Cycling Is Life’s Panacea.

Panacea is defined as a cure-all. From my viewpoint, Cycling is unquestionably life’s cure-all. Cycling continuously renovates my day, my life, my soul, my points of view. Cycling is complete control with comprehensive freedom where the roads, trails, paths are subject to your interpretation.

This liberating control and freedom produce a therapeutic healing horsepower for life. A cure-all for the day’s ills, stresses, hassles, headaches, backaches, life aches. The instantaneous and total clearheadedness that infuses me at that moment I first roll invalidates the drudgery of life’s daily bullshit. In an instant, you are a child again and as pure you as you’ll get each day.

Is the most treasured part of your day on your bicycle? Do you create rationalizations to ride your bicycle? Do you carefreely ride in the snow or rain? Is your chain always clean? Is your bike perpetually cleaner? Do you have at least four pairs of sunglasses? Different lens colors of course.

Do you own “Breaking Away?” Do not rent it as you’ll want to own it.

Do you ride every day at least once? Do you own a car? Do you view cycling as a drudgery-filled exercise or a place of constant absolute delight in life? Do you ever miss a full moon?

Do you believe in today’s climate realities? Do you care? Do you covet fall? Do you maintain a wool scarf, baklava, weatherproof gloves, ski goggles, and possibly studded tires? Do you use low-temperature chain lube? Are you exasperated inside an automobile?

If you answered yes frequently you might find my research advantages this winter. I ride my bicycle everywhere in constant pursuit of refinement investigating new gear and clothing plausibilities. A few recent gems are these shorts’ base-layer systems and gloves.

The perfect cycling clothing isn’t necessarily manufactured within the cycling industry. I found these shorts new at GoodWill. Palmyth Sport Fishing Shorts are the best all-purpose cycling shorts I’ve discovered. Ultra-Lightweight, stretchability, water repellent, a transcendent pocket system, and superb belt-loop design.

SmartWool’s Base-layer INTRAKNIT Merino Wool is an excellent fabric to deploy adjacent to your skin. Warm, soft, breathable, pleasantly snug fit, stylish yet never gaudy. SmartWool’s products are worth every warm and cozy dollar. Wool, Cotton, and Hemp are perfect fabrics. Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary subdued Everest with leather, cotton, wool, and iron. Smartwool products are addicting. The comfort and quality of all their clothing are superior and Wool is Wonderful.

Gloves for winter cycling are nebulous. After constant research I found this combination to be affordable and utilitarian. Grease-Monkey or Iron Clad shop gloves inserted in extra-large rawhide ranch gloves. The Iron Clad is available in two different insulation grades, general, and heavy with the heavy best for winter. The Iron Clad gloves deliver superior all-season performance. Insert Heat Packs when needed. You may discover this gear is essential for the winter cycle and more affordable than the cycling industry’s competition.

Riding the Panacea-Cycle can be your cure-all. Open that door now and commence healing. Cycling heals, embellishes, rejuvenates, personifies, renews, and furnishes the definition for this life comingling you and nature throughout your day rather than the decomposing death your automobile provides.

There are no downsides to cycling. The automobile is all downside starting with the fact that everything about an automobile is killing you. Everything about a bicycle will cure-all.

Cycling is life’s panacea. Easy, affordable, wholesome, liberating, self-sufficiency personified, practical, good for you, and I’m sure the single best thing you can do for yourself every day.

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