It’s All In The Bicycle Ride.

All the answers you need will come to you on your bicycle. Your mind and imagination is helpless inside an automobile held in captivity by capitalisms mind numbing effects on your soul completely debilitating your brain and subsequently your creativity.

Everyone is creative but you won’t grow your creativity in a car. Creativity flourishes on a bicycle. A bicycle simply brings your life closer to nature where it belongs. After all the bull-shit and consumerism it is nature that gives us life, all life.

A bicycle creates freedom, freedom to think and imagine. A bicycle creates health. Health for you and your planet. A bicycle creates financial freedom. Freedom from endless automobile expenses. A bicycle creates a new you. A bicycle creates with every ride. Ride it now. You’ll see what I mean.

The automobile has you trapped in more ways then you may realize. You’ll realize all these traps holding you back clearly once commuting on your bicycle. Your automobile is your anchor to Wall Street. Your ball & chain to capitalisms enslavement of you life and soul. Cycling leaves that slave life in the dust. Cycling led me to the work I love and love my work.

Ever wonder if Heaven runs on socialism or if Jeff Bezos with be the richest soul in Heaven? I don’t believe we will need Amazon there? Ever wonder why are there no Libertarian countries? Could it be because it’s a stupid concept? Unless you are wealthy enough to think that way. Libertarianism might work in Heaven as I understand it all Heavenly needs are included in the membership plan and there’s no initiation fee. The initiation fee is included in your participation in The Sunday Cash Basket Grab by the Church. So you’ve got that going for you.

I hope there is Cycling In Heaven. You would think so with all the hype. Bicycles would be a great way to move around such a spectacular place and I’ve heard there are no flats in Heaven. Wouldn’t even need Electric-Bicycles.

I was nine when this ad hit the only three television networks and PBS. I knew then at nine humans could not pull this game of life off. Greed superseded taking proper care of our planet. It is decades if not centuries of lies on behalf of our so-called leaders that have landed us all in this self-inflicted shit storm.

This is the defining image of Corporate and Governmental America today with their heads in the wrong places in one form or another for way too long with that stench of selective-ignorance overwhelmingly obfuscating the compelling climate realities we need to address. The realities of the man made climate change now killing us at a frighteningly accelerating rate with, water, fire, mud, heat and the rapidly melting ancient ice currently encompassing this planet for the time being.

The incomprehensible benefits of exercise will never be fully understood as it’s an evolutionary evolution this learning the boundaries of our limits if any. I recommend cycling if you’re new to the exercise game. Cycling is the single most effortless, enjoyable, economical, and effective method of achieving ongoing fitness throughout your life.

A gym membership is one of life’s greatest misuse’s of your dollar along with cable-tv bills and countless automobile expenses. Don’t get me started on The Country Club crowd. That’s an entirely different exercise for life. The exercise of whitewashed self-delusional selective-ignorance. The best thing about a Country Club is usually the Turkey Club and the free range balls.

A bicycle will transport you and your life to a new and revolutionary place. A bicycle will provide rejuvenating new access to your brain, your body, your soul and most importantly your reason for living. It’s a simple life affirming change you will never regret. Your freedom will expand everyday with every ride. Get out there tomorrow and start anew. A new life that is.

slpeI’ve been fortunate in this life in many, many ways. I’ve dabbled many things, had many jobs, sported many sports, visited many places, lived in many domiciles, slept under many stars. The best thing I’ve experienced, the most life-fulfilling experience of all is cycling. Cycling has no down side. Get out of that car. Save your life and your planet on two wheels as part of your everyday living. Cycling is life’s best method of rolling through this life with ease. A simple bicycle’s all encompassing benefits will astound your life.

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