Cycling The Road To Sanity Or The Great Escape.


Cycling, one of life’s great escapes. Today more-so than ever. We are living through our own slow-motion genocide televised live 24-7. Ain’t that America? Truth and fact based-science are no longer relevant as the inevitable failure of Capitalist-Insanity run amuck masquerading as government comes to a boil within the festering incompetence of today’s titular leadership. My very first bike ride escaping reality is still in progress fifty-nine years later. Remember the first time as a child when you realized most adults were, not exactly adults and the concept of real trust encompassed your childhood? My bicycle has been my escape from the lies of life, my way of reveling in life and nature. Escaping the bull-shit of life living on my bike with nature, nature is life get out in it, live in it. Don’t miss it! Let this virus be you opportunity for freedom, no longer a slave to the traffic-light, slave to the man, enjoy your new cycling-life. Jump over that fence enslaving your humanity. Jump Now.


Today the UK, under Boris Johnson’s leadership dedicated 2-billion-pounds to get more cyclists on the road as part of efforts to evolve a new lifestyle and economy in a corona-virus world. Sadly we don’t have any enlightened leadership in the USA.

Former London mayor and current member of Parliament, Boris Johnson is Britain’s most nontraditional politician.

While consequences of this virus unfold the many benefits of cycling re-emerge for society. The personal benefits of cycling are many, I believe a cycling town is a healthy town, a healthy in every way town, equaling societal strength and governmental stability with common-sense and reality leading the way. The closer you are to nature the closer you are to reality.

Cycling technology is part of this resurgence. E-Bikes of every flavor make commuting on E-Bike a reality for many. Cargo E-Bikes create options for small businesses. Bicycle engineering across the industry has made cycling easier for all with lighter faster, more reliable and dynamic components for every commuting scenario. E-Bikes will do for cycling what Snowboards and Shape-Ski’s did for the ski-industry.

The Amazing Way Bicycles Change You| Anthony Desnick | TEDxZumbroRiver

This Bike Saved My Life.

I’ve been riding 54 years, it was the time of divorce, financial, legal assault, I moved from let’s say joy-riding to life-riding. A twenty something Diamond-Back was my savior. “A bicycle is either a child’s toy, a rich man’s obsession, or a poor man’s last resort.” In my case the latter although every time I’m on my bike I feel my cycling-soul-child, the child that sustains me, got me here, that child. After the system kicked me to the ground, I decided, needed, to change everything, realizing “If I can’t carry it on a bike, I don’t need it.” I gathered clothing, tools, Jet-Boil other life sustaining basics road to Walmart, purchased, tent, tarp, bungees, light-weight cord. Slept under a cluster of pines adjacent a stream, beautiful night, sky, stars, moon, stream, trees an me. Sunrise, Jet Boiled coffee and oatmeal then rolled out in search of a tent-site out of sight. Mile up an elk trail near a creek-drainage I set up home.

The shocking part of going penniless, the way your friends and family look at you in a different light. All the while no-one asking, “Hey man what do you need, how can I help you right now, do you need a place to crash for a while”? A few weeks into my camp-site I learned never camp on open-space land in Colorado, even if you paid taxes to support it, you will have your stuff stolen by a Ranger and can go to jail as I did; for camping In America on Public Lands. Freedom? The sheriff arresting me for camping asked me, “Why are you living here in a tent?” this made me question his capability to be armed.

After 25 years in network news and one corporate misadventure I needed a job asking myself what do you want to do? I cycled to a local restaurant and never looked back. Television production and the Culinary world are similar in that you spend the day gathering and assembling your elements, then do a show. Working with food felt like no work at all. Time would pass smoothly without thought just creating. I love this work, all of it, no bull-shit corporate mindlessness. I’ll take washing dishes over a pointless corporate meeting full of simpleton know-nothings, same with mopping floors or making Creme Brûlée, I love it all. It’s not a Bull-Shit-Job and on top of all this I get to ride my bike to and from work, every day.

I had one corporate job it was like being cast in “The Office” eventually I talked my way out of this dead-end leaving my first and last corporate experience. Now I ride my bike to work in a kitchen and can’t imagine decomposing in a corporate devolution again.

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.

John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States

A wonderful cycling-scene from a Cinema Classic.

Wonderful Cycling Scene.

Re-Cycled Observations and Ideas.

In years of cycling, skiing, running and almost constant movement I’ve noticed one consistent flaw in many across many activities. Looking down, I first noticed this teaching skiing, so many looking down at their skis when they need to look-up or down the slope and fall-line. Looking down creates a constant state of surprise regardless of your activity making you reactive and tense rather then proactive and relaxed. Had a ski-coach, a Pro Mogul Skier who put duct-tape on my ski tips. One said Look-Up the other Breath. So many forget to look-up or breath.

Apply this to your cycling, you will see a new world out there if you look where you are going not where you are. This will improve your confidence on the bike helping you know what’s ahead of you sooner. While raising your eyes consider raising your seat to the appropriate height. If I had a million dollars for every, way too low seat out there I could retire with two bikes. If needed raising your seat will add to your improved view down the road not to mention the added power from utilizing the entire length of your legs resulting in greater muscle efficiency.

This bring me to Bar Ends, I strongly recommend straight bar ends on straight handle-bars, the additional power/torque gained from this simple and affordable up-grade will impress you. It’s this vertical power in alignment with your quads creating a real synergy of efforts. Additionally bar-ends make a great climbing-asset positioning your body mass more forward when out of the saddle. The versatility of bar-ends will enlighten all your cycling efforts. Keep in mind I ride a hybrid-mountain-bike. Check out this YouTube clip

A consistent theme here is Look-Up In Life or you’ll miss all the best parts and people while looking at the ground. So look up or life will pass you by quickly. You’ll enjoy the enlightening view up here.

Good thing riding a bicycle is as easy as riding a bicycle. ~ Becca Droz,