It’s All In Your Head.

Regretful day at work? Go for a bicycle ride. Upset with someone? Ride your bicycle. Stressed out? Take a ride on your bicycle. Feeling depressed? Ride your blues away. Anxious? Grappling to resolve a predicament? Take a spin. Is your planet dying? Riding a bicycle will unimaginably change your world while helping to save ours.

It’s Home To All This Big Blue Ball. It Won’t Look So Alluring In Flaming Red. Transform The World With Your Bicycle Forthwith.

In the instant, my foot contacts that pedal my being is embellished. In that instant, my senses take over as nature reminds me why I’m here and who I am. The Sun. The Sky. The Trees. The Wind. In spring, summer, fall, winter, and every day in between.

Several of us are uprooted from nature trapped in the Capitalist Rat Race. Consider the amount of your life dissipated in the automobile when you could be riding your bicycle. The Electric Bicycle has eliminated all your excuses.

Cycling is astonishingly invigorating and there is no more elegant way to leave the day’s shit in the dust and no clearer path to instantaneous relaxation. Cycling moves you to a state of consciousness that is nebulous. Your reality, legs, lungs, and moreover your psyche.

A competent explanation of this intangible consciousness eludes me. If cycling moves you like me you get my drift. Something about all your senses lighting up simultaneously once you commence rolling. Rolling into a different state of mind. In a different state of presence, you are outside yourself.

It’s the synergy of you and your bicycle that takes you to this mysterious place of oxygen-debt, endorphins, and immersion in a constant state of challenging fun.

Visualization is a cycling component often overlooked. Visualization can take you beyond prior unrealized physical and mental boundaries. The idea of getting in a car to exercise let alone putting your bicycle on your car to ride it is bewildering. That annual so-called Health Club membership could finance a quality bicycle. Pumping Iron I don’t get and golf is not a sport. Cycling perpetually leaves you craving more and has no downside. If you cycle every day, every day grows more engaging.

The Bicycle is humanity’s most elegant achievement and the best therapy money can buy. The overwhelming common sense of riding a Bicycle will inundate your life with, relaxation, fun, health care across the spectrum, practicality, frugality, fun, and above all a new sensitivity for Mother Nature.

When confronted by seemingly insurmountable climate issues. People often respond perplexingly with. “What Can I Do?” It’s Not Rocket Science. Cycling benefits thou and everyone around thee. If you’ve been saving a lifetime of justifications not to make the life-changing shift to Full-Time Cyclists there has never been a more compelling reason to make this jump than complete planetary collapse. If you enjoy Cycling do more of it. If you are on the fence? It’s all in your head.

The automobile is a reflection of humanity’s growing indifference. You’ve been indoctrinated into relying on that car when your feet and or your feet on pedals will take you where you need to go. The automobile is only a road to needless spending and a slovenly lifestyle. If humanity has any prospect of riding out of today’s manmade environmental shitstorm it will be with more of the US on Bicycles.

I’ve seen and experienced more than most working in broadcast news and film. I’ve worn many hats and manipulated most tools. I shot, developed, and edited 16-mm film for the local evening news in 1977. The concept of a GoPro or HD Camera Phone was science-fiction to me.

I kept my typewriter next to the first Macintosh computer for five years just in case and road this bicycle a Peugeot PX-10. State of the art and wireless shifting was not an option.

Technology has changed our lives and most things in it. Cycling remains primarily unchanged. Electric bicycles are game-changers and component technology has come miles. Yet Cycling at its core remains the same. Life-Changing with no downside.

It has been my experience that Cycling is assuredly one of life’s predominantly beneficial experiences. It is foolish to miss out on this ride if you have the means. Cycling will extraordinarily transform your life for the better every day and I can’t profess this about all my experiences.

Let Cycling transport your life to that unimaginably advantageous place every day from this day forward. If you’ve been feeling trapped? Cycling has therapeutic solutions for all life’s dramas without the price of a couch.

Cycling is an evolutionarily rejuvenating space of absolute clearheadedness and unquestionably the most exquisite encounter you will produce tomorrow and you will realize it’s all in your Clearheadedness.

The only thing you can change in this life with such comprehensively life-sustaining embellishments is the interjectinon of cycling as your primary mode of transport. Just imagine the possibilities.

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