“My Dad Can Even Talk To A Plumber.”

“My Dad Can Even Talk To A Plumber.” This brilliance was laid on me growing up by one of my private-school-neighbor kids. I told him Darwin knew a plumber? His mindset sums up the unsettling state of mind running amok.

It’s a mindset that’s led us here to a place where killing babies is justifiable to so many and selective ignorances dominate governance. A world where money supersedes anyone’s life; given the properly justifiably profitable circumstances. Like sacrificing your grandparents to the virus as if disposable lighters.

It’s a mindset fostered in private schools as this kid personified the tremendously ignorant education private school vomits up with every graduating class of dynamic new ignoramuses.

Gun Laws and the NRA. What needs to occur is a school shooting at The Elite Private High Schools or Ivy League breeding grounds. I vomit when I hear the statement “Well he is a Harvard or Yale man.” There are no men in Private or Ivy League Schools and it has been the Harvard and Yale men that have destroyed an entire planet thus far. All the world’s problems originate and perpetuate via Ivy League Diplomas.

Disgustingly Rich Peoples’ power, greed, and selective ignorance destroyed the planet and they’d like to blame the poor and powerless. Murderous corporate power owns our government. The electoral college is a joke. The Supreme Court? A two-party system in a country of forty tampon brands?

We had a president who broke every law on the planet. The worst human in history. He is worshiped by the proudly ignorant and religiously lies to them for their votes. Everything is ass-backward when you follow an ass-backward.

Our lives circumstances are directly tied to where, and to whom we are born. A varying Fictional Religion is then forced down all our throats based merely on our geographic birth coordinates. Are there different Geographic Gods?

Religious bull-shit was troubling enough, the merger with Capitalism’s Evil and Greed has all but sealed the deal for humanity on this narrowing path back to reality. If you don’t stir the shit we will all sink in the shit.

So many willingly know so little and get furious when challenged by reality. This is a precarious place for the residue of our democracy. Residue Of Our Democracy. Noam Chomsky offered these striking words in Requiem For The American Dream a deeply awakening look into the controllers of this life all oozing from the Ivy League privately educated nepotism of history.

My Dad Would Talk To Everyone.

ReCycling Life With Two Wheelin Synergy.

Everything is pushing us. Pushing us to spend. Pushing us to work more. Work harder. Work faster. Live faster. Stealing our time. Rushing yields to mediocrity. I see only the rush of overwhelming mediocrity in the US.

A Populus of mediocre lives yields a pathetically mediocre nation. Mediocre is a gentle word to describe today’s state of our crumbling union as we stumble through the residue of this polluted democracy that never really was. A two-party system in a land of one hundred cereal and toothpaste brands. If you’ve never comprehended any truth, you must ask yourself. Why start now? History is the lie we allow ourselves to swallow. If you are enjoying life as a know-nothing pawn manipulated at every juncture, so be it.

Don’t rush thru your life dulled by the capitalist mediocrity forced on us when you can cycle thru life dynamically engaged with it, free of the economic shackles stifling your existence. Consider just your annual automobile-related expenses?

It feels there’s never enough time yet time and basic human needs have not changed over time. We have every modern convenience, overnight delivery of socks, and instant delivery of anything digitized and we still struggle with time. Everything is easier to attain but life. Reattain your life with a bicycle or electric bicycle.

We’ve been chasing time at a mind-numbingly accelerating pace since the internal combustion engine disrupted Mother Nature’s intended plans for civilization. All the internal combustion engine did was expand the pace of greed and selective ignorance.

“The most baleful mischiefs may be expected from the unmanly conduct of not daring to face truth because it is unpleasing.”

Thomas Malthus.

All advertising is delusion-based bull-shit and we are surrounded by it. The coup d’état over the human brain for advertising jackals was the cell phone e. Now they are truly in your pocket while owning your brain and in control of all your consuming emotions. We’ve evolved into puppets without strings with all those carnivorous capitalist puppeteers in our pockets, brains, and souls.

When we were younger Consumer Reports Magazine was where you researched the facts on most products. Yes just “The Facts.” If some corporation is paying tens of millions to produce one ad, you can be assured it is designed to bullshit you not inform you.

Cycling is as liberating as it gets today. Cycling embodies freedom for one’s soul. Every ride conjures up the escaping cycling escapades of my youth. The most practical way to dispose of a day’s bull shit is on your bicycle. Once rolling your life is balanced in flawless synergy. Want to be 100% in control of your time? Cycling is your solution. The bicycle is the perfect conglomeration of mechanics, effort, and results.

