It’s All In Your Head.

Regretful day at work? Go for a bicycle ride. Upset with someone? Ride your bicycle. Stressed out? Take a ride on your bicycle. Feeling depressed? Ride your blues away. Anxious? Grappling to resolve a predicament? Take a spin. Is your planet dying? Riding a bicycle will unimaginably change your world while helping to save ours.Continue reading “It’s All In Your Head.”

Cycling Is Now Life Threatening.

It appears humanity is going to drive of the edge of the earth with The Flat Earthers. The entire planet is under a blanket of life threatening smoke from the epidemic fires resulting from the carbon and hydro-carbons we continue spewing with our lives of selective-ignorance. Cumbersome it will be to ride a bicycle withContinue reading “Cycling Is Now Life Threatening.”

The Life-Affirming Bicycle Ride.

The bicycle. Be it used for $150.00 or new at $15,000. The life of a bicycle is endless thus endlessly life extending. Who amongst cyclists is not instantly transported to our youth once stepping to that pedal? There has never been a more beneficial time to start cycling if your on the fence about possiblyContinue reading “The Life-Affirming Bicycle Ride.”

This Bike Saved My Life.

I’ve been riding 54 years, it was the time of divorce, financial, legal assault, I moved from let’s say joy-riding to life-riding. A twenty something Diamond-Back was my savior. “A bicycle is either a child’s toy, a rich man’s obsession, or a poor man’s last resort.” In my case the latter although every time I’mContinue reading “This Bike Saved My Life.”