In The Zone. How Did I Get Here?

Can you transcend yourself and subsequently your perceived physical limits of your body to find that elusive zone where effort is effortless and time non-existent. How do you know you’ve gone too far till you get there? In exercise/sport don’t allow the illusion of your body to distract from the true power of your being.

Exercise is meditation and if you delineate between “Yourself” and “Your Body” you will find that zone.

When I think of someone preforming outside their physical bodies limitations there can be only one. Larry Bird of The Boston Celtics was feared by everyone who ever attempted to defended him in every game he ever played in and when the pressure was insurmountable Larry Bird terrified the entire NBA.

Whatever your game The Zone is out on the training road of dedication and hard work. Whatever your game you must love it. Cycling is never a labor and always pure fun. Your at play and your exercising and you feel like a kid every time you ride a bicycle. It can’t be just me?

It’s out there as a kid where you’ll find the effortless spaces outside the realities and limitations of your physical body where you move beyond your previous realities and limitations.

A Bicycle’s uniqueness is in it’s ability to transport us all where we need to be. A younger state of mind within a younger state of being. It’s therapeutic madness on two-wheels.

Golf is the only game where the ball stares at you. Tiger Wood was devastating on any course when in his zone. They lengthened the course at The Masters after Tiger mastered it making it look like miniature golf along the way.

Lance Armstrong. Drugs sure. It’s Professional Cycling! Let’s not forget all the tour contenders where doping back then. They just got crushed repeatedly by a cancer survivor with one testicle who simply out smarted and out trained them all. Seven years in a row!

Mr. Armstrong’s job was Too Win The Tour de France. So he did. Seven Time in a row. Defeating cancer and a dopy field of competitor’s while Cycling’s Governance and Big-Money had an injected interest in Lance Armstrong’s success.

The sport’s history is polluted with drugs and blood-doping and to call out Lance Armstrong is a fucking joke.

Lance Armstrong and his bicycle revitalized a wilting cycling world in desperate need of air in it’s tires. Mr. Armstrong blew the entire cycling industry up with his devastating Seven Year Dominance of the most demanding athletic event on earth. Have you ever tried the tour and if in Lance Armstrong’s Saddle what would you have done Too Win? Me Too!

So The Zone is out there and you don’t have to be Larry, Tiger or Lance to get there. So get out there now and find it. Zone Out.

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