Consider this Cycling Synergy Stew? When cycling you are commuting not polluting. When cycling you are simultaneously commuting, exercising, enjoying errands, acquiring health, feeling younger, having a great day, saving money, not in a car, getting stronger, wiser, living longer, and most critical you are living. Your car is a road to a paralyzing, debt-ridden, slovenly, early death. GET OUT NOW!

Most American Men I witness appear as if they couldn’t think about twenty push-ups let alone produce them. As for their practical mechanical skills, understanding of their physical space, and knowledge of tools?

Once aboard, cyclings’ positively overwhelming freedom will magnify your existence with a reinvigorated philosophy on time and freedom. Motorcars are about as far from freedom as one can get on earth. Automobiles are essentially gas-powered rolling jail cells we pay for in so many life-devouring ways.

I’ve been car-less and doctorless twenty years rolling. If you can’t afford health care a bicycle produces a terrific Health Care Plan. Complete control of your time. More control of your health, finances, sanity, and atmospheric future on this planet. Cycling furnishes it all. Always has. Always will.

If you are continuously in the rush of unrest you are out of control as another’s agenda is most likely driving your existence. Life will pass pointlessly fast when racing through it under constant manipulation. How much of your life are you spending in traffic? On those apps? Because that ain’t living.

The kitchen I work in is populated with younger souls who rush through everything constantly assembling a series of traps and impediments for themselves immune to experienced advice they seem happy to stumble in this routine every evening. They struggle in a rush to be mediocre by handcuffing themselves with the breadcrumbs of half-done tasks.

If you despise your work? Get out alive. I had one corporate gig. It all but killed me with the dullness of incompetent uninspirable leadership with the creativity of an unpopped corn kernel.

40 million electric cars would eliminate the United States’ need for foreign oil. Three Hundred Forty-Three Million, Five Hundred and Fifty-Seven Thousand, Six Hundred and Twenty-Five Electric Bicycles would eliminate oil and war. So would eliminating our gluttony, slovenliness, and apathy.

Yes, bicycles can do all this for US. We is the USA and the USA is US. It is easier to be wiser than intentionally idiotic. If only our selective ignorance and hate were energy sources? Selective Ignorance is a life of lying to yourself and constantly forcing lies down one’s throat will prove overwhelmingly consequential to your existence and companionships.

The Period Of Life I Spent ReCycling Here Was Splendidly Sane, Simple, and Peaceful. It Was The Awakening I Required. It All Revolved Around This Bicycle And Leaving Our Maddening Society In The Dust.

When I had little and a bicycle multifarious roads of opportunity opened. Previously unimaginable life changes were thrust on me with comprehensive poverty heading the list. My bicycle became the center of my new life. It refined my life. It embellished my life. It restarted my life. It gave life to my life. It saved my life.

Allow a bicycle to save yours. Cycling full-time will prove the best decision for your transient dash on this journey known as life. Get out and live it watching it pass by you thru windows no more.

American Psychopathy. An Unmistakable Result Of Capitalism Persistent Ignorance.

Psychopathy is a condition characterized by the absence of empathy and the blunting of other affective states. Callousness, detachment, and a lack of empathy enable psychopaths to be highly manipulative. Nevertheless, psychopathy is among the most difficult disorders to spot.

Reagan was one. He first made it unpatriotic to pay taxes with his trickledown BS. He believed catsup was a vegetable when he was. He provoked the idea that assisting your fellow American was laughable. He was an actor playing President while manipulated by his equally psychopathic wife. Just Say No. A bitch she was. She and Thatcher are most likely from the same jackal.

Psychopaths are easy to spot today. They are on every so-called news show. The hosts are all Psychopaths of Journalism and their guests are Political Psychopaths. I see it everywhere in America’s dysfunctional personality. All the direct results of capitalism and its centuries of lies. We are manipulated into a state of manipulated comfort. We are manipulated in every waking moment. Advertising? Now that you are the product all bets are off.

We’ve all participated in our own demise by doing nothing but covering our own asses. “I’ve got mine so fuck everyone else.” I’ve got former family members on this list. So when this country elected a psychopath I wasn’t surprised.

Science, reality, and journalism are lifeless which doesn’t leave much of a future for anyone. Most of our politicians are morons and thieves. They bear their selectively ignorant souls in the open and thrive in a country of well-crafted apathetic morons where there is no mirror big enough.

“Exterminate All The Brutes” Details White Selective Ignorance and The Roots of All Evil.

Watch this Truth-Filled Documentary Series detailing white selective ignorance and its historic ignorance.

After fifty years of playing the news game, I see “Exterminate All The Brutes” hitting a grand slam of truth out of our ballpark of lies in this world of financially polluted journalism.

