rehab and the point-of-view videos are more realistic then I had imagined. The Kinetic Road Machine Smart 2 is very impressive. Completely stable and the ride is just as realistic with real world road resistance.

So; I cut some cardboard thicker then my pedal studs and it snapped in place with the cleats securing the cardboard firmly in place. It worked just as envisioned. Clearly this works only on flat pedals, sorry clip-less folks. If looking at an eight week recovery you might consider putting flat pedals on for some barefoot riding.

The Most Comfortable Shoes I’ve Ever Owned.

Cycling Through Today’s Unpredictable Economy.


Corona-virus hit on our economy with 42 – 45 million out of work, that’s 25% of the 160 million work force. Bicycle are and will continue to help us get through and adapt to these changing times. Fourteen years ago I lost everything but my 20 year old Diamond Back. I then learned how important a bicycle can be to sustaining life with a simpler and more life enhancing lifestyle. With some modifications to my life and bicycle I realized how much can be accomplished with my bike, learning day by day what I really needed VS what I was told I needed by a system bleeding US all dry.

Smart Cycling Economics.

A bicycle is a powerful evaluation tool when considering real need VS desire. My bike saved my life, re-imaged my future, livelihood and attitude. These day’s if I find myself in a car, I’m wanting out of the car feeling increasingly trapped. The world is meant to be experienced outdoors on two feet not in a rolling metal box polluting your environment.

It can work, sell that second car sitting idle and insured in the driveway. Everyone’s employment situation varies. If you or your spouse are out of work your jobs might not return. Consider a new career close to home and ride a bike. This is how I discovered I love to cook and work in a kitchen. First job that never felt like work for me. No corporate kitchens is a rule of mine. I had one corporate job prior to cooking and learned enough in that cesspool of incompetence never to poison my soul in that environment again. Find an independent restaurant if you think working with food is for you.

Life on a bike is empowering, simpler, healthier, less expensive, way more fun, easier and free parking, did I say way more fun and an excellent way to really learn your community in ways not imagined yet. Cycling will simply embellish and enrich your life in every way, everyday.

Cycling will save you and the environment, we need each other, it’s a perfect synergy. The positive effects of cycling span the universe universally. Every car is killing us all. Every bike is enriching and saving us all. These are clear facts just like the clear facts regarding Climate Change. As we all carve out new lives dealing with the virus and it’s economic residue moving towards a more Cycle-Centric Lifestyle will benefit you and yours in ways you will lose track off.

Rachel Carson published Silent Spring in 1962. This book should have changed everything, business as usual also know as corporate-greed conspired in discrediting Ms.Carson for decades. Typical when a women delves into a male dominate business. This could be why you are first hearing of this, one of humanities most important literary works, for the first time.

You Need To Read Me.
Or Listen Here Now.

Staying Motivated With All Day To Procrastinate.


Have I ever been bored on my bike? Trick question. Job loss and lock-down are re-defining time. I sleep whenever, ride whenever enjoying the early hours. Sometimes getting out the door is tough. Don’t know why. One book that I find a real door opener is, The Runners Literary Companion. A compilation of short stories and poems, all riveting a few will leave you consider truth or fiction. You’ll see what I mean.

Not A Cycling Book Per se. “The Runner’s Literary Companion” Is Exceptional Motivational Reading With A Collection Of Memorizing Stories.

Dave Wottle 1972 Munich Olympics 800 meter final. If This Doesn’t Motivate You?

Dave Wottle stunned the Olympic stadium in Munich with this relaxed confident run for gold in the 1972 800 meter-final. It gets me every time. A stunning athletic effort.

Bob Beamon left the world-record in his wake by 21-3/4 inches with one of histories seemingly effortless superhuman performances in Mexico City’s 1968 Olympic Games. A genius unaware of his own natural greatness is a momentous force.

Winning seven tours in a row, unthinkable, maintaining a level of fitness separate of all for seven years, impossible. What separated Lance Armstrong from the rest of the the fields was his mental toughness and superior training. All the contenders were doping Lance just out worked them in every way. His job was too win.

Mental Toughness.

These two highlight clips I find inspirational. Sheer determination coupled with prefect training was unstoppable for seven years in France. The positive channeling of adrenaline Mr. Armstrong deployed as a results of these unforeseen circumstances is another example of superior mental-toughness. Few can bounce back from adversity with such confidence and controlled power.

Socialism Is Cycling Through America. Always Has Been.

Socialized Medicine works and really saved me when I needed saving. My left clavicle was re-built with plates and screws last week and I barely realize it today. Now an indoor trainer for eight weeks subsequently this topic.

Socialism Often Confused With Communism Has Always Been Cycling Through America.

Socialism and cycling collided last week after a foolish crash with no helmet. I crashed badly, hobbled home, orange-sized lump on forehead and sketchy left shoulder. The whole while thinking, I have no money, no health-care and man do I need some health-care. Saint Anthony’s Hospital was close. I checked in at ER making it clear I had no health insurance, credit or cash. “Don’t worry about that, let’s get you fixed up now.” Cat-scan, shoulder surgery and 48 hours later I rolled out if Saint Anthony’s feeling safer, on the mend awaiting the bill. I filed for Medicaid the first time in 58 years never thinking about all those deductions from years of underpaid servitude as it hit me has hard as I hit the earth with my forehead three days prior; Socialism is alive and well in America, as my claim was accepted.

