What A Wonderful World It Could Be!

What a Wonderful World will transpire when everyone pedals a bicycle. Visualize it! The pandemic proved the significance of these bicycles. As the cost of a gallon of death proceeds arising the bicycle will naturally lengthen its sound economic rootstocks within our culture. The immeasurable compensations of cycling personify common sense salubrious living.

Alleged World Leaders just finished their exorbitant carbon-filled trip to Glasglow, Scotland for the Conference Of The Parties Climate Summit devoting themselves to extinction with their greenwashed lip service.

With all the parley of Carbon, the actual elephant at the conference was Methane Gas which is 80 times more potent than CO2 and is seriously under the media radar. The fact is if more if not most all of the US doesn’t start deploying a bicycle as your principal form of transit human extinction is inevitable.


The sight of that parking lot full of cars with bicycles atop befuddles me, more notably in a town with Golden, Colorado’s Cycling Stature. For Lance Armstrong’s sake, there are sixteen-foot wide concrete bicycles lanes everywhere in Golden yet the idea of riding four to seven more miles to and from the park is not in your wheelhouse of thoughts.

If you prognosticate? “I don’t have the time to bike to the park.” Ride Faster! I guarantee the time you expend screwing around with that foolishly valued bike rack moreover bartering traffic will be a stress-packed comprehensive wasteland of considerable carbon-based energy.

The poorest countries on earth are presently suffering the most severe and frequent impact of our selectively-ignorant lives and it’s nevertheless business as usual. Burn baby burn.

Dr. Carl Sagan Predicted Today’s Self Exacted Climate Predicament For Congress In 1985. This Was Of Course a Time When Politicians Trusted, Revered, and Valued Scientists For Their Expertise. Regrettably, Nothing Improved as Capitalisms Selective-Ignorance of Mother Natures Realities have come home to roost

Humanity emitted a record amount of Carbon this past year. Actually, no one seems to care, ensnared in debt, working despised jobs, collecting unneeded stuff to dazzle souls they can’t stand. If that ain’t a Rat Race? What Is?

Electric Bicycles are game-changers for humankind as the oil passes from our lives it would be foolish to this cycling technology pass by your life. To date, our lives have been emulsified in oil. This can be no more if there is to be anymore. If you’ve been weighing the life-affirming transformation to full-time cyclists there has never been a finer time technologically and environmentally. Mother Nature as we require her requires as many of us on bicycles as humanly conceivable.

Let’s not overlook how swiftly our planetoid commenced reinvigorating herself when we got outside our cars for a few months during the initial lockdown. If we don’t start collaborating with Mother Nature rather than uniformly ignoring and assaulting her our days are certainly further calculated.

A full-time cycling life will simplify your life while redeveloping your world in a previously undiscovered fortified and fulfilling manner. Learning your own town on a bicycle for the first time is evolutionarily enlightening. Not unlike your first real ride away from home as a child truly exploring and discovering your neighborhood; your world.

I’ve submitted earlier. If you can’t carry it on a bicycle is there a need for it?

None of us petitioned to originate on this planet. If you were blessed and born in the US you’ve got a leg up on many. You can shower and shit at will pretty much do what you want when you want to. I’ve been homeless. Showering and passing can be a hurdle. If it’s fifteen-below outside your tent the tile flooring is brisk and shaving is brittle.

Exasperating it is to see a bicycle adorning a car. If you load your bicycle on your car and drive to work to sandwich in a ride at lunch consider riding to work round-trip on your new electric bicycle. Sell your car while it’s still worth something. Buy your new E-Bike and bank some cash monthly with no insurance, registration, parking, upkeep, $400.00 tires. You could pick up a stylish electric bicycle for merely two car tires. The automobile is an orfice you continually emancipate cash from.

Right now is a miraculous time for a bicycle ride moreover with enough of US cycling, we could pull off the imminent miracle we need.

The United States auctioned off oil and gas drilling lease’s in the Gulf of Mexico after climate talks. It is clear if the human race has any chance of surviving this astounding level of selective ignorance on behalf of our so-called leaders it will take action by all of US. So get out of that car and flourish on your bicycle or stay in that car and perish.

Admittedly, my point endures. If you have a hankering for a Wonderful World journey by bicycle every day not solely for your exercise but for your planet.

Cycling prevails as the simplest, most cost-effective, delightful, healthy, stress-free, common-sense, methodology for any errand furthermore cycling is the transcendent passageway for existence.

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