The Miracle Of Life On Earth and How a Seemingly Intelligent Species Fucked Everything Up.

Does anyone wake to realize what a fucking miracle this planet is for us humans each day? It sure feels not! The balance of everything critical to human life is set in place by mother nature and the wizardry of this universe, yet we treat all these miracles of life as a disposable mayo-packet. Suck it dry and throw it out your car window.

Fast Food and the Automobile The Road To Planetary Death.

It is no wonder human life is now as disposable as condiment packets for many. With all his selective ignorance, greed, and ego, the man seems hell-bent on killing anyone in the path of a dollar.

Video games for killers. Movies start to finish violence of every form. Television is all crap with laugh tracks to cover the pointless dialogue. All reinforced by so-called news for the right price.

We appear as a species of serial killers. Constantly murdering the poor and defenseless with innumerable justifications from our gods of destruction. Big Oil and Weapons Manufacturers are the Gods of today’s capitalism and GOP.

The casualness some tolerate other people’s death holds a disturbingly psychopathic endorsement of mass murder. The Japanese were defeated, yet we had to swing our nuclear dick to show the world our plan for democracy in a mushroom cloud of Japanese Cremations. We’ve learned nothing evermore manipulated in this capitalist puppet show as a species.

Americans need to change their excessive ways. None of us requested to come here, yet many of us believe we are somehow better? Overindulgence fuels the thoughtlessness of our outrageous capability to hate all we refuse to comprehend. Selective ignorance is infected with deception when stubbornly embraced.

Cycling daily will change your mindset towards everything and everyone ingraining every day in nature, not the seat of your automobile and its poisonous capitalist tentacles grasping at your soul. Less debt = Less Stress = Less Hostility = Healthier, Happier, More Passionate, Empathetic Cycling Soul Brothers and Sisters.

Embrace cyclings influentially vigorous route to transforming the economic habits controlling you from that automobile. In sixty years of cycling, I’ve never preferred to be elsewhere. Rain, Sun, Snow, Rain, Snow, Sun, Rain, and Snow. Every day on your bicycle has your best interest in mind.

At $5.00 per gallon and climbing your bicycle puts real money in your pocket with affordable, fun, invigorating, universal healthcare with all those automobile-related expenses behind you. Your new economic future unfolds in every new life mile explored.

If you want to engage with your life, get out of that car and abord a bicycle as you are wasting away in every way, every day until you do.

I was homeless at that time, carless. A tent and my bicycle were administered to my needs. As my preceding needs diminished and transformed, I glimpsed at needs differently.

The overwhelming common sense and frugality within a cycling life will arouse your senses. The price of gas and everything will continue climbing along with the unanticipated climate effects.

Chase the wisdom of cycling creates a life transformation now as it will eventually come to us. This cycling dynamic will change your life for the better as the life-affirming powers of cyclings genius show you how to truly live each day to its fullest. These dynamics are not plausible when captive to the vehicle’s life-numbing helplessness.

Consider how much of your life is passing you while sitting on your ass in that car? Consider what that car really cost your life.

The automobile is the epicenter of the capitalist jungle. Just step on the gas and go get it. Need or not? That gas pedal is killing you through numerous manipulative monetary methodologies. All these manipulations eluded aboard your bicycle. Full-time bicycle commuting eradicates debt.

Minus instantaneous shifting of transportation methodologies, humanity’s history will be erased from universal history by humanity’s selective ignorance. No one will know how ironically ignorant we truly were. Not even our Gods of Oil, War, and Dollars.

Unravel your suppressed vitality around a bicycle every day. The life you salvage could be your own.

Self-Propulsion. An Accelerating Notion.

I haven’t possessed a car in twenty-two years, so I’m ballparking here for your consideration. Hopefully, you will? Electrified Cycling Economics-101 follows.

Annual Automobile Expense Calculations:

Car LoanInsurance Registration, Taxes, Fees?Tires, Oil Changes, Service Plan, Surprises.Gasoline: 3750 miles @ 50 Miles Per Day For 300 Days Commuting 15,000 miles annually to work.
$5000.00$2500.00$550.00$4500.00$5000.00 @ $5.00 per gallon.
$17,550.00 Call It $21.550 including personal usage.

$21,550 plus additional cash we hemorrhage galivanting about this capitalist junk-food jungle in our automobiles. Also, life’s hidden and most deadly expense stress thrives in the motorcar.

With twenty years stress-free on my bicycle, the stress is omnipresent when I find myself in a car. I was helping a friend move on the I-25 corridor north of Golden, Colorado, and I felt a Los Angeles nightmare teetering at 1:27:27 PM. The traffic was horrendously stress-filled. It was grid-locked from Fort Collins to Denver. If you really need to be somewhere, you must leave the day prior. A new normal.

