Rat’s Don’t Have Mice.

Rat’s Don’t Have Mice! My Father reiterated this when encountering self-absorbed hateful people intentionally misleading themselves shrouded beneath consciousness. History confirms Ivy-League Rats have no leadership or economic skills having brought this evolving democracy to its brink. So much at risk. Evidently humankind. With extraordinarily few humans concerned. Get out of your car now saveContinue reading “Rat’s Don’t Have Mice.”

What A Wonderful World It Could Be!

What a Wonderful World will transpire when everyone pedals a bicycle. Visualize it! The pandemic proved the significance of these bicycles. As the cost of a gallon of death proceeds arising the bicycle will naturally lengthen its sound economic rootstocks within our culture. The immeasurable compensations of cycling personify common sense salubrious living. Alleged WorldContinue reading “What A Wonderful World It Could Be!”

Cycling Is Life’s Panacea.

Panacea is defined as a cure-all. From my viewpoint, Cycling is unquestionably life’s cure-all. Cycling continuously renovates my day, my life, my soul, my points of view. Cycling is complete control with comprehensive freedom where the roads, trails, paths are subject to your interpretation. This liberating control and freedom produce a therapeutic healing horsepower forContinue reading “Cycling Is Life’s Panacea.”

It’s All In Your Head.

Regretful day at work? Go for a bicycle ride. Upset with someone? Ride your bicycle. Stressed out? Take a ride on your bicycle. Feeling depressed? Ride your blues away. Anxious? Grappling to resolve a predicament? Take a spin. Is your planet dying? Riding a bicycle will unimaginably change your world while helping to save ours.Continue reading “It’s All In Your Head.”

In The Zone. How Did I Get Here?

Can you transcend yourself and subsequently your perceived physical limits of your body to find that elusive zone where effort is effortless and time non-existent. How do you know you’ve gone too far till you get there? In exercise/sport don’t allow the illusion of your body to distract from the true power of your being.Continue reading “In The Zone. How Did I Get Here?”

A $10 Key Personifies Capitalisms Selective Ignorance.

Golden, Colorado was one of those towns that seemed to have everything you need. Everything you need was found at The Local Hardware Store. Meyer Hardware had everything you need. Everything from a single finish nail thru a Professional Kitchen-Aid Food Mixer. You could copy a door-key for around $1.87. Meyer Hardware closed it’s doorsContinue reading “A $10 Key Personifies Capitalisms Selective Ignorance.”

It’s All In The Bicycle Ride.

All the answers you need will come to you on your bicycle. Your mind and imagination is helpless inside an automobile held in captivity by capitalisms mind numbing effects on your soul completely debilitating your brain and subsequently your creativity. Everyone is creative but you won’t grow your creativity in a car. Creativity flourishes onContinue reading “It’s All In The Bicycle Ride.”

The Fear Gear. Use It Or Lose It.

Fear is Cycling and Running’s most efficacious component. Humanities plushest bicycle might as well be a rusty Tricycle without fear in your gear-box. Your Fear Gear is located at your exhaustion threshold. The Fear Gear, turning it on and off in a slipstreaming evolution of fatigue, pain and gain is a dance between you andContinue reading “The Fear Gear. Use It Or Lose It.”