Do You Have Time For Cycling?

Do you have time for cycling? Because cycling has time for you. The Bicycle is life’s only real Time Machine. If you have prior history with you’ll be privy to my profound respect for cycling and it’s innumerable life fulfilling beneficial advantages. Do you seek a slower, more efficient and effervescent life? Escape theContinue reading “Do You Have Time For Cycling?”

Cycling Is Now Life Threatening.

It appears humanity is going to drive of the edge of the earth with The Flat Earthers. The entire planet is under a blanket of life threatening smoke from the epidemic fires resulting from the carbon and hydro-carbons we continue spewing with our lives of selective-ignorance. Cumbersome it will be to ride a bicycle withContinue reading “Cycling Is Now Life Threatening.”

The Life-Affirming Bicycle Ride.

The bicycle. Be it used for $150.00 or new at $15,000. The life of a bicycle is endless thus endlessly life extending. Who amongst cyclists is not instantly transported to our youth once stepping to that pedal? There has never been a more beneficial time to start cycling if your on the fence about possiblyContinue reading “The Life-Affirming Bicycle Ride.”

A Stretching Tailwind With Some Squash.

Stretching is cycling’s finest non-mechanical component. The more I stretch the finer my ride. Never saw myself in a Yoga Class. After one class I was all in. Hot Yoga is rejuvenating. I felt ten years earlier following that first class. My lungs manipulated more oxygen. Aches and pains accumulating since childhood vanished. Hot YogaContinue reading “A Stretching Tailwind With Some Squash.”

Forget The Zombies. Selective Ignorance Is The Virus Killing US.

If you enjoy life and cycling as you know it get out and enjoy every moment you have for there won’t be many more as you know it. As a significant number of US continue to intentionally unmoor ourselves from reality human extinction looms large. American’s ignore everything that matters in life starting with life.Continue reading “Forget The Zombies. Selective Ignorance Is The Virus Killing US.”

A Serious Chainge Is All We Need.

A seriously challenging opportunity has arrived for US all. With corona-virus accelerating the crippling effects of capitalism on the human race by five years as our environment collapses faster then our economy. Both results of our tremendous capacity to selectively ignore what doesn’t directly support our monumentally and selectively ignorant materialism. There’s never been moreContinue reading “A Serious Chainge Is All We Need.”

As Far From Normal As Possible.

Back to normal? Most I encounter don’t want to hear or confront the truth about normal. Truth is America is sic, sick and twisted. Our state of selective-ignorance just ignored ten more of our fellow Americas slaughtered. A grocery store; this time. I was at Columbine High five minutes after the call went out. WorkingContinue reading “As Far From Normal As Possible.”

Classic Cycling Films During Today’s Content Drought.

If you haven’t seen Breaking Away after watching this trailer you will. Buy or rent Breaking Away on YouTube. It’s a film you might want too own. I feel great every-time I watch this one. I feel Breaking Away stands alone in the Cycling-Cinema Genre. Next, Bicycle Thieves, this Vittorio De Sica 1948 post worldContinue reading “Classic Cycling Films During Today’s Content Drought.”

This Bike Saved My Life.

I’ve been riding 54 years, it was the time of divorce, financial, legal assault, I moved from let’s say joy-riding to life-riding. A twenty something Diamond-Back was my savior. “A bicycle is either a child’s toy, a rich man’s obsession, or a poor man’s last resort.” In my case the latter although every time I’mContinue reading “This Bike Saved My Life.”