The Cycle We’re In.


It’s difficult to face the reality of today.  Complete governmental failure apposed to the mediocrity we’re accustom too.  The President represents every shortcoming a human can be afflicted with all in one being.  Consequently he is manipulated by a group of self-delusional opportunistic capitalists pirates who use the man-baby to steal from us everyday.

There were 614 billionaires, prior to the virus.  They increased their personal wealth by $434 billion dollars adding a handful of billionaires along the way including Kanye West, all during the virus.  Los Angeles County up 12% with 66,433 people living on the street or in their cars all while are adding billionaires during a health crisis and economic collapse.

Clearly Mother Nature and her planet are in the process of eliminating This Human Virus plaguing her planet, the planet she foolishly trusted us with.  Insane greed basking in selective ignorance spearheaded by decades of GOP lies transformed the party and followers into a slow motion televised Jones-Town Cult Reality Show.  Perfect distraction for a Planetary-Meltdown.

As overpopulation, deforestation, a planet actually melting before our eyes, Amazon destroying everything in it’s path to get you shoes that don’t fit overnight usually in an oversized box full of plastic bags of air so your shoes don’t break.  When your surrounded by insanity what is sanity?

We are saddled with zero leadership or capability to do so.  The residue of our crumbling democracy is under constant assault from insane wealth and a handful of self-delusional people who never held a job who believe they know whats best for us, yet not one of them could, hold a job, change a tire, grow a tomato, operate a screwdriver, prepare a meal or do their own laundry and most importantly; have a kind thought.

Robert Reich nailed it again today:  Mr. Reich was Labor Secretary under Clinton departing early as Wall-Street’s grip on Clinton drove him out. Checkout Robert Reich in detail on this YouTube Channel.  While your there Richard D. Wolff will clear up all the misconceptions shrouding capitalism, socialism and communism.  Historian Rutger Bregman is a real eye-opener and truth teller concerning out of control wealth-inequality.  All three men are brilliant and will never lead you astray providing a firm and factual understanding of how and why we got here with a path towards building a new society truly for the people who work to make us all great, even you racists out there.

Let’s ride out of this cycle while we still can.  Keep on riding and be nice.  It’s as easy as riding a bike and you’ll never forget how.

Mother Nature Loves A Cyclists.



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