The Edification of Effort.

My point is repetition leads to refinement whatever the sport, activity or task. Same applies to work. Find work you enjoy and refine it. A Prep Chef for ten years I’ve memorized every recipe constantly refining ingredients and methodologies. The light is there in all doing if your willing to look. Stowing a three-thousand pound food order just to make that Apple-Pie anew atop that mountain of cardboard.

A handful of marathons, most of them struggles resulting from procrastinated preparation. One Long Beach, one Boston, one Miami, eight in New York City. The New York Marathon is the most exquisite marathon experience you can have. The pinnacle of organization and support from sunrise at Fort Wadsworth to a rainbow colored afternoon in Central Park. With more international runners The New York Marathon is a melting pot within New York’s historic melting pot of culture. Just walking amidst this city of cities is a cultural marathon.

Crossing the Verrazano Bridge, a stunning experience as every mile of this invigorating New York life-experience. Marathons are more taxing mentally then physically and New York’s dynamic journey thru five diverse neighborhoods provides an evolving eclectic fan base the entire 26.2 miles of this mental marathon. Stay on pace as New York City’s vigorous animated scenery lines the streets of your mind.

Almost fifty-thousand sounds like too many runners but some how there’s plenty of space for every step. Watch out for the Queensborough Bridge at approximately 15.5 miles. It’s a hill of some significance and you want to have planned for it. As you swing left coming off the bridge Manhattan’s enthusiastic fans line the streets with Central Park just nine miles out.

The hill up and over The Queensborough Bridge has hobbled me for those nine remaining miles in four of my eight New York Marathon adventures. If your running New York prepare and plan for this hill. It is a doozy with fifteen miles in the can for any runner. In other words do plenty of edifying hill work.

The Best Marathon Advice Ever.

Just prior my latest New York Marathon I was shooting a local story receiving the best marathon advice to date from Professional Burro Racer Lynette Clemons at Leadville, Colorado’s Burro Racing Classic.

Burro Racer’s Are A Breed Apart.

Lynette advised me to run with a pace chart taped to my forearm comprised of themes for each mile. The results effortless despite being in pretty good shape I was impressed how the miles ticked by as my metal plans unfolded as planned even at The Queensborough Bridge. I don’t underestimate the synergy of accumulated knowledge after seven prior efforts in New York the course was memorized.

If your running your first marathon, make it New York. I believe the lottery for a number begins in May so this year is out. A year is the time-frame you’ll need. Memorize hills and training routes. Stretch and train with vigor. On race day keep your feet dry in and around water stations and be ready for the Queensborough Bridge. Drink all the water in your cup at every mile and delight in the scenery and the global neighborhood support.

Running, cycling, skiing wherever you find that groove with nature you’ll discover terrain memorization builds dynamic visualization assets and the more remembered the more effortless your efforts evolve towards that edifying effortlessness called living life.

Work or play just keep doing what you love and love what your doing and everyday shines. When I was forced to live in a tent I recall thinking. “You’ve always wondered about living in a tent. Here’s your opportunity.” I might still be in that tent if I wasn’t arrested for camping while “Homeless” on land my taxes supported for twenty years.

Just as losing ones car opened new roads, losing ones home has opened countless doors and prove unimaginably liberating.

Seems I was shackled to money.

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