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Cycling The Only Road To Your Children’s Future.

There is no debating the fact that riding a bicycle is better for everyone and everything on earth.  Every ride, everyday, helps everyone, everywhere.  Cycling is a conglomeration of unimaginable synergies and will revolutionize your life if you just roll … Continue reading

Seems Like Just Yesterday.

Woke to winter in Golden today.  Tuesday November 24, 2020.  Seems just yesterday I was in shorts.  A mild fall.  Again! It’s was yesterday Monday November 23, 2020.  I was riding in shorts.  Minus greenery the day sunny another wonderful … Continue reading

Ride Into The Darkness. It’s An Entirely New Light.

Every old ride is new again when riding after sunset.  Your favorite trails, paths and roads are transformative experiences at night.  Hills seem not so up with some non-existent as everything is a bit less familiar or experientially refreshing. First … Continue reading



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