Bar-Ends On Your Mountain-Bike.


Bar-ends add control, power, confidence and comfort.

I ride a Mountain-Bike on the roads now, with this handle-bars set-up. Comfortable and empowering providing more climbing power, more control cornering and more confidence with sketchy terrain especially crossing rail-road tracks. Acceleration and power increased as the bar end are in vertical alignment with your femurs, quads and hamstrings. It’s like having an extra gear or two instantly at your disposal.

Specialized makes a few lengths and curved bar-ends. Other manufactures make a number of varied shapes.

Cane Creek bar-ends are a bit more ergonomic and lower profile.

If you try this set-up I bet you’ll like it especially off road although once I took this bike on the smooth roads I haven’t gone back on the trail since. The speed was too alluring for me. This set-up is very fast and stable on the roads concrete bike trails and in the forest.

Try this set-up too add speed, stability and confidence.

I run these Schwalbe Big Apples size 29 x 2.35. Fast, durable, amazing cornering, haven’t had a flat in four years.

The Need For Speed.


I love going as fast as possible. If you enjoy speed, as I do, a few thoughts here. I struggle with carrying tools, tubes, pumps, CO2 or anything I really don’t need when it comes to speed. Some days I just want to ride as light a bike as possible. Me the bike a water bottle. No baggy clothing, skin-tight equals speed. Check your seat height, there is speed there if too low.

Golden, Colorado is my kind of cycling town, blessed with miles of silky fast concrete trails, mountain-bike trails and clean bike-lanes.

Mountain Trail heads in town will lead you into the foothills and beyond. Bike-Packing trips are possible in all directions. Golden’s weather is Golden. Having lived in New England where cold, wet and windy is cold, wet and windy. Golden and Colorado has cycling weather dialed in I find it perfect year round.

“Cycling is possibly the greatest and most pleasurable form of transport ever invented. Its like walking only with one-tenth of the effort. Ride through a city and you can understand its geography in a way that no motorist, contained by one-way signs and traffic jams, will ever be able to. You can whiz from one side to the other in minutes. You can overtake £250,000 sports cars that are going nowhere fast. You can park pretty much anywhere. It truly is one of the greatest feelings of freedom once can have in a metropolitan environment. It’s amazing you can feel this free in a modern city.”
Daniel Pemberton, The Book of Idle Pleasures

New Zealand Adventure.