A $10 Key Personifies Capitalisms Selective Ignorance.

Golden, Colorado was one of those towns that seemed to have everything you need. Everything you need was found at The Local Hardware Store. Meyer Hardware had everything you need.

The Meyer Hardware store.

Everything from a single finish nail thru a Professional Kitchen-Aid Food Mixer. You could copy a door-key for around $1.87. Meyer Hardware closed it’s doors after decades of helping Goldens citizens keep thing working. Now with Meyer Hardware most likely slated for overpriced dwellings you must pay $10’s for a single key at the Safeway $10 Key Kiosk. Yes $10 for a key and they will print advertising on your key for an additional fee.

Unless your a fulltime cyclists you now have to drive to Home-Depot for a slightly cheaper key. Around $6.00 whereupon you will buy something you might not need. That is the plan. Oil back at $80.00 pre-barrel. A gallon of cheap milk now cost more then a Latte. Trickle-Down my leg economics.

Reagan should have received an Academy Award for playing President; and they called Clinton “Slick.” Reagan was as slippery as Exxon and Mobile with the truth. He was just another gun and drug runner at the end of the day with the proud and defiant Oliver North waiting as his fall-guy. Plenty of Bush in the background while all this deceit was sowed upon US under that actor.

The $10 Key is simply another example of Capitalism’s Collapse while sucking US dry. Aldous Huxley foresaw today’s collapsing society specifying the ingredients in this 1958 sit-down with Mike Wallace. Watch a recipe for collapse encapsulated in this fascinating interview; uninterrupted by commercials.

In the days of Intellectual Journalism you could smoke on live television and everyone was vaccinated. Mr. Huxley told US this was headed our way but everyone was watching Football, the OJ Trail, Squid Games and Fox News?

The misuse of television postulated by Mr. Huxley in 1958 really drives home the intentionally conniving and devastating ignorance unleashed on this gullible society by Facebook and Twitter.

Having worked in local television news in the 70’s I do remember Journalism. There is little left of it. The Lewis F. Powell’s doctrine wholly unleashing Corporate Power’s soul-crushing dominance over our lives, courts and governance bringing US to The United States Of Selective-Ignorance or A Nation of Nihilists. Powell’s agenda was primarily to make American compliant and stupid with corporations running the show. Seems to have succeeded.

The wealthiest and most powerful military in history just lost two twenty-year wars. Intentionally or with complete incompetence; both most likely and neither surprising. The United States Military defeated by two of histories poorest countries. The war-profiteers did win and we all pay for their victory in taxes. Our tax dollars do Kill Babies. Always have. You can ponder this part of your soul? Or get out foxed watching football?

We are the apples. The Tree is the country we stole by way of genocide. The Preying Mantis is Capitalism. Sucking US All Dry. Now Amazon and it’s megalomaniac founder have pounded the final nail in the local business coffin. America seem to need it’s sock’s delivered the same day in 2021. I find all I need on my bicycle. It’s a frugal way to roll.

Now that religion openly climbed in bed with capitalism all bets are off. Religions complicity in all this greed is sickening and would be tolerated by No God I know. Religion is and always has been just as fictional as democracy.

I believe Adam and Eve were simply earths first Relators. If only they went for a bicycle ride that day instead of messing with that apple automobiles might have never been invented. Driving a car is a sin.

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