Not Rocket Science. Just Revolution.

As a cyclist of single-minded spin with decades of exhilaration, observation, education, manipulation, exploitation, tribulation, militarization, frustration, criminalization, deliberation, revelation, consideration, obfuscation, obliteration, conciliation, consolidation, passivization, privatization, destabilization, infatuation, overvaluation, fixation, inflation, and common sense elimination in this astoundingly uncultured nation behind me; after little contemplation, I’ve arrived at the destination of all realization.

The Bicycle illustrates a brilliant conglomeration of mechanics, physics, mortal ingenuity, and enjoyment. Demonstrably humanoids are a preeminent notion to date. I can’t assemble a more circular recommendation for magnifying your life than cycling everywhere daily. Everything concerning your existence will be sweetened with nature at your doorstep, not a gas pump.

Cycling Epitomizes Practicality and Common Sense While Balancing Our Lives and Needs Within Mother Nature’s Enigmatic Miracles.

The soul of our civilization depends upon the civilization of our soul. The imagination of our culture calls for a culture of the imagination.” ― James Hillman, Re-Visioning Psychology

Without Most Of Our Asses Aboard Bicycles, All Our Asses Are Doomed. Our Climates Future Health Is Riding On Yours.

Avail yourself to cycling and sustain everything keeping you alive. Deploy a bicycle as your primary mode of transport from this day forward. Cycling, electrified or human-powered, is the single most direct path to resolving all our climate problems while adorning one’s life with life.

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