Rat’s Don’t Have Mice.

Rat’s Don’t Have Mice! My Father reiterated this when encountering self-absorbed hateful people intentionally misleading themselves shrouded beneath consciousness. History confirms Ivy-League Rats have no leadership or economic skills having brought this evolving democracy to its brink. So much at risk. Evidently humankind. With extraordinarily few humans concerned. Get out of your car now save your life and this planet from the Rats while you still possess the occasion to appreciate life and Mother Natures glorious planet.

Now the Rat infested Military Industrial Complex is out of manufactured enemies they turn their mighty military ignorance on China? Would we go to war against the country that makes everything for US? One could insinuate Walmart guided China and US to this unintentional codependency. We have China surrounded by military bases. Hundreds of them. Would you not take precautions against the only military to deploy nuclear terror upon its fellow humans?

I was five when I discerned the utter corruption the USA represented. I figured if the government couldn’t deduce the assassins of President Kennedy the government played a role. The Warren Commission Report, made for genuine comedy the instant it was contrived. The Military Rats conspired with unconventional Rats not dissimilar to today’s Rats of selective ignorance ravaging the previously infested GOP and beltway with their obsequiousness to stupidity.

Charles Bukowski’s valid observation ringing truer every day. “The problem with the world is that intelligent people are full of doubt, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

Our figurine leaders unquestionably enabled the assassinations of the Kennedys, Malcolm X, Dr. King, Medgar Evers, Fred Hampton, and everyone else who stood for peace. Vietnams scam. The cold war scam, Gulf War One, followed by the knavery of September Eleventh and blunders of Bush. Look into The Project For A New American Century for some understandings of the substances at play that day. Learned Rats at play.

Today I see Rats everywhere and the concept of “American” in sixty-five has been assassinated along with every attempt at peace. America is exceptionally selectively ignorant. How many people drive just to Starbucks for a six-dollar coffee every minute, hour, day, year? All US Rat’s scampering to and fro inside automobiles of death addictively spending with no discernment. Unseeing consumerism inspires our annihilation.

E-Bikes For Everyone. If Chris Hayes can do it so can you.

If you’ve encountered folks with excessive cash you have a taste for this type of psychopathic delusion. Funny how money advances the belief in one’s individual bull shit. “What’s great for me is fabulous for everyone else?” I can’t wait until tomorrow; I get better every day. Richer every day yes, better, I think not. Yes, his spacecraft was a giant penis. What a dick!

Jeffrey Sachs is known for his concise intelligence and never beating around the brambles.

My point with all this information is. Clearly, centuries the lying and deception on behalf of our government has delivered us to this apex of self-extermination. Humanity’s only chance will be through the exploitation of the electric bicycle. If your life situation permits you would be foolish not to take full advantage of this life-changing cycling revolation.

Every moment spent on my bicycle is my constant reminder of how astounding this thing called life can be if you step outside the creature capitalism has turned you into. So many of US missing the point trapped in The Rat Race.

I’ve dabbled in most forms of exercise with Cycling standing alone as life’s most common-sense, economically practical method of achieving fun, health, healthy fun, mental health, transport, stress relief, exercise, errands, and most importantly cycling will provide your life the unique revolutionary life-affirming revitalization you’ve been seeking. You won’t live and regret it although you will commence living. I thought it not possible until I had only a bicycle. It was my bicycle that steered me to this unprecedentedly life-affirming road.

This liberating road to freedom is wide open to all of US and just outside your door every moment of every day and night for the rest of your life. Get on your bike daily and do your part in exterminating these ignorant, oily military Rats from this country. Our government will not save US; we will with every oil-free bicycle mile. Get out there today and find yourself or sit out the remainder of your undiscovered dwindling lifetime.

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