Treasure Your Work At Any Price.

As I’ve witnessed life unraveling it seems comprised of work and play. Enjoying your work makes for a more harmonious life. Unearthing work you relish can be a pickle.

Having manipulated copious tools, chemicals, and devices from cameras, stop baths, and servos thru flamethrowers, mandolines, and tricycles on this twisted road of vocational adventure. It was the knife, whisk, and tongs that proved most gratifying.

In a kitchen, everything element you work amidst begins with nature. Cream, butter, flour, and fire are a few. Exactly as our lives. It’s all about nature. As a matter of fact, everything concerning life originates from Mother Nature, the earth, this planetoid, you know our mutual home. The thing that sustains all our lives no matter the color. During my sixty years, dabbling in everything I’ve discovered white-folks standing out as the laziest and most intentionally incompetent; all threatened by knowledge.

A job you love is worth any price, eliminating your automobile’s tremendous expenses can make this jump to a pleasing job economically viable. Work is where you spend a significant part of your life. Waisting this chunk of your existence at a task you despise is a doom you want to bypass.

Tally up annual automobile expenses then go for a bicycle ride. You’ll perceive my point of view from this rejuvenating perspective. If your job sucks cycling to work provides the perfect escape while you seek healthier employment horizons. Your mind and soul thrive on a bicycle vs the slow death of the automobile’s crippling claws.

One corporate employment debacle required nepotistic soul-crushing complicit stupefaction. I just can’t work with selectively ignorant people every day for any price. The money was good but everything we did was pointless. I struggled to get fired for years after being one of a few creative links on an intentionally rusty chain was no way to roll.

Venturing to an office every day is a slow and dull death on one rolling chair after another. Hydrocarbon’s omnipresence throughout humanity today makes me wonder about the Oil Giants’ lies and need to pump and burn our planet’s dwindling oil supply asap while we’re on the downside of peak oil.

Cycling has never held more significance for life and will be the quintessential element of humanity’s survival while pedaling forward on greener roads. Shake the shit of capitalism from your soul upon your bicycle straightaway. The rat race is designed as unwinnable and growing more so every day for the remainder of your life.

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