Returning home after the move and this traffic apocalypse, I scrambled for my bicycle’s stress-shedding magic.

Electric Bicycles Have The Horsepower Too Supply Climate Salvation If We Arrive At Our Senses In A Punctual Mode.

Time is not ours for the wasting furthermore. Are we really going to continue down this excessive road furthering our own demise? If you have young children, I’m going to presume you have some concerns about their destiny on this burning and flooding planet. Electric Bicycles should play the leading role in a society-wide transformation getting our asses out of automobiles. We all need to slow our lives to a sane and livable pace outside cars, out oil, outside debt.

Electrified cycling will do the trick if you really want to reduce your debt while reaffirming your life. Anyone can do it. Even Network News Hosts.

With the end of civilization approaching, it is stunning that most Americans do not care. A planet struggling with climate turmoil will tumble into war with new reasons to fight instead of share or care. Absent drastic change, our propensity for selective ignorance will fall prey to the war machines’ carnivorous appetite for earnings.

David Wallace-Wells’ “The Uninhabitable Earth” is a sobering look at the realities facing us all without drastic action now. This article was published in NY Magazine in 2017 yet I’ve seen no reaction? If all cars stopped functioning tomorrow you’re going to wish you had a bicycle as it will be everyone’s first choice.

The tax dollars wasted on the nuclear weapons we are theoretically never to use would enable millions of us live with our heads above the capitalist waters we’re continuously treading in?

Electrified Cycling is your most efficacious monetary harpoon for deflating the monstrous tires of capitalism’s oil-funded war machine, deforesting our planet, deforesting our souls. Deforesting our lives.

Get out of the rat race. Get out of that car. Help save your climate. Take your life back aboard an electric bicycle tomorrow.

Circumcise Big Oil To Castrate War.

Oil is killing us. Killing us with cars. Killing us with enduring forms of pollution. Killing us with stress. Killing us with debt. Killing us with war.

Idle bodies foster idle minds correlating to an idle life. Your vitality is idling away in a car. Jumpstart your life with electrified cycling.

Help Humanity Circumcise Big Oil and Castrate War Evermore With Your Electric Bicycle.

Our extinction is now merely beyond the crossroad yet I see no change given the sobering scenario unfolding at our hands. Selective ignorance is in full swing as America’s drone capitalist populous drives willingly off a cliff dubbed reality.

Anyone not considering an Electric Bicycle with gasoline soon exceeding $5.00 not to mention the looming climate death of everyone by 2040 without this efficiently electrified cycling action. Our persistent ignorance will not suspend the impacts of the decades of incognizance proceeding us.

Mass deployment of electric bicycles is humankind’s single most effective tool against our warming war-laden planet. The government should subsidize any electric bicycle purchase with additional incentives with proof of the elimination of your car via sale or scrap.

Consider never buying gasoline again? Consider how could this extra cash embellish your new life outside that automobile? Consider never paying car insurance again? Consider no registration fees and taxes. Consider no tires or maintenance cost. It’s a considerable pile of coins. Every year for the rest of your life. Consider all this extra cash. Consider renting a car for distance vacationing.

Consider that owning a car is a disproportionate and frivolous outlay just adding unwarranted stress with unflattering slovenliness. Reshape your life now with just two wheels. It’s an astoundingly liberating awakening.

Consider Owning an Electric Bicycle Now! It Will Reshape Everything About You!

Cycling Drives Reality.

As self-inflicted extinction approaches it appears that capitalism’s sweeping ignorance has downright swallowed reality. When you lie to yourself to be part of a misguided group of know-nothings it’s a Red Flag.

It’s on their faces embedded in the uncertain hate of seeded dread. Their real apprehension is fear of their lives propelled by selective ignorance. Essentially believing in what is most convenient and most profitable to you and blaming poor people when the bills for decades of this selective ignorance are due.

All our problems are of our own ignorant creation. Ignore anything long enough and it will catch up with you; then pass you by leaving you in the dust of extinct procrastination.

Take, for instance, driving your car when you can ride a bicycle. It’s a self-serving act of selective ignorance. Cycling is the single most influential positive effect you can make on yourself.

Your automobile is fueled by the madness of capitalism collusion with big oil. A bicycle is fueled by you and a common-sense vitality, with your practical day-to-day needs just a ride away. Not what Madison Ave’s madness has in mind for you ensnared in your car and cell phone worlds.

The stunning disregard of life will indeed bring the death of us. In my life, anyone who stood for peace was assassinated by corporate America and its privatized tax-payer-funded, viscous military-industrial complex.

