Forget The Zombies. Selective Ignorance Is The Virus Killing US.

If you enjoy life and cycling as you know it get out and enjoy every moment you have for there won’t be many more as you know it. As a significant number of US continue to intentionally unmoor ourselves from reality human extinction looms large. American’s ignore everything that matters in life starting with life.

We have killed everyone who stood for peace and human kindness to date in this country. We believe Oswald killed Kennedy. Anyone who’s seen one episode of Law and Order knows the Oswald story is shit on a stick. The Warren Commission report might as well have been written on toilet paper. I love the zig zagging bullet story and the 1963 photo-shop Life Magazine cover. Essentially we believe everything we are feed to believe. We have been zombified by capitalism. How else do we explain the extinction of all humanities accumulated facts?

We have developed a country of greed driven, self-involved willingly brain-bleached morons. American exceptionalism is fueled on selective-ignorance. In a few hundred years we have destroyed the entire planet and continue ignoring this fact. Deny it all you like. We allowed capitalist to lead us down the road of infinite growth. The infinite growth of selective-ignorance.

If you don’t enjoy what’s left of nature today, you’ll miss it even more tomorrow. Colorado skies will fill with smoke again this summer. Excessive UV and ozone off the charts as the new normal. Safest to ride before and after sunlight most of last summer. Essentially the entire planet was on fire last summer. The truth is humanity is going backwards. White men have essentially had control of this planet since day one and white men destroyed the entire planet primarily spearheaded by the American Exceptionalism plaguing US since about 1492.

Not American’s yet but profoundly white with ignorance and willing to kill everyone and everything in their path to lay claim to what many today ignorantly call Our Country. We kill mothers and babies with drones like clock-work everyday with our hard earned tax dollars and never concern ourselves with this collusion in these taxpayer sanctioned murders. Like it or not if you pay taxes in America you are a war criminal. I know it’s so easy to pretend otherwise. Did the Rockies will today?

Capitalisms Is Blinding US.

If there’s money in it American’s will walk around with their heads up their asses. This is how you amass more money then you need with your head and soul up your ass. Ain’t that America. You and Me. Ain’t that America. Something too see? Little pink houses full of morons. For Gods sake capitalism just did a hostile takeover of religion as the faithful are reborn to a new level of selective-ignorance Zeus couldn’t understand.

Yes I do love it here on this planet. So much so I always speak the truth in an effort to wake US from this selective state of complete fucking stupidity. Capitalistic American Greed and the selective-ignorance fueling it will destroy all of humanity soon. We just don’t seem to give a shit about each other anymore. Pathetic we are with our American Exceptionalism.

We are exceptionally ignorant with our ignorance today, taking ignorance to an exceptionally ignorant level of ignorance where ignorance is engrained in our every thought making US even more ignorant then we thought possible on this new found quest for even greater ignorance. If you think about it it’s easy to ignore all this.

Banks, lawyers and a wife picked my bones of all materialism twenty years ago. I looked to my bicycle and never looked back. Ride a bicycle as much as possible if you know what’s good for you. The futures uncertain and the end is always near you might as well enjoy every ride you can with the time we have left.

With this level of accelerating selective-ignorance the shit will hit the fan in the blink of your eye. Almost like a drone-strike on your home from a capitalist invader selling democracy with a free bomb. Yes in the blink of some child’s eye.

The truth hurts and the more we ignore the pain of our truth the more we torture each other. The America Ass-Light of Exceptionalism is brighter then ever yet we seem too prefer the darkening shelter of ignorance.

Keep in mind. I’m not a philosopher; I just play one on a bicycle. If your looking for clarity in a blurry world ride a bicycle as much as possible. Cycling will rejuvenate everything that is you. Cycling will free you in ways you and only you will discover on your bicycle.

If we’re to make it through this shit storm of stupidity and ignorance cycling will lead the way. Think about it. It’s not rocket science. Who believes in rocket science anyway?

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