This Peloton Was Once United.

When I was much younger this country was known as The United States of America. We were, all united peddaling towards our common aspirations. Then gradually, we stopped having common aspirations and ultimately replaced our everyday shared needs with individualistic selfish delirium.

It was not The American Team but our American Team Leaders who betrayed America’s Peloton ceasing to act as our leaders as they devolved into pawns. Pawns of capitialism and its misguided team management. You can ride the long race with cheaply manufactured equipment and a poorly nourished team.

Since we elected that actor, it’s been all actors and stand-ins, and we’ve all suffered as our team is weakened more through every election. History has proved Reagan’s trickle-down bullshit to be just that. He was a clueless elderly actor doing his job betraying his fellow American Senior Team Members. He had dementia throughout his second term. Iran Contra.

Do we even choose our Team Leaders and Managers today? No. Today we get two choices and both are always unacceptable. Since we tolerated the murders of America’s Last Great Team Leaders, JFK, RFK, and their rainbow of slaughtered managers and leaders, our ride has been all uphill and pointlessly steep.

We can ride in this intentionally hobbled, mediocre state for only a few more season’s before the team most predictably collapses around us, regardless of how hard we pedal or how many performance-enhancing cash infusions we acquire.

First, pay our American Team Riders more to participate in today’s racy environment. Second, nourish and care for our American Team Riders with healthier food and better team Doctors. Third, fire the backstabbing, greedy, nepotistic, incompetent team management and leaders who betrayed our American Team.

Remove the leaders and managers who willingly put our parents and grandparents on rusty tricycles for retirement as they eradicated our elderly team’s medical support.

Will we Americans throw to the curb the American Elderly Folks who bought, paid, and worked so we could all have a bicycle to ride through the lives they provided us? Pedal And Vote With Your Heart. Your Parent’s and Grandparents’ Hearts depend on it.

Do not fear those smarter and faster than oneself anymore. I’ve found that following, learning, listening, and thoughtful observation of those clearly more enlightened and quicker thinking has served me and my elders well. If you fear knowledge and people who know more than you, you’re being intentionally stupid. Just embrace knowledge. It will never harm you.

Let’s ride together as a team again. Our strengths will shine through again as we ride together as one United Peloton of United States again, strong, likeminded in wisdom, and a common good for our whole American Team. Every rider of every age matters on this team. The strength in numbers thing works more effectively these days and is needed more than ever if we are to succeed as The United Team of Americans we once were.

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