With Putin’s nuclear cloud hanging over humanity in a world left in turmoil by Bush’s war for a dying energy source. Oil and coal were headed the way of the steam engine prior to Mr. Bush’s greatest strategic failure in human political history.

Imagine if all those war dollars had flowed to Green Energy. Not forgetting the war crimes and untold murder of so many incents in the name of Bush’s Democracy. He brings democracy even if it kills you.

We continually lose wars and somehow swallow them as victories. War is ravaging the planet with enormously unrestrained chemical, nuclear, and carbon pollution every day. Our planet is in the process of killing us all yet we parade on killing each other with seemingly endless justifications while continuing the development of nuclear weapons with frightening dedication. Exactly what kind of species are we? We kill everything including planets.


Ten I was as this Public Service Announcement jolted my youthful naivety. We continue polluting our world at rates exceeding our selective ignorance. This should be freighting?

In the past 365 sunsets, we shattered the world record for carbon pollution not to mention methane’s deadly level of potency. As the price of gas in California hits $7.00 per gallon if you are not riding a bike you best be paralyzed.

Inflation and climate collapse should be incentive enough to motivate anyone with common sense to get on a fucking bicycle now. Your life will be embellished and if there is enough common sense cycling through our patriotic veins we might have a shot at salvaging this life-sustaining environment we have forced to the threshold of our lives sustainability.

Conserving our world in the life-sustaining miraculous scenario Mother Nature devised for our thriving is our only path forward.

Life will never thrive in a motorcar. “Stupid Is As Stupid Does.” Forest never drove a motorcar. He was blessed. With common sense.

As Our Nation Yields It’s Intellect Cycling Merges With Sanity.

If you cycle daily you see the light. Cycling is advantageous to everything and every body. Cycling is the healthiest and vitally functional pathway of residing and blossoming on and with earth. Continued denial of the automobile’s utterly disastrous impacts on everything and every body is utterly cockamamie.

Cycling will bring you to your maximum conceivable state of living, stifling the slovenliness staggering your soul with bedazzling automobile acrimony. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just released this reality.

“There is beauty in silence and there is silence in beauty and you can find both in a bicycle!”

-Mehmet Murat İldan.

George Carlin was a Comedian and Philosopher who had the best take on God and the entire shebang.

Lifes madness is most easily eluded aboard your bicycle. Cycling is undoubtedly life’s premiere form of therapeutics. Today’s most dynamic instrument for living in comprehensive harmony with yourself and your planet is the bicycle. This is a fact you can live, or die by.

Your bicycle's dynamism?  Never underestimate it.  It will bring you here.  It will fetch you there.  In  all your whiles.  With a smile and a glee.  That's good.  For you and thee. Frankly speaking. If a chainge you are seeking?  Reaping cycling's heaping's will prove esteemed of all life's keepings.

The Greatest Tennis Match Ever Courted.

I had the benefit of sharing some life with Don Budge. Attending and working for his Tennis Academy for some years. It was the 1980 Wimbledon Men’s Final The Greatest Tennis Match Ever Played?

Mr. Budge had a moderate ego for a legend and I’d attended many anecdotes from his 1937 Davis Cup Men’s Final.

Don Budge vs Germany’s Baron Gottfried von Cramm. Mr. budge won in a stunning five-set classic referred to by many, including Mr. Budge, as the greatest match ever. The pressure on Baron Gottfried von Cramm was immense given the geopolitical turmoil in 1937.

American Bill Tilden was coaching the German Team compounding the pressure for Budge while von Cramm had Hitler on his back. Following Jesse Owen’s Olympic schooling Adolf the prior year in Berlin failing was not an alternative for the Barron.

So I’m watching the Borg, McEnroe Wimbledon Final with Don Budge and the other coaches drinking canned Bud. Following this stunning exhibition from Borg and McEnroe, Don Budge himself anointed this Borg, McEnroe stunner as “The Greatest Tennis Match Ever Played.”

This experience was like winning a Grand Slam. Sitting with Tennis Royalty drinking cheap beer, witnessing the transcendence of the game by McEnroe and Borg and his excellency conceding the progression of tennis superiority.

Well into his sixties, Mr. Budge still held mastery over the game. His athletic prowess was reflected in all his movements. He seemed to be always everywhere on the court. Invariably waiting on the ball, he was.

Playing as his occasional double partner over those summers I was; the wizard’s apprentice. A blessing those times were.

He Moved As Water ala Bruce Lee.

I was fortunate to have shared court time and significantly this Wimbledon landmark with Mr. Budge, Borg, and McEnroe.