Get Out Of Your Own Way. Ride A Bicycle Today.

Balanced Spin and Observation.

The Bicycle is a brilliant conglomeration of mechanics, physics, human ingenuity and fun. Demonstrably humanoids preeminent notion to date.

Bicycles epitomize practicality and common-sense while balancing our lives and needs with nature.

This blog represents a cycling addicts addiction to balancing truth, life and cycling on this spectacular, delicate and seemingly God like planet. Mother Nature has undoubtable done more for humankind then religion. This truth is not fiction.

Paraphrasing A Great Man with a PHD in Minstrel Philosophy. Once in a while you’ll get shone the light, in the strangest of places if you’d just ride your bike.

My first real work in 84. News-photographer 16mm. GoPro as farfetched as cellphones and electric bicycles. Then network news. Tim McVeigh, Missing-Children, Death-Row, Columbine High.

Why do humans treat each other so horribly? Why are so many of US going so far out of our way in forcing ourselves too hate each other out of existence?

Truth is most of US hate ourselves. Most of US simply hate the ignorance we embody while diligently reinventing scapegoats for our willingly misdirected hate.

Maybe it’s the non-fluorinated water of my childhood? I’ve seen nothing but hypocrisy, contradiction and a front row seat to journalisms slow death. All embedded in a growing body of lies for sixty years in a row. As I look at US today it all makes sense. A country built on continual lies and selective-ignorance is determined to fail spectacularly.

Additional work in fatherhood, brotherhood, dishwashing, bike-repair, house-painting, ranching, masonry, kitchens, moving, tennis and ski coaching, teaching, network design, molecular-gastronomy, film and video editing, electricity, videography, plumbing, producing, manure-spreading, appliance installation-repair; a few I’ve missed.

One corporate gig was hell on earth. Corporate will kill you metastasizing your soul in capitalisms bile. Here’s an equation or derivative for capitalism I’ve discovered. Money x Power ÷ Greed = Selective-Ignorance².

Eclectic practical knowledge and heterogeneous adventures in employment have sanctified my life with a slew of learning opportunities proving to me if your not cycling on a daily basis your completely out of life’s cycle. I had only a bicycle when my life started living.

Frightening to me after all this diversity is the complete lack of respect for elders and science. If someone is ten, twenty, thirty years older then you they are ten, twenty, thirty years smarter and wiser. Everything I’ve learned on this plant originated with someone who knew something I didn’t. 99.9% of them were elders. 0.1% were my children.

Our willingness to selectively ignore our ignorance merely too protect our stuff is killing US. We need this planet considerably more then this planet needs US.

Human ignorance of our planet’s value only superseded by human ignorance of human ignorance. The single most important change you can make to save yourself from yourself is to ride a bicycle everyday.

Truth is not what we choose to make of it. It’s what we do with truth that will ultimately define US.

This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a reasonably good place for all of us to live in. Theodore Roosevelt.

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