Truth is socialism is everywhere schools, roads, parks, libraries, most all technology, the entire military budget, a trillion or so depending on who’s counting, it’s all Socialism at work and is 100% taxpayer funded. I-Phone and our I-World was created through socialism. As I see it most of humanities best efforts evolved through socialistic concepts and ideas despite the constant misinformation. Both Professor Richard D. Wolff and Robert Reich are both champions of facts and history when it comes to Socialism, Communism, Capitalism and Economics. Understanding Socialism is a prefect factual explanation of Socialism. Robert Reich produced Inequality For All also on Netflix, a detailed look at the intentional demise of the middle-class. Follow Professor Wolff Democracy At Work and Robert Reich at these YouTube Channels. Both men are brilliant and speak only truth.

For me Socialism’s benefits are clear. We all share in helping each other and subsequently all of society by pitching in and sharing the benefits of pure team work with a balanced shared economy. Not an economy where ten people get it all. The ever-present failure of this Capitalist Greed has brought us today’s complete unsettled and imbalanced society. Professor Wolff and Robert Reich make it clear we have moved from Socialism For All to Socialism For The Insanely Wealthy.

A Union Of Cycling History.

“Salveson reminds us of the role of working-class writers such as Allen Clarke, who converted thousands of his readers to socialism ‘by making them laugh’, and of the Clarion cycling clubs, which introduced a generation of working men and women to a new, fun and recreational, kind of politics. He also shows how the co-operative movement and the trade unions, helped to shape a durable and independent working-class culture.”

The Circular Debate Revolving Around Wider Tires.


Schwalbe Big Apple 29 x 2,35. Reliable, Stable, Fast and Long-Lasting.

First stability adding confidence. Second cornering with these Schwalbe Big Apples you can layout sweepingly low relaxing turns. I visualize Birds Of Prey, Beaver Creek the Master, Bode Miller’s dominating career especially on Beaver Creeks Birds Of Prey would harness and unleash the skis energy effortlessly calmly devouring some of the planets most life-threatening terrain with his authoritative ski-racing career on the edge.

Relaxation is key too all effort.
Birds Of A Feather. Notice the eye’s and hands in both photos.

Speed, cornering, stability and confidence negotiating pot-holes, curbs and rail-road tracks will keep you rolling with confidence maintaining velocity all the while.

SCHWALBE G-ONE Speed 29″ x 2,35 OneStar EVO LiteSkin

Having ridden theses SCHWALBE G-ONE Speed 29″ x 2,35 it felt like floating as I seemed to have traction on air, gliding along barely touching earth. Add a good tail-wind and the rest is history on these tires. Seriously fast, ultra-light weight.

The Cycling Coup d’etat Rolls On During Corona-Virus.


Corona Virus Brings Cycling Too The Prominence Society Needs Down This New Road.

I’ve been car-free for twelve years and shared roads and trails with more cyclists in the past three months then the last forty-three. I love that cycling-vibe when we ride together, the synergy of the wheels. Bike-shops boom with more cyclist born and reborn every minute. Errands on your bike far more enjoyable then by car. You can shop locally on your bike, support your local business-folk, exercise, free-parking, interact with humans, masked but human. Who buys shoes on-line?

Amazon is destroying small-business, the planet and driving that final-nail in the coffin of the American Middle-Class. Amazon is a virus on small-business and subsequently US, consuming and destroying everything, everyone in it’s path, with it’s monumental greed. A trillionaire the world needs not. Get on your bicycle and shop locally, farmers-markets, road side vegetable-stands, local food will do you right. Supporting your local economy is key now as we need each other more then ever. Why would you put a penny in Jeff Bezos pocket when you pay way more taxes then he does? Support a real American Taxpayer on Main Street not a Pretend American Taxpayer like Jeff Bezos in cyber-space. Watch this PBS FRONTLINE Amazon Empire The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos for the enlightening details.

You pay taxes why doesn’t Jeff Bezos?

This Cycling Rejuvenation is key to the societal change we need. Does anyone need anything overnight or god forbid two-days? A grill-cover, a pair of shoes that won’t fit? Can you find it on your bike? What’s your hurry? Go for a ride, think about It, do I really need IT?. If Amazon was Ama-Gone tomorrow, would the world end? One of our few powers is supporting each other in any way especially while riding a bike and shopping locally whenever possible, take that power and ride with it. I realize everyone’s home base is relevant to what is within cycling range. Today, if you have the time I seem to have, the longer the ride the better.

Easy Rider. Think you’ve had tough times lately? Watch this little guy negotiate this mine field of dog-poop on his pedal-less ride.
Look To New Content Sources On-Line.

With new content in short supply I looked to the past and found innumerable treasures on-line. Both and provide a tremendous variety and volume of content. Print, Video, Music, Classic Films, Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Birth Of A Nation, all free and in the public domain. Everything in the public domain is there. is The Library Of Congress on-line all tax-payer funded. You can spends hours browsing and researching everlasting topics across both sites, the educational and entertainment value is incalculable lately. has an app available through Apple.

DIY Go-Pro Platform Incorporates TOPEAK’s Rack System


DIY Go-Pro Platform With TOPEAK‘s Rack System

Diversify Your Angles With This Home-Made Go-Pro Rig. Roll With 2 Go-Pro’s Simultaneously Deploying A Handel-Bar Mount.

This home-made Go-Pro Platform will add some new points-of-view to your cycling-videos. You could roll with two cameras simultaneously with is this platform and a Go-Pro Tube Mount on your handle-bars. Excellent for family cycling films. Go-Pro’s accessories are excellent, affordable, brilliantly designed with dynamic functionality. This platform embellishes your Go-Pro’s angels adding flexibility in editing. Additionally TOPEAK’s diverse product range is impressive with many Go-Pro mounting options.


This TETRARACK M2 (Mountain) is state of the art in every way. Just ordered one to test interaction with Go-Pro’s Bar Tube-Mount.

Go-Pro Large Tube Mount
Think you’ve had a tough time lately? Watch this little guy negotiate a mine-field of dog-poop on a pedal- less bike. Cool under pressure!