Observations While Cycling Through Life.

Positive Spin.

Cycling is an undeniably transformative, invigoratingly, rejuvenating life-affirming way too live your life.  Cycling is life’s path to the soul.  Wherever your soul resides you will often find it on a bicycle ride.   “When man invented the bicycle he reached the peak of his attainments.”  Elizabeth West, US author.


Life’s Second First Step occurs on your first bicycle ride.  From my first ride I never looked back.  The life affirming independence from that first bicycle ride has been with me ever since.  It got me here today, a fascinating journey thus far continuing to sustain me despite the unforeseen obstacles.

All life’s senses simultaneously ignite riding a bicycle.  This synergy of the senses comingling in such a collective manner can only be achieved on a bicycle.  Cycling’s all-encompassing rejuvenating effect on our souls is undeniable.  Life just taste better on a bicycle.  You are right where you belong.

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Today cycling is essential to survival with so many avenues out there for us.  I’ve yet to find a better way to get around and away today.  The instant my foot makes contact with that pedal my life instantly transported to that life-affirming place only experienced on a bicycle.  Errands by bike are transformative adventures versus the stress and drudgery of your automobile driven-life. “I don’t have a bucket list but my bikeit list is a mile long.” ?

More can be accomplished by bicycle today with rapidly advancing technologies industry wide as electric-bikes and e-cargo-bikes extend range, effort, possibilities and opportunities.

Pandemic has accelerated cycling’s role in rejuvenating humanity.  A silver lining.  One of many we will discover or evolve towards discovering in these rapidly evolving times.  Discover what’s waiting out there for you on your bicycle today and tomorrow while moving forward.  You won’t look back.

No automobile driven-life for me since 2008 yet my bicycle continues to deliver more useful and life affirming solutions with every passing mile.  Cycling is deliverance.

Did I mention?  “Life just taste better on a bicycle.”  